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Term: Marquette, Jacques 1637 - 1675


Jesuit missionary, priest, explorer, b. Laon, France. He was educated at the Jesuit college in Reims, he entered the novitiate of the Society of Jesus, Nancy (1654). Ordained a priest at Toni in 1666, he arrived in Quebec the same year, and, after studying the Indian languages, founded the mission of St. Mary of the Sault (Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.) in 1668. In 1669 he moved to the mission of the Holy Ghost (Ashland, Wis.), and in 1670 followed the Huron Indians to the present site of St. Ignace, Mich., where he founded the mission of St. Ignatius. There, in 1672 Louis Jolliet (q.v.) brought news that Father Marquette was to take part in the exploration of the Mississippi River. The two men with five French companions left the mission on May 17, 1673, and via Green Bay ascended the Fox River, transferred to the Wisconsin at the present site of Portage, and reached the Mississippi on June 17, 1673, the first Europeans to cross what would become the state of Wisconsin. The party continued to follow the Mississippi southward until July 17, 1673, when they turned back near the present site of Arkansas City, Ark. Returning via the Illinois River, the Des Plaines-Chicago portage, and Lake Michigan to Green Bay, Father Marquette went to St. Francis mission (De Pere, Wis.), where he remained from Sept., 1673, to Oct., 1674. In 1674 he set out to found the mission of the Conception among the Illinois Indians. He wintered at the present site of Chicago, and in 1675 founded the mission at the Kaskaskia village (Utica, Ill.). Illness forced him to leave in a few days, and he followed the east shore of Lake Michigan to the present site of Ludington, Mich., where he died. In 1677 Indians returned his bones to the mission chapel at St. Ignace. In 1887 Father Marquette was chosen as one of the two Wisconsinites to represent the state in Statuary Hall of the U.S. Capitol. Dict. Amer. Biog.; R. G. Thwaites, ed., Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents (73 vols., Cleveland, 1896- 1901); N. Amer. French Regime (on file in Archives, Marquette Univ.).

The Wisconsin Historical Society has manuscripts related to this topic. See the catalog description of the Jacques Marquette Miscellaneous Papers for details.

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[Source: Dictionary of Wisconsin biography]

