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Term: Brown, Thurlow Weed 1819 - 1866

Definition: temperance editor, author, b. Preston, N.Y. He moved with his family to Sterling, N.Y., in 1839 where he began temperance work. In 1849 he established the successful temperance paper, Cayuga Chief, at Auburn, N.Y. He also published two books on the subject, Temperance Tales (1853) and Minnie Hermon (1854). In 1854 he moved to Hebron, Wis., for his health. Two years later he moved the Cayuga Chief to Fort Atkinson, and in 1857 renamed it the Wisconsin Chief, adding antislavery agitation to his temperance crusade. His paper was a financial failure in Wisconsin, but more than any man, he revived the flagging Wisconsin temperance movement. His writing and oratory were vehement, sarcastic, and vitriolic. Proc. Wis. Editorial Assoc., 1866 (1866), pp. 23-27, 1867 (1868), pp. 113-120; Milwaukee Sentinel, May 7, 1866.

[Source: Dictionary of Wisconsin biography]
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