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Term: Day, Laurence J. 1913

Definition: (Dem.), 86th Assembly District. Born town of Elderon, Oct. 18, 1913; married; 9 children, Graduate Wittenberg High School in Shawano County; electrical and refrigeration trade schools. Legislator; former farmer and electrical contractor. Member Elks. Former county corn, mbr. and chp. Marathon County Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Organization 1954-68. Town clerk of Elderon 1940-73. Elected to Assembly since 1968. Biennial committee assignments: 1977 - Agriculture (vice-chp. 1975 and 1973); Natural Resources (chp., also 1975 chp., vice-chp. 1973, and co-chp. 1975 Jt. Interim Com.); Rules (also 1975). 1975- Revisions (chp., also chp. 1975 and 1973); Natural Resources' Subcom, on Liability (chp.), 1973 - Legis. Council's Subcom. to the Natural Resources Coin. on Wetland Legislation. 1971 - Printing (chp.); Insurance and Banking; Legis. Council's Special Corn, on County Home Rule. 1969 - Conservation, and it. Interim Com. Telephone: Capitol: (608) 266-7461; District: (715) 454-6201. Mailing address: (Tn. of Elderon) Route I, Eland 54427. (Blue Book 1977)

[Source: Blue book]

418 records found

100 Day Men
Abrahamson, Shirley S. 1933
Adams County
Adventists in Wisconsin
Albion Academy (Historic Marker)
Albion [origin of place name]
Algoma [brief history]
Allis, Louis 1866 - 1950
Ameche, Don 1908 - 1993
American Journeys
Anderson, Thomas Carl 1865 - 1948
Andrews, Roy Chapman (1884 - 1960)
Antietam, Battle of
Appleton [brief history]
Arkansas Post, Battle of
Ashland [brief history]
Atlanta, Battle of
Bad Axe (county)
Bad Axe River, Crawford Co.
badger [origin of name]
Bading, Gerhard Adolph 1870 - 1946
Baraboo [brief history]
Barstow-Bashford Affair (1856)
Battle of Wisconsin Heights (Historic Marker Erect
Bay View Rolling Mill (Historic Marker Erected 198
Bay View Tragedy
Bear Creek [origin of place name]
beekeeping and honey production
beer in Wisconsin
Belmont (capitol)
Berlin [origin of place name]
Bintliff, Col. James (1824-1901)
Birge, Edward Asahel 1851 - 1950
Birthplace of Flag Day (Historic Marker Erected 19
Birthplace of GTE (Historic Marker Erected 1980)
Black Hawk 1767 - 1838
Black Hawk War (1832)
Black River Falls, Jackson Co.
Black River Valley (Historic Marker Erected 1976)
Black Thursday (November 21, 1968)
Black Thursday (October 24, 1929)
Black, John 1827 - 1899
Blizzard of 1881
Bloomer [origin of place name]
boarding schools
Boardman, Maj. Frederick A. (1832-1863)
Boaz Mastodon (Historic Marker Erected 1995)
Boomer (logging)
Booth, Sherman Miller 1812 - 1904
Boyle, Frank 1945
brewing industry in Wisconsin
Briggs, Clare A. (1875-1930)(Historic Marker Erect
Briggs, Jason W. 1821 - 1899
Brinton, Beulah (nee Tobey) 1836 - 1928
Broek, Theodore [Theodorus] van den, 1783-1851
Brookes, Samuel Marsden 1816 - 1892
Brookfield [brief history]
Brothertown Indians
Brule-St. Croix Waterway (Historic Marker Erected
Bull Run, First Battle of
Bull Run, Second Battle of
Burlington [brief history]
Butte des Morts Lake, Little [origin of place name
Capitols (buildings) in Wisconsin
Car-Ferry Service (Historic Marker Erected 1964)
Carver Grant
Caspar Partridge case, 1850-1855
Cassoday, John B. 1830 - 1907
Champion Hill, Battle of
Champlain, Samuel de, 1567-1635.
Chapelle, Dickey 1919 - 1965
Chattanooga, Battle of
Chetek [brief history]
Chickamauga, Battle of
Chippewa Falls [brief history]
Chippewa Valley White Pine (Historic Marker Erecte
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Wis
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Wis
Churchill, Frank Flanders 1865 - 1938
Coleman, William Werner 1835 - 1888
Commons, John Rogers 1862 - 1945
Corby, Ellen 1913 - 1999
Corinth, Second Battle of
Corliss [origin of place name]
Cottage Inn, Lafayette Co.
