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Term: Theno, Daniel U. 1947

Definition: (Rep.), 25th Senate District Born Ashland, May 8, 1947; married; 2 children. B.S. UW-Madison 1969; scholarship studies in Brazil; Eagleton fellowship from Rutgers Univ. Full-time legislator. Former voc. agric. teacher. Awarded Outstanding .Young Man of America citation; listed in Who's Who in American Politics; FFA Distinguished Service Award. Member K. of C.; Elks; Ashland Co. Rep. Club; Wis. Rep. Party; New Rep. Conf.; Rod and Gun Club; Apostle Is. Sportfishermen's Assn.; Bay Arts Conn.; UW-Mad. Horticultural Adv. Com.; Coastal Mgt. Coun. and chp. of Task Force on Harbor Dredging; L. Superior Coastal Task Force; TV station adv. bd.; UW-Alumni Assn.; Natl. Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame; Ashland Historical Soc.; honorary mbr. UW-Superior Alumni Assn. and Gamma Sigma Delta (natl. agric. hon. soc.); UW Coll. of Agric. and Life Sciences Alumni Assn. Elected to Senate in special election 1972; reelected since 1974. Min. Caucus Chp. 1977; Maj. Caucus Secy. 1975, 1973. Biennial committee assignments: 1985 - Energy and Environmental Resources; Transportation (also 1973); State Building Comn. (since 1979). 1983 - Agriculture and Rural Affairs; Board of Curators, State Historical Society. 1981- Human Services; Spec. Com. on Reapportionment; Minn.-Wis. Boundary Area Comn.'s Legis. Adv. Com. (also 1973). 1979 - Natural Resources and Tourism; Jt. Com. on Audit; Legis. Coun. Corns. on Changing Enrollments (also 1977), Energy Conservation. 1977 - Tourism; Legis. Coun. Comn on Remedial Legislation. 1975 - Govt. and Vet. Affairs; Natural Resources (also 1973); Legis. Coun. Natural Resources Com.; Interstate Port Authority Comn. (Superior-Duluth). 1973 - Jt. Com. for Review of Admin. Rules (vice chp.); Legis. Coun. Highway Com.; Council on Traffic Law Enforcement. Telephone: Capitol: (608) 266-3510; District: (715) 682-3924. Voting address: Route 1, Ashland 54806. Mailing address: (office) Room 415 Southeast, State Capitol, P.O. Box 7882, Madison 53707-7882. (Blue Book 1985-86)

[Source: Blue book]

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Theno, Daniel U. 1947

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