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Term: Van Sistine, Jerome 1926

Definition: (Dem.), 30th Senate District Born Milwaukee, Aug. 16, 1926; married; 3 children. Grad. West De Pere H.S.; B.S. UW- Platteville 1952. Full-time legislator. Former construction worker, teacher and carpenter. World War II veteran; Navy. Mbr: VFW; American Legion; United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of Amer.; Moose Lodge; Ashwaubenon Bus. Assn.; Dem. Party. Appointed to NCSL Natl. Task Force on Landsat; NCSL Rural Development Com.; NCSL Commerce, Labor and Regulation Com. (vice chp. 1988-89); NCSL National Labor Caucus (since 1989); CSG Public Employer/Employee Labor Relations Task Force (1986-87); Natl. Conference of Insurance Legislators (exec. Com.). Served on Ashwaubenon Town Bd.; Brown County Bd. Elected to Senate since 1976. Assistant Majority Leader (May 16, 1988-Jan. 2, 1989). Biennial committee assignments: 1991 - Tourism, Commerce, Labor, Veterans and Military Affairs (chp.); Council on Tourism; State Building Comn. (since 1984); State Supported Programs Study and Advisory Committee (co-chp. since 1983). 1989 - Labor, Business, Insurance, Veterans and Military Affairs (chp., also 1987); Housing, Government Operations and Cultural Affairs (also 1987); Fox River Management Comn. (since 1985). 1987 - Senate Organization (elf. 3/16/88); Senate Rules (elf. 3/16/88); It. Com. on Legis. Org. (elf. 3/16/88); Select Com. on the Regulation of Gambling (co-chp.). 1985 - Labor, Business, Veterans Affairs and Insurance (chp., also 1983); Urban Affairs, Utilities and Elections; It. Survey Com. on Retirement Systems; Retirement Research Com.; Legis. Coun. Corns. on American Indian Study (elf. 3/5/85), on Liability Law and Insurance (vice chp., and chp. of its Subcom. on Ancillary Issues), on Medical Malpractice (chp.). 1983- Urban Affairs and Govt. Operations; Tourism and Revenue (elf. 5/24/83); Legis. Coun. Com. on Medical Malpractice (chp.). 1981 - Labor, Government, Veterans Affairs and Tourism (chp.); Insurance and Utilities; State and Local Affairs and Taxation; State Capitol and Executive Residence Bd.; Governor's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Tourism; Council on Vietnam Era Veterans Education Grants; Legis. Coun. Com. on Mobile Home Taxation and Zoning. Telephone: Office: (608) 266-5670; District: (414) 492-5790. Voting address: 684 Lida Lane, Green Bay 54304. Mailing address: Office: Room 14 South, State Capitol, P.O. Box 7882, Madison 53707-7882. (Blue Book 1991-92)

[Source: Blue book]
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