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Term: Indian agents


officials appointed by the federal government who were in charge of relations with Indians in a specific locality; the agent settled disputes, paid annuities, and enforced treaty obligations. In the order established, Wisconsin Indian agencies and their agents were:

Prairie du Chien Agency
John Campbell 1807-1811
Nicholas Boilvin 1811-1827
Joseph M. Street 1827-1837
Thomas A.B. Boyd 1837-1839
David Lowry 1839

Green Bay Agency
Charles Jouett 1815-1816
John Bowyer 1816-1821
John Biddle 1821-1822
Henry Brevoort 1822-1830
Samuel Stambaugh 1830-1832
George Boyd 1832-1842
George W. Lawe 1842-1843
David Jones 1843-1845
Albert G. Ellis 1845-1849
William H. Bruce 1849-1851
George W. Lawe 1851-1853
Ephraim Shaller 1855
Benjamin Hunkins 1855-1857
Frederick Moscowitt 1857
Augustus D. Bonesteel 1857-1861
Moses M. Davis 1861-1866
J.A. Manley 1869-1870
W.R. Bourne 1870
W.M.T. Richardson 1870-1873
Thomas N. Chase 1873-1874
Joseph C. Bridgman 1874-1879
Ebenezer Stephens 1879-1882
?† 1882-1885
Thomas Jennings 1886

Fort Winnebago Subagency
John H. Kinzie 1828-1833
Robert McCabe 183301834
Lt. Col. Enos Cutler 1834-1835
Bvt. Maj. N. Clark 1835
Maj. John Green1835-1837

La Pointe Subagency
Daniel Bushnell 1836-1842
Alfred Brunson 1842-1844
James P. Hays 1844-1848
John Livermore 1848-1850
John Watrous 1850-1858

La Pointe Agency

Cyrus K. Drew 1858-1861
Luther E. Webb 1861-1868
Asaph Whittlesey 1868-1869
John H. Knight 1869-1870
Selden N. Clark 1870-1873
Ebenezer Henderson 1873
Isaac L. Mahan 1873-1879
Samuel E.Mahan 1880
W.R. Durfee 1881-1883
? 1884-1885
J.T. Gregory 1886-1888
M.A. Leahy 1889-1892
W.A. Mercer 1893-1896
J.C.L. Scott 1897
S.W. Campbell 1898-1906

Special New Lisbon Agency
D.A.Griffith† 1870

Keshena Agency
Thomas N. Chase 1874
Joseph C. Bridgman 1875-1878
E. Stephens 1879-1882
D.P.Andrews 1883
Thomas Jennings 1886-1889
Charles S. Kelsey 1890-1893
Thomas H. Savage 1894-1897
D.H. George 1898-1902
Shepard Freeman 1903-1906

Superintendents at Great Lakes Agency
J.C. Cavil 1948-1954
E.J. Riley 1954-1968
Reginald Miller 1968-1976
Ed Manydeeds 1976-1980
Robert St. Arnold 1980-1987
Robert Jaeger 1987-


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[Source: Godfrey, Anthony. A Forestry History of Ten Wisconsin Indian Reservations... (Salt Lake City, Utah: 1996); Hill, Edward. The Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880 (N.Y., 1974).]
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