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Dictionary of Wisconsin History

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Term: Donnelly, Davis A. 1927

Definition: (Dem.), born Augusta, Wis. Mar. 9, 1927. Educated Augusta public schools; B.S. Wis. State College Eau Claire; LL.B. 1967 Univ. of Wis. Law School. Practicing attorney in Eau Claire; formerly commercial fisherman in Alaska, machinist, salesman, messenger in Wis. Assembly 1955. Overseas Navy veteran of World War II; veteran Korean Conflict, Member state and local bar associations. Elected to Senate 1956; re-elected 1960. Member Senate Committees on Agriculture and on Judiciary, 1964 World's Fair Participation Comn. Served on Citizens Advisory Committee on Tax Impact, Continuing Revenue Survey Commission ; Legislative Council Govern-mental Labor Relations Committee, Conservation Committee. Business address : 131 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire. (Blue Book 1964)

[Source: Blue book]
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