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Term: Christopherson, Jr., Frank W. 1927

Definition: (Dem.), born Superior, May 24, 1927. Educ. St. Francis Sch., Superior East High Sch. Attended Superior State College. Loco-motive engineer and fireman since 1945, newspaper publisher. World War II veteran; served in Army Air Corps. County bd. mbr. 1956- 62, vice-chm. 1957-62. Elected to Assembly 1958; re-elected 1960. Served on Assembly Transportation Com. (ohm.), Labor Com. (vice-chm.), Taxation Com., Insurance and Bkg, Com., Veterans and Military Affairs Com., Legis. Council Urban Problems Com., Judiciary Com., Re-apportionment Com.; Interstate Ports Comm. (secy.). Elected to Senate 1962. Mbr. Sen. Highways Com. (also 1963), Agriculture Com., Building Comm., Con, to Visit State Institutions, Legis. Council Public Welfare Com., Gov,'s Comm. on Law Enforcement and Crime, Wis. Boundary Area Comm. Legis. Adv. Corn; served on Legis. Council Urban Problems Cora. and County Boards Representation Com. 1963-65. Mailing address: 2414 E. 6th St., Superior 54882. Elected from old 25th Senatorial District: Ashland, Bayfield, Douglas Counties. (Blue Book 1966)

[Source: Blue book]

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Christopherson, Jr., Frank W. 1927

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