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Dictionary of Wisconsin History

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Term: Vogel, Hugo E. 1888

Definition: (Dem.), born in Manitowoc County's Town of Newton Aug. 29, 1888. Educated Manitowoc Co. parochial and public schools. Retired since 1958; barber for more than one-half century. Served as circuit court clerk 1919-20, county board member 1939-55. Was chairman and secretary of county finance Com. 10 years. Member State Barbers Examining Board 1936 to 1950. Elected to Assembly in 1954; re-elected 1956, '58, '60. In 1961 member Assembly State Affairs Com., Taxation Com. In prior sessions on Assembly Public Welfare Com., Veterans and Military Affairs Com. Member State Institutions Visiting Cons. 1959-61. Home address: 1409 S. 12th St., Manitowoc. (Blue Book 1962)

[Source: Blue book]
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