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Term: Eastman, George Burden 1811 - 1892


Episcopal clergyman, educator, b. Randolph, Vt. He graduated from Dartmouth College (1836) and was ordained a deacon in 1839. From 1836 to 1854 he divided his time between teaching and ministerial duties. In 1854 he moved to Wisconsin and was rector of St. Paul's Church, Fond du Lac (1854-1866). He was superintendent of schools at Fond du Lac (1857-1859, 1861-1864) and was instrumental in organizing Union High School (1858). He served as a Univ. of Wisconsin regent (1863-1866). In 1866 he moved to Michigan but returned to Fond du Lac in 1878. Fond du Lac Commonwealth, Oct. 21, 1892; Hist. of Fond du Lac Co. (Chicago, 1880); R. G. Thwaites, ed., Univ. of Wis. (Madison, 1900); G. S. Rix and M. E. Eastman, Hist. and Genealogy of Deacon Eastman (Westfield, Mass. [1908]).

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