262 records found

Adams County
Albany, Town of, Marquette Co.
Allouez, Claude Jean 1622 - 1689
Ameche, Don 1908 - 1993
Anacker, Marquette Co.
Apuckaway, Election precinct of, Marquette Co.
Arcade, Town of, Marquette Co.
Banzaf, Henry Leo 1865 - 1951
Baraga, Frederic 1797 - 1868
Barczak, Gary J. 1939
Barrett, Thomas M. 1953
Barron, Michael J. 1933
Beall, Samuel Wooton[?] 1807 - 1868
Becker, Dismas 1936
Berger, David G. 1946
Berlin [origin of place name]
Berlin, Green Lake Co.
Berlin, Town of, Green Lake Co.
Bluffton, Marquette Co.
Bock, Peter E. 1948
Booth, Sherman Miller 1812 - 1904
Brancel, Ben 1950
Braun, Warren D. 1934
Brennan, James J. 1926
Briggsville, Marquette Co.
Brooklyn, Town of, Green Lake Co.
Brooks, Peter Anthony 1893 - 1948
Brown, Manny S. 1917
Budsin, Marquette Co.
Buffalo Lake, Marquette Co.
Buffalo Shore Estates, Marquette Co.
Buffalo, Town of, Marquette Co.
Bultman, Glenn E. 1940
Burke, Brian B. 1958
Burrowes, Alexander J. 1853 - 1927
Camp Scott
Cane, Arnold J. 1914
Cannon, Raymond Joseph 1894 - 1951
Carey, Eben James 1889 - 1947
Ceci, Louis J. 1927
Celichowski, Bronislaus 1872 - 1951
Clark, Satterlee [Jr.?] 1816 - 1881
Cleary, Michael Joseph 1876 - 1947
Coffey, John L. 1922
Coggs, G. Spencer 1949
Collins, Robert A. 1924
Colon, Pedro 1968
Columbia County [origin of place name]
Crystal Lake, Town of, Marquette Co.
Cullen, David A. 1960
Curley, Robert M. 1922
Dablon (D'Ablon), Fr. Claude, 1619-1697.
Dartford [origin of place name]
Dartford, Election precinct of, Marquette Co.
Dayton, Town of, Green Lake Co.
Devitt, James C. 1929
Dieterich, William Herbert 1897
Dodge County [origin of place name]
Douglas Center, Marquette Co.
Douglas, Town of, Marquette Co.
Duffey, Thomas J. 1927
Earles, William Henry 1852 - 1908
Endeavor, Marquette Co.
Endeavor, Village of, Marquette Co.
English immigrants in Wisconsin
Eschweiler, Alexander Chadbourne 1865 - 1940
Eschweiler, Franz Chadbourne 1863 - 1929
Evans, Curtis Alban 1879 - 1947
Farley, Chris 1964 - 1997
Farrow, Margaret A. 1934
Felder, Emma 1927 - 2008
Fiedler, Otho August 1873 - 1948
Fink, Albert 1867 - 1950
Flynn, Gerald T. 1910
Flynn, James T. 1944
Fond du Lac County [origin of place name]
Fox River, Election precinct of, Marquette Co.
Fox, Albert Charles 1878 - 1934
Frank, Kurt A. 1945
Gaenslen, Frederick Julius 1877 - 1937
Genzmer, Elmer L. 1903
George, Gary R. 1954
Germania, Marquette Co.
Geske, Janine P. 1949
Glen Oak, Marquette Co.
Gower, John C. 1941
Greco, Angelo F. 1925
Green Bay (body of water)
Green Bay [brief history]
Green Bay [origin of place name]
Green Lake, Election precinct of, Marquette Co.
Green Lake, Green Lake Co.
Green Lake, Town of, Green Lake Co.
Gregory, John Goadby 1856 - 1947
Haas, Francis Joseph 1889 - 1953
Hallows, E. Harold 1904
Hanley, Leo B. 1908
Hanna, Daniel D. 1923
Hannan, John Joseph 1866 - 1946
Hansen, Robert W. 1911
Hardin, Town of, Marquette Co.
Harris, Town of, Marquette Co.
Harrisville, Marquette Co.
Hauke, Thomas A. 1938
Held, James E. 1938
Henni, John Martin 1805 - 1881
Hill, Warren Brown 1861 - 1934
Hines, J.A. 1927
Holy Hill
Honadel, Mark R. 1956
Horner, John Scott 1802 - 1883
Huelsman, Joanne B. 1938
Ireland, Walter J. F. 1923
Jahnke, Franklin M. 1900
Jenkins, James Graham 1834 - 1921
John Muir Country (Historic Marker Erected 1969)
John Muir View (Historic Marker Erected 1955)
Johnston, Robert Alexander 1846 - 1907
Jolliet, Louis 1645 - 1700
Keegan, Jr., Earl 1921
Keeshaynic River, Marquette Co.
Kewaunee [brief history]
Kingston, Town of, Green Lake Co.
Klicka, George H. 1934
Klug, Scott L. 1953
Korean War (Historic Marker Erected 1990)
Ladysmith [brief history]
Lake Maria, Election precinct of, Marquette Co.
Lalumiere, Stanislaus Petty 1822 - 1895
Lamb, Eugene M. 1910
Lawrence, Marquette Co.
Leonard, Jerris 1931
Levander, Harry O. 1901
