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Term: Callow, William G. 1921

Definition: Born Waukesha, April 9, 1921; married; 3 children. Graduate Waukesha H.S. 1939; Ph.D. in econ., UW-Madison 1943, J.D. 1948; Air Force U., Montgomery, Ala. 1951; Natl. Coll. of the State Judiciary, Reno, 1972. WW II and Korean Conflict vet.; served in Marine Corps 1943-45; Air Force 1951-52. Member: Natl. Conf. of Comrs. on Uniform State Laws (chp. Wis. Coma. since 1967); Amer. Bar Foundation (fellow); Natl. Conf. of Christians and Jews (state chp. 1980-81); ABA Bd. of Elections (chp. 1981-85). Recipient: Wis. Jr. Achievement; Recognition Award; Jr. Chamber of Comm. Outstanding Young Man of Year; Dale Carnegie Good Human Relations Award; Legal Auxiliary of Wis. Distinguished Service Award; UW Outstanding Alumnus Award 1973; Wis. Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Assn. Certificate of Appreciation; Waukesha Co. Humane Society Distinguished Service Award; City of Waukesha Outstanding Community Service Recognition; Wis. Fed. of Women's Clubs Certificate of Appreciation for Invaluable Services; Amer. Judges Assn. Distinguished Service Award; VFW Award Citation; Natl. Lawyers Wives Certificate of Merit; State of Wis. Dedicated Service Award; 1977 Wis. Legislature citation in recognition of service as a Waukesha Co. judge. Cooperatively developed the Group Dynamics Program (education and rehabilitation program for drunk drivers) and initiated "Volunteers in Probation" and "Victim-Offender Confrontation Program" for Waukesha Co., and a television series on "Responsibilities Under the Law". Asst. Waukesha city attorney 1948-52. Elected Waukesha city attorney 1952-60; Waukesha Co. Ct. judge 1961-77. Elected to Supreme Court April 1977; reelected April 1987. (Blue Book 1991-92)

[Source: Blue book]

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Callow, William G. 1921
Wilcox, Jon P. 1936

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