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Term: Murphy, Roger P. 1923

Definition: (Rep.), 33rd Senate District. Born Lancaster, Oct. 17, 1923; married; 3 children. B.S. UW-Madison 1948; LL.B. 1951. Attorney. WW II vet; Army Air Corps 1942-45. Mbr. Amer., Wis. and Waukesha County Bar Assns.; Rep. Party; Trial Lawyers Assn.; Elks. Former mbr. Natl. and Wis. Dist. Attys. Assns. (state pres.), Natl. and Wis. Fed. of Young Rep. (state pres.), First Gov.'s Conan. on Crime, Waukesha Kiwanis Club. District attorney 1961-71. Elected to Senate since 1970. Assistant Minority Leader. Biennial committee assignments: 1979 - Judiciary and Consumer Affairs (also 1977, 1975); it. Com. on Leg. Organization; Jt. Conn for Review of Admin. Rules; Legis. Council; Traffic Law Enforcement Council (also 1977, 1975). 1977 - Natural Resources and Tourism; Legis. Council's Corns. on Courts, Judiciary, Natural Resources, Insurance Laws Revision (since 1971), Strengthening the Family, Recodification of Alcoholic Beverage Laws, Domestic Violence, and Determinate Sentencing. 1975 - Agric., Human Services, Labor and Taxation; State Capitol and Exec. Residence Bd.; Judiciary Com. (also 1973), Legis. Council's Malpractice Com., Spec, Com. on Privacy of Personal Records. 1973 - Health, Educ. and Welfare (vice-chp.); Judiciary and Insurance (vice-chp.); Legis. Council Coins, on Educ. and its Adv. Com. on Certification and Licensing of School Personnel, Liability of Health Professionals, Criminal Penalties (also 1971), and on the Filing of Uniform Commercial Code Documents; Jt. Com. to Visit State Properties (also 1971). Telephone: Capitol: (608) 266-0390; District: (414) 547-4742; (414) 782-7305 (business). Voting address: 1012 Hawthorn Circle, Waukesha 53186. Mailing address (office): Room 415 S.E., State Capitol, Madison 53702. (Blue Book 1979-80)

[Source: Blue book]
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