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Term: Jacobs, William Henry 1831 - 1882

Definition: banker, soldier, b. Bruns-wick, Germany. He migrated to the U.S. in 1850, and shortly thereafter settled in Milwaukee. He worked for a time in the Marshall and Ilsley Bank and in 1855 formed a private banking business which became the Second Ward Bank. In 1866, with the aid of prominent Milwaukee brewers such as Valentin Blatz (q.v.), Joseph Schlitz (q.v.), and Phillip Best (q.v.), the bank was reorganized as the Second Ward Savings Bank, with Jacobs serving as cashier and manager until his death. During the Civil War he served as colonel in command of the 26th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry (Aug. 1862- Jan. 1864). A Democrat, he was state senator (1875-1876). 41 E. B. Usher, Wis. (8 vols., Chicago, 1914); H. L. Conard, ed., Hist. of Milwaukee (3 vols., Chicago [1896]); W. Hense-Jensen, Wis. Deutsch-Amerikaner (2 vols., Milwaukee, 1900-1902); WPA field notes.

[Source: Dictionary of Wisconsin biography]
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