Leverich, James Earl
Lexington, Town of, Marquette Co.
Lipscomb, Jr., Mark G. 1935
Litscher, Leroy "Pete" 1939
Little Green Lake, Marquette Co.
Loucks, Steven 1961
Macarthur Square (Historic Marker Erected 1979)
Mackford, Town of, Green Lake Co.
Manchester, Town of, Green Lake Co.
Manitowoc and the Car Ferries (Historic Marker Ere
Marcklein, Bernhard Gustav 1848 - 1915
Marquette (Historic Marker Erected 1957)
Marquette County [origin of place name]
Marquette Jolliet Expedition (Historic Marker Erec
Marquette, Green Lake Co.
Marquette, Jacques 1637 - 1675
Marquette, Town of, Green Lake Co.
Marquette, Village of, Green Lake Co.
Maurer, John J. 1922
Mccormick, John E. 1924
Mcessy, Earl F.
Mcparland, Leland S. 1896
Meaux, Thomas W. 1954
Mecan, Marquette Co.
Mecan, Town of, Marquette Co.
Merkel, Kenneth J. 1926
Merkt, John L. 1946
Middletown, Town of, Marquette Co.
Milwaukee [brief history]
mining in southwestern Wisconsin
Mogilka, David R. 1915
Molepske, Jr., Louis John 1974
Montello, Marquette Co.
Montello, Town of, Marquette Co.
Moore, Gwendolynne S. 1951
Morton, Earl D. 1918
Moser, William R. 1927
Moundsville [origin of place name]
Moundville, Town of, Marquette Co.
Naleid, Roy E. 1901
Neshkoro, Marquette Co.
Neshkoro, Town of, Marquette Co.
Neshkoro, Village of, Marquette Co.
Newton, Town of, Marquette Co.
Niebler, John H. 1941
Nowakowski, Richard C. 1933
Nugent, William P. 1917
O'Brien, Leo P. 1893
Okee [origin of place name]
Ourada, Thomas D. 1958
Oxford, Marquette Co.
Oxford, Town of, Marquette Co.
Oxford, Village of, Marquette Co.
Packwaukee, Marquette Co.
Packwaukee, Town of, Marquette Co.
Padway, Joseph Arthur 1891 - 1947
Pelecky, Stan T. 1934
Pere Marque'ite and Sieur Jolliet (Historic Marker
Petrified Man Hoax
Philipp, Emanuel Lorenz 1861 - 1925
Pine Lake, Town of, Marquette Co.
Plale, Jeffrey T. 1968
Pleasant Valley, Election precinct of, Marquette C
Portage [brief history]
Portage, Columbia Co.
pottery and earthenware industry in Wisconsin
Princeton, Town of, Green Lake Co.
Puan, Puans, Puants
Puckaway Lake, Marquette Co. [origin of place nam
quarrying industry in Wisconsin
Quick, William F. 1909
Radosevich, Michele G. 1947
Raimey, Mabel Wanda (1895-1986) (Historic Marker E
Rapides des Peres - Voyageur Park (Historic Marker
Read, Sister Joel (Janice) 1926 -
Roth, Toby 1938
Rutkowski, James A. 1942
Ryczek, Ervin John 1909
Schaus, Thomas M. 1937
Schmidt, Robert 1913
Schober, John C. 1951
Schreiber, Martin J. 1939
Schuele, Wilfred 1906
Seneca, Town of, Green Lake Co.
Sensenbrenner, Frank Jacob 1864 - 1952
Shabaz, John C. 1931
Sharon, Town of, Marquette Co.
Shields, Town of, Marquette Co.
shipwrecks in Wisconsin
Smith, Warren Robert 1889 - 1957
Snyder, Harry G. 1938
Spillner, Joan Wade 1962
Springfield, Town of, Marquette Co.
St. Ignace (mission)
St. Marie [origin of place name]
St. Marie, Town of, Green Lake Co.
Stitt, Donald K. 1944
Sturgeon Bay, Door Co.
Swoboda, Lary J. 1939
Sykes, Diane S. 1957
Tadych, Albert R. 1932
Terry, Walter E.
The Name "Wisconsin" (Historic Marker Erected 1994
The Upper Mississippi (Historic Marker Erected 198
Ti-Cho-Rah, Election precinct of, Marquette Co.
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1622-1699
Timmerman, Lawrence W. 1910
Tittemore, James Nelson 1864 - 1949
Ulichny, Barbara L. 1947
UPPER FOX RIVER Erected 1957
Utopians in Wisconsin
Vukmir, Leah 1958
Walker, Scott K. 1967
Ward, Jr., Walter L. 1943
Waushara County [origin of place name]
Welsh in Wisconsin
Westfield, Marquette Co.
Westfield, Town of, Marquette Co.
Westfield, Village of, Marquette Co.
Wilcox, Roy Porter 1873 - 1946
Williams, Annette P. 1937
Wisconsin [origin of place name]
Wyalusing, Grant Co.
Zablocki, Clement J. 1912
Zaborski, Richard J. 1927
Zeidler, Carl Frederick 1908 - 1942

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