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Term: Hutter, William Herman 1875 - 1951

Definition: leader in farmers' co-operative movement, b. Plain, Sauk County. He farmed near Plain until 1908, when he moved to Spring Green. In 1919 he helped organize the National Cheese Producers' Federation, and was its vice-president for 26 years. He was a director of the Prairie Co-operative Cheese Factory (1909-1951), and was an organizer of the Spring Green Federated Farmers' Warehouse Co-operative, of which he was manager (1918-1919) and director (1918-1945). In 1928 he helped organize the Wisconsin Council of Agriculture, a council of farm co-operative organizations, and served as its vice-president (1928-1940) and president (1940-1944). He was a director of the Livestock Shipping Association (1918-1920), and of the Plain Mutual Fire Insurance Co. (1908-1919, 1938-1951). Madison Capital Times, May 28, 1951; Spring Green Weekly Home News, May 31, 1951; Racine Wis. Agriculturist and Farmer, Dec. 1, 1945.

[Source: Dictionary of Wisconsin biography]
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