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Term: Barbee, Lloyd A. 1925 - 2003


Lloyd Barbee, 1968 (WHi-48141)


Milwaukee civil rights advocate and legislator. Born in Tennessee in 1925 and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School, Barbee had already become involved with the NAACP and various political causes by the time he came to Milwaukee in 1962 and became involved in school desegregation. He helped form or lead a number of Milwaukee's civil rights organizations and also served in the Wisconsin State Assembly, where he introduced the State Fair Housing bill. Barbee is best known as a leader in the struggle to desegregate Milwaukee public schools. From 1965 to 1976 Barbee struggled to integrate the city's public schools, a struggle that consumed thousands of hours of time and often left him working alone against a battery of MPS lawyers. Finally, in January of 1976, Federal Judge John Reynolds ruled that Milwaukee Public Schools were indeed segregated unlawfully, prompting the Wisconsin Legislature to enact a program of school integration. Barbee's entry in the 1975 Blue Book follows.

(Dem.), 18th Assembly District. Born Memphis, Tennessee, August 17, 1925. B.A. LeMoyne coll., Memphis, 1949; J.D. UW- Madison 1956. Attorney; former law examiner industrial comn., legal consultant gov.'s comn. on human rights. WW II vet.; navy 1943-46. Mbr. Wis. Black Lawyers Assn. (pres.), Freedom Through Equality, Inc, (pres.), Bd. of Milw. Legal Services, NAACP, Wis. Black Political Caucus, Justice and Law Enforcement Com. of Midwestern Conf. of Council of State Govts., Natl. Black Assembly; League of Martin 1974, New Images Concept 1971; delegate 1968, 1972 Dem. Natl. Conv. Awards received: Community Service Award 1974 of the Milw. Star Times, Community Service Award for Outstanding Service to Black Veterans, 1974; Zero Population Growth Humanitarian Award 1973; Milwaukee County Welfare Rights Organization Award, 1972; Black Press of Wis. Award 1972. Elected to assembly since 1964. Biennial committee assignments: 1975 - judiciary (chm., also chmn. 1973 and cochm. jt. interim Com.); transportation (also 1973, 1969); judicial council (also 1973); council on criminal justice. 1971 - enrolled bills (chm., also chm. 1965); jt. finance (also 1969, 1965); bd. on govt. oper. 1969 - commerce and mfrs. (also 1967). 1965 - legis. coun.'s public welt. Com. (secy..). Telephone: (414) 273-5755. Mailing address: 152 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee 53203. (Blue Book 1975)

The Wisconsin Historical Society has manuscripts related to this topic. See the catalog description of the Lloyd A. Barbee Papers for details.

[Source: Blue book]

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Barbee, Lloyd A. 1925 - 2003
Civil Rights Movement in Wisconsin
Milwaukee [brief history]

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