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Term: Chilsen, Walter J. 1923


(Rep.), 29th Senate District Born Merrill, Nov. 18, