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Term: Morgan, Richard Thomas 1829 - 1905

Definition: lumberman, manufacturer, b. Aberystwyth, Wales. He migrated to the U.S. with his parents in 1833, settling in upper New York state. In 1855 he moved with his father to Oshkosh, and the same year was joined by his brother, JOHN RODGERS MORGAN, also a native of Aberystwyth, Wales. From 1855 to 1868 the two brothers participated in various partnerships for the manufacture of sashes, doors, and blinds. In 1868 they sold these interests and organized the firm of Morgan and Brother, (Morgan Brothers and Co. after 1882) manufacturing processed lumber and shingles. They continued to operate this business until 1889 when it was acquired by the Morgan Company, a firm organized by their sons, Albert T. Morgan (son of Richard Thomas Morgan) and John Earl Morgan (the son of John Rodgers Morgan), and a nephew, Thomas Rowland Morgan. The brothers continued to live in Oshkosh until their deaths, and had interests in several business enterprises as well as in large timber tracts in several states. THOMAS ROWLAND MORGAN, b. Aberystwyth, Wales, migrated to Fond du Lac with his parents in 1868, and to Oshkosh in 1872. He began his business career in the firm of his uncles, R. T. and J. R. Morgan (1872). In 1882 he became a partner in Carlton Foster and Co., and in 1889, in partnership with his cousins, organized the Morgan Co., which took over the interests of Morgan Brothers and Co. and bought out Carlton Foster and Co. He continued as a partner in this firm until his death. ALBERT T. MORGAN, b. Oshkosh, entered the firm of Morgan and Brothers in 1882, at which time the firm name was changed to Morgan Brothers and Co. He was one of the organizers of the Morgan Co. (1889), successor to Morgan Brothers and Co., and was a partner in this firm until his death. JOHN EARL MORGAN, b. Oshkosh, joined his father's and uncle's firm in 1886. In 1889 he helped organize the Morgan Co., and after the deaths of Albert T. Morgan (1899) and Thomas Rowland Morgan (1903), became the operating head of the business. In 1904 the firm was incorporated, with John Earl Morgan serving as president until his death. He was also affiliated with numerous other businesses and financial establishments. Amer. Biog. . . . Cyclopedia, 44 (1931); M. M. Quaife, Wis. (4 vols., Chicago, 1924); C. F. Karstaedt, ed., Oshkosh . . . [Oshkosh, 1953]; T. M. Davies, Morgan Genealogy (n.p., 1946); Oshkosh Daily Northwestern, Jan. 11, 1899, Aug. 18, 1903, July 9, 1906, Sept. 15, 1945.

[Source: Dictionary of Wisconsin biography]
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