Craig, Alexander J. 1823 - 1870
Cranberry Culture (Historic Marker Erected 1958)
Crelie, Joseph 1773 - 1866
Crex Meadows (Historic Marker Erected 1976)
Cudahy [brief history]
Cushing, Lt. Alonzo H. (1841-1863)
Cutler, Gen. Lysander (1808-1866)
Dailey, Lt. Col. Dennis B. (1840-1898)
Daland, William Clifton 1860 - 1921
Danish Dairy Cooperative (Historic Marker Erected
Dankoler, Harry Edward 1863 - 1955
Darling, Alberta 1944
Davidson, William Fuson ["Commodore"] 1825 - 1887
Dawes, Col. Rufus R. (1838-1899)
Dawn Manor-Site of the Lost City of Newport (Histo
Day, Laurence J. 1913
Day, Roland B. 1919
Day, Town of, Marathon Co.
Daylight-in-the-swamp (logging)
Dayton [origin of place name]
Dayton, Green Co.
Dayton, Town of, Green Lake Co.
Dayton, Town of, Richland Co.
Dayton, Town of, St. Croix Co.
Dayton, Town of, Waupaca Co.
De Pere [brief history]
Decorah Peak (Historic Marker Erected 1958)
Deerfield [origin of place name]
Delavan's Circus Colony (Historic Marker Erected 1
Dempsey, Chester E. 1896
Dodgeville [brief history]
Doodle Book
Dow riot (1967)
Dray-day (logging)
dress parade (Civil War)
Dreyfus, Lee Sherman 1926-2008
Durham boat (maritime)
Eagle Diamond
Earnest, James Harrison 1818 - 1900
Earth Day
Eau Claire County [origin of place name]
Eau Claire [brief history]
Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co.
Eden [origin of place name]
Eikenberry, Jill 1947 -
environmental movement
Episcopals in Wisconsin
Evergreen Park Cottage Sanatorium (Historic Marker
Fairchild, Col. Cassius (1829–1868)
Fairchild, Gov. Lucius (1831-1896)
Falling Waters, Battle of
Farley, Chris 1964 - 1997
feed crops
fires in Wisconsin
First Forest Patrol Flight (Historic Marker Erecte
first school in Wisconsin
First [sic] Workers' Compensation Law (Historic M
fish boil (food)
fish fry (food)
Fisk, Theodore 1859 -
floods in Wisconsin
Fond du Lac [brief history]
forest fires in Wisconsin
Fort Atkinson [brief history]
Fox Wars (ca. 1710-1740)
Frank, Glenn 1887 - 1940
Fredericksburg, Battle of
Freethinkers in Wisconsin
French Creek [origin of place name]
Ganfield, William Arthur 1873 - 1940
Gays Mills Apple Orchards (Historic Marker Erected
Gelatt, Roland Bernard 1856 - 1917
General Mitchell Field (Historic Marker Erected 19
General Motors plant, Janesville
Gettysburg, Battle of
Ginty, George Clay 1840 - 1890
Goodrich, Joseph 1800 - 1867
Governor Lewis (Historic Marker Erected 1995)
Graham, Heather 1970 -
Graham, Robert 1826 - 1892
Green Bay [brief history]
Grottkau, Paul 1846 - 1898
Grover, Herbert J. 1937
Gunderson, Steven 1951
Gurley, Zenas Hovey 1801 - 1871
Handley, John Joseph 1876 - 1941
Harriman, Col. Samuel (1826-1897)
Hartford [brief history]
Harvey, Gov. Louis P. (1820-1862)
Haskell, Col. Frank A. (1828-1864)
Hazeltine, Mary Emogene 1868 - 1949
High Victorian (architecture)
Highway Marking (Historic Marker Erected 1956)
Hispanic Americans in Wisconsin
Holiday Heights, La Crosse Co.
Holiday Hills, Rock Co.
