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Term: Czerwinski, Joseph C. 1944


(Dem.), 27th Assembly District. Born Milwaukee, Feb. 15, 1944; married; 2 children. Attended UW-Milw. Former admin. asst. to vice-pres. business affairs, UW-La Crosse. Member South Division Civic Assn., Wis. Co. for Cancer Control - UW, Wis. Clinical Cancer Center Com., Historic Walker's Point, Inc., Prison Health Care Adv. Com., Milw. legis. caucus (former chp.); former mbr. St. Legislation Com. of Co. of St. Govts., NCSL Intergovtl. Relations Con. Elected to Assembly since 1968. Biennial committee assignments: 1979 - Health and Social Services (chp. since 1971, and Jt. Interim Com.). 1977 - Local Affairs; Legis. Co. Spec. Study Com. on Definition of Death (co-chp.); Hwy. Safety Emergency Medical Serv. Tech. Com.; Emergency Medical Serv. Examining Co.; Gov.'s Com. on Prevention and Wellness. 1975 - Ins. and Banking (also 1973); Med. Ed. Review Com. (chp.); 1973 - Legis. Co. Spec. Corns. on Liab. of Health Professionals (vice-chp.), Rights of Natural Fathers, Public Utility Tax Distrib.; Co. on Drug Abuse. 1971 - Third Reading (vice-chp.); Municipalities; legis. adv. to Health Policy and Planning Task Force. Telephone: Capitol: (608) 266-8580; District: (414) 672-6696. Voting address: 914 South 4th Street, Milwaukee 53204. Mailing address (office): Room 117 West, State Capitol, Madison 53702. (Blue Book 1979-80)

The Wisconsin Historical Society has manuscripts related to this topic. See the catalog description of the Joseph C. Czerwinski Papers for details.

[Source: Blue book]

2 records found

Czerwinski, Joseph C. 1944
Sanasarian, Harout O. 1944

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