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Term: Schreiber, Martin J. 1939


(Dem.): Born Milwaukee, April 8, 1939; married; 4 children. Grad. Miiw. Lutheran High Sch.; studied at Valparaiso Univ., urban affairs UW-Milwaukee 1960; LL.B. Marquette Univ. 1964; grad. studies UW-Milw. Attorney. Member State Bar of Wis.; Natl. Conference Lieutenant Governors (executive board chp. 1972-1973); Wis.'s Community Care Organization. Elected to Senate 1962 for unexpired term; reelected 1964 and 1968. Dem. Caucus Chp. 1967 and 1969. Senate committee assignments: 1969 - Educ. (also 1967) and Jt. Interim Corn.; Labor, Taxation, Insurance and Bkg. (also 1965 and It. Interim Corn.); Bd. on Govt. Operations; Legis. Programs Study Com.; Legis. Council's Adv. Com. on Uniform Consumer Credit Code and Insurance Laws Revision Com. (clip., also 1967). 1967 - Jt. Corn. on Legis. Org.'s Subcom. on Staffing and Corn. Procedure. 1965 - Gov.'s Com. on Eminent Domain; Children's Court Center Corn. 1963 - Conserv.; Public Welfare; Gov.'s Comn. on Status of Women; Legis. Council's Judiciary Com. and State Fiscal Situation Com. (vice-chp.). Elected lieutenant governor 1970; reelected 1974. Wis. Nursing Home Ombudsman, Gov.'s Council for Consumer Affairs (clip.), Wis. Amer. Rev. Bicentennial Comn. (chp.), Legis. Council's Insurance Laws Revision Corn. (chp.), Interstate Coop. Com.; Affirmative Action Executive Commission (clip.). Mailing address: State Capitol, Madison 53702. (Blue Book 1977)

The Wisconsin Historical Society has manuscripts related to this topic. See the catalog description of the Martin J. Schreiber Interview for details.

[Source: Blue book]

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Schreiber, Martin J. 1939

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