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Term: Dreyfus, Lee Sherman 1926-2008


(Rep.): Born Milwaukee, June 20, 1926; married; 2 children. Grad. Washington H.S., Milwaukee; B.A. UW-Madison 1949, M.A. 1952; Ph.D. 1957 (plus honorary degrees). Former instructor UW-Madison 1949-52; gen. mgr., radio station WDET, Wayne State Univ. 1952-56; instructor, asst. prof., assoc. prof. and assoc. dir, of mass communications, Wayne State 1952-62; gen. mgr. WHA-TV, UW-Madison 1962-65; chin. State ETV Coin. 1962-65; prof. of speech and radio-TV education and film, UW-Madison 1962-67; chm. Div. of Radio-TV-Film, UW-Madison 1965-67; president Wis. State Univ.-Stevens Point 1967-72; and chancellor UW-Stevens Point 1972-79. WW II veteran; served in Navy 1944-46. Member Amer. Legion; Portage Co. Rep. Party; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Tau Phi (honor sec. of Rep. of China); Amer. Assn. of State Coll. and Univ. (bd. of dir. and mbr. exchange mission to Poland and the People's Rep. of China); Army Command Sergeants Major Academy (bd. of advisors); Mason; Assn. of the U.S. Army (adv. bd. of dlr.); Natl. Adv, Panel of Army ROTC Affairs (dim.); Natl. Amer. Energy Week 1981 (co-chm.); Natl. Governors' Assoc. (exec. corn.). Former member Natl. Assn. of Educational Broadcasters (bd. of dir.); Speech Assn. of Amer.'s Radio/TV/Film Div. (chin. 1964-65); Council of Chancellors, UW System (chm. 1976); Council of Presidents of Wis. State Univ. (past pres.); Gov.'s Blue Ribbon Comn. on Cable Communication; former bd. mbr.: Winnebago Children's Home, Stevens Point YMCA, Stevens Point St. Michael's Hospital, Natl. Assn. of Educ'l Broadcasters, Wis. Health Care Review Bd.; former chief of mission under Vietnam Contract for Higher Education - Wis, State Univ.-Stevens Point Fdn., Inc.; educ'l advisor to Sec. of the Army (1970-73). Recipient of: President's Medallion Assn. of the U.S. Army, the Cross of St. Luke for "outstanding contributions to Christian education", Intl. Supreme Council of DeMolay's Legion of Honor. Author of "Education of Eagles and Dragons - Education in the People's Republic of China", Milwaukee Journal 1975; "The Ruropolitan Network", a chapter in It's A Big Responsibility by Ryerson; "The Development and Promise of Technology in Education", Journal of Animal Science (spring, 1968); "The University Station", a chapter in The Farther Vision: Educational Television Today, Univ. of Wis. Press (spring, 1967); and Televised Instruction, by Dreyfus and Bradley, published by RCA and WSU Press (1962), Elected governor 1978. [Source: Wis. Blue Book 1981-82]

The Wisconsin Historical Society has manuscripts related to this topic. See the catalog description of the Lee Sherman Dreyfus Papers for details.

[Source: Blue book]

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