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Term: Galli, G. Fred 1902

Definition: (Rep.), born Corznondes, Switzerland, May 7, 1902. Educated Laupen, Switzerland elementary and high schools; college level courses in dairying in Bern, Switzerland 1920-21 and Univ. of Wis. 1932-33. Manager-exec. secy. of cheese producers co-op. assn.; formerly a cheesemaker and grader. Dir. Green County Agric. Chest; cheese judge at fairs and at State Cheesemakers conventions. Mbr. State Cheesemakers' Assn., American Dairy Science Assn. Past dir. and treas. Monroe Chamber of Com.; past dir. Wis. Cheese Foundation, also charter member and incorporator. Served on State Milk Standards Com., National Cheese Standards Com. Alderman 1952-60; city council pres. 1956-58. Elected to Assembly April 1964 to fill vacancy caused by the death of Assemblyman Stauffer; re-elected Nov. 1964, 1966. Mbr. Assembly Agric. Com. 1965; served on Legis. Council's Aged Tax Relief Com. 1964-65 interim. Deceased, January 10, 1967. Mailing address was: 804 27th Avenue, Monroe 53566. (Blue Book 1968)

[Source: Blue book]
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