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Term: Vanderperren, Cletus 1912

Definition: (Dem.), 89th Assembly District Born Town of Pittsfield, Brown County, March 4, 1912; married. Educated in Mills Center school; completed 2 short courses UW-Madison. Semiretired farmer. Member town board 30 years, county board 16 years and served on many county committees. Elected to Assembly since 1958. Biennial committee assignments: 1991 - Highways (chp. since 1973); Excise and Fees (vice. chp. 1973, mbr. since 1971); Transportation (vice chp. 1983-89, mbr. since 1971); Transportation Projects Comn. (vice chp. since 1983); State Supported Programs Study and Adv. Com. (co-chp. since 1983, mbr. 1981, 1977, chp. 1975); Council on Highway Safety (chp. since 1978, vice chp. 1973-77); Rustic Roads Bd. (chp. since 1990, vice chp. 1975-89); Nat'l Com. on Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinances (since 1985). 1989 - Legis. Coun. Com. on Fox River System (also 1987); State Fire Service Legis. Adv. Com. 1979 - Legis. Coun. Com. on Highways (co-chp. since 1973). 1977 - State Bldg. Comn. (also 1971-75). 1975 - Legis. Coun. Hwy. Com.'s Adv. Com. on the Motor Vehicle Code (chp., also 1973, vice chp. 1971); Spec. State Trans. Plan Adv. Com. 1973 - Com. to Visit State Properties (mbr. since 1960, chp. 1971, 1965). Telephone: Office: (608) 266-0616; District: (414) 865- 7660. Voting address: (Town of Pittsfield) 2226 County Road C, Green Bay 54313- 4503. Mailing address: Office: Room 121 West, State Capitol, P.O. Box 8953, Madison 53708. (Blue Book 1991-92)

[Source: Blue book]
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