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Term: Hill, Charles Lewis 1869 - 1957


farmer, dairyman, politician, b. Rosendale. He was educated in the county schools and took the agricultural short-course at the Univ. of Wisconsin. He farmed near Rosendale all his life, and after 1888 was primarily interested in promoting the use of pure-bred Guernsey cattle for dairying purposes. He was senior member of the firm of Charles L. Hill and Sons, importers of Guernsey cattle, and was president of the National Dairy Association, the American Guernsey Cattle Club, the. Wisconsin Live Stock Breeders Association and the Wisconsin Dairyman's Association. He was president of the Wisconsin board of agriculture (1911), a member of the state board of education (1915-1921), and chairman of the Wisconsin state department of agriculture and markets (1929-1938). Hill was a delegate to the World's Dairy Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark (1931), and was an unsuccessful Prohibition candidate for governor (1914) and for the U.S. Senate (1916). He was the author of The Guernsey Breed (1917), and a genealogy of the Hill family. Who's Who in Amer., 27 (1952); F. L. Holmes, et al., eds., Wis. (5 vols., Chicago, 1946); Fond du Lac Commonwealth-Reporter, June 3, 1957.

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