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Term: Johnston, Robert Alexander 1846 - 1907


businessman, bakery executive, b. Beaufort, S.C. He moved to Milwaukee with his parents in 1847. He attended St. Gall's parochial school in Milwaukee, and began his business career in 1864 in the bakery established by his father. In 1889 the enterprise was incorporated as Johnston Brothers Co., with Robert A. Johnston serving as president (1889-1890). In 1890 the firm was acquired by the American Biscuit and Manufacturing Co., with Johnston as local manager. When the organization was acquired by the National Biscuit Co. in 1898, Johnston withdrew from the enterprise and in 1899 organized the Robert A. Johnston Co., serving as its president (1899-1907). An active philanthropist, his major donations were given to Marquette Univ. J. G. Gregory, Hist. of Milwaukee (4 vols., Chicago, 1931); R. N. Hamilton, Story of Marquette Univ. (Milwaukee, 1953); Milwaukee Journal, Aug. 16, 1907.

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