Hop Raising (Historic Marker Erected 1959)
Huber, Henry Allen 1869 - 1933
Hundred Day Men
Hunter, Jeffrey 1926 - 1969
Indian Ford [origin of place name]
Indian schools in Wisconsin
Ingram, Orrin Henry 1830 - 1918
Iuka, Battle of
Janesville [brief history]
Jerusalem Corners [origin of place name]
Jews in Wisconsin
Jim's Falls [origin of place name]
Jimmy the Groundhog
Joss, Adrian "Addie" (Historic Marker Erected 1986
Juday, Chancey 1871 - 1944
Katakittekon region
Kaukauna [brief history]
Kawaguesaga-Lake [origin of place name]
Kellogg, Col. John A. (1828 - 1883)
Kenosha [brief history]
Kensington Rune Stone
Kewaunee [brief history]
Kiel [brief history]
Kilbourn [origin of place name]
Kinzie, Juliette Augusta, 1806-1870
Klusman, Judith 1956
Knights of Labor
Kohler Strike
La Crosse [brief history]
Lac Vieux Desert (Historic Marker Erected 1960)
Lady Elgin (shipwreck, 1860)
Lake Koshkonong Effigy Mounds (Historic Marker Ere
Laona School Forest (Historic Marker Erected 1975)
Lee, Joseph 1942
Leean, Joseph 1942
Lincoln, Abraham (in Wisconsin)
Lingren, Ronald H. 1935
Longfellow's Madison Poem
Lumberjacks' nicknames (logging)
Lunch (logging)
Lutherans in Wisconsin
Macfayden, Alexander 1879 - 1936
Madison, Dane Co.
Malone, Town of, St. Croix Co.
Manitowoc Submarines (Historic Marker Erected 1989
Marin, Paul, 1692-1753
Marinette [brief history]
Marquette County [origin of place name]
Marquette, Jacques 1637 - 1675
Mazomanie (Historic Marker Erected 1996)
Mcarthur, Arthur 1815 - 1896
McKee, Lt. Col. David (1828-1862)
Medford [origin of place name]
Meeuwsen, Terry Anne (born 1949)
Menominee River
Menomonie [brief history]
Mequon [brief history]
Mexicans in Wisconsin
Middletown, Town of, Marquette Co.
Milk strikes, 1933
Mill Bluff (HIstoric Marker Erected 1963)
Mills on the Creek (Historic Marker Erected 1997)
Millville [origin of place name]
Milwaukee 14
Milwaukee [brief history]
Mineral Point [origin of place name]
Missionary Ridge, Battle of
Mitchell, William, 1879 - 1936
Monroe [brief history]
Montello [origin of place name]
Moore, Annie Aubertine [Woodward] 1841 - 1929
Mormons in Early Wisconsin (Historic Marker Erecte
Mosinee [brief history]
Muir, John 1838 - 1914
Munsee Indians
Muscoda [origin of place name]
Nash, Philleo 1909
Nation's First Cooperative Generating Station (His
Neenah [brief history]
Nekoosa [origin of place name]
Nelson Dewey-First Governor of Wisconsin (Historic
Nelson, Gaylord A. 1916-2005
New Glarus (Historic Marker Erected 1962)
New Richmond Cyclone (Historic Marker Erected 1997
New Richmond tornado (1899)
Newhall House fire (1883)
Nicolet National Forest (Historic Marker Erected 1
Nikolay, Frank L. 1922
Nye, Edgar Wilson ("Bill Nye") 1850 - 1896
Oak Creek [brief history]
oats, wild
Ojibwe Indians
Oneida Indians
Oshkosh Woodworkers' Strike (1898)
Oshkosh [brief history]
Pail and Shovel Party
Paine, Edward Lathrop 1801 - 1893
Percival, James Gates 1795 - 1856
Perrot's Post (Historic Marker Erected 1963)
Perryville, Battle of
Peshtigo Fire
Peshtigo [brief history]
Petersburg, Siege of
Petrified Man Hoax
Pewaukee Lake, Waukesha Co.
Phoenix (shipwreck, 1847)
Piastre (Fr.)
Pleasant Ridge African American Community (Histori
Pleasant Ridge, Grant Co.
Pomeroy, Marcus Mills ["Brick"] 1833 - 1896
Port Gibson, Battle of
Port Hudson, Siege of
Port Washington [brief history]
Potawatomi Indians
Prairie Du Chien (Historic Marker erected 1962)
Prairie du Chien, Battle of (1814)
Prairie Grove, Battle of
primary elections in Wisconsin
Quarles, Joseph Very 1843 - 1911
quarrying industry in Wisconsin
Radosevich, Michele G. 1947
railroad disasters in Wisconsin
railroads in Wisconsin
Recall Elections (in Wisconsin)
Red Arrow Division
Rehnquist, William H., 1924-2005
Rice Lake [brief history]
Riddles, Libby (born 1956)
Riding the Interurban (Historic Marker Erected 199
Ringling [Rungeling], Albert 1852 - 1916
Rising Sun [origin of place name]
Rock Mill (Historic Marker Erected 1998)
Rosendale Township [origin of place name]
Ross, Edward Allsworth 1866 - 1951
Rubin, Ben 1887 - 1942
Rusk, Gov. Jeremiah M. (1830-1893)
S.S. Badger (Historic Marker Erected 1998)
S.S. Meteor: Last of the Whalebacks (Historic Mar
Saint Francis [brief history]
Schafer, Joseph 1867 - 1941
Schurz, Margarethe [Meyer] (Mrs. Carl Schurz) 1833
Sensenbrenner Jr., F. James 1943
Severance, Juliet H. 1833 - 1919
Sherry [origin of place name]
Shiloh, Battle of
shipwrecks in Wisconsin
Shot Tower (Historic Marker Erected 1977)
slavery in Wisconsin
Smith, Henry Jr. 1838 - 1916
Smithfield, Outagamie Co.
Snow, Benjamin Warner 1860 - 1928
Soldiers Grove Origins (Historic Marker Erected 19
Spanish American War, Wisconsin in
Spooner, John Coit 1843 - 1919
State Center [origin of place name]
Stearns, Lutie Eugenia 1866 - 1943
Stevens Point [brief history]
Stockbridge Indians
Stones River, Battle of
Storrs Lake, Milton (Historic Marker Erected 1976)
Stoughton [brief history]
Sun Prairie [origin of place name]
Swan, Monroe 1937
Sweet, Col. Benjamin (1832-1874)
switchman (railroads)
Tamms, Erwin G. 1931
Taycheedahff [origin of place name]
Taylor, Lena C. 1966
Teotsa, Rock Co.
The Circus (Historic Marker Erected 1970)
The Driftless Area (Erected 1983)
The Hodag (Historic Marker Erected 1973)
The Ice Cream Sundae (Historic Marker Erected 1973
The Merrimac Ferry (Historic Marker Erected 1973)
The Name "Wisconsin" (Historic Marker Erected 1994
The Passenger Pigeon (Historic Marker Erected 1973
The Superior Entry (Historic Marker Erected 1976)
The Upper Mississippi (Historic Marker Erected 198
Third Ward Fire: 1892 (Historic Marker Erected 199
Thirty-Second Division Memorial Highway (Historic
Thirty-Second Division Memorial Highway (Historic
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1622-1699
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1700-1749
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1784-1835
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1836-1899
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1900 -1999
Tomah [brief history]
tornadoes in Wisconsin
Treaty of the Cedars (Historic Marker Erected 1958
Troop Encampment (Historic Marker Erected 1998)
Turn (logging)
Two Rivers [brief history]
Unitarians in Wisconsin
Vernon County
Villa Louis (Historic Marker Erected 1953)
Wallber, Emil 1841 - 1923
Ward, Col. Lyman M. (1836-1909)
Wartime Shipbuilding (Historic Marker Erected 1990
waterspout (meteorology)
Watertown Plank Road (Historic Marker Erected 1955
Watrous, Jerome Anthony 1840 - 1922
Waupun [brief history]
Waupun [origin of place name]
Wauwatosa [brief history]
Weblake [origin of place name]
Webster Township [origin of place name]
Weisensel, Russel R. 1931
West Allis [brief history]
White Pines (Historic Marker Erected 1976)
Whitford, William Clarke 1828 - 1902
Wilder, Laura Ingalls, 1867-1957
Wilderness, Battle of the
Williams, Annette P. 1937
Wisconsin (oldest cities and towns)
Wisconsin (state)
Wisconsin Lead Region (Historic Marker Erected 195
Wisconsin Progressive Party (Historic Marker Erect
Wisconsin River Headwaters (Historic Marker Erecte
Wisconsin State Federation of Labor
Wisconsin's First Iron Smelter (Historic Marker Er
Wisconsin's Maritime Industries (Historic Marker E
Wisconsin's Tobacco Land (Historic Marker Erected
WPA (in Wisconsin)
Wyalusing, Grant Co.
Yellow Banks
Zamarripa, JoCasta b. 1976
Zien, David A. 1950
“Been through the mill” (Civil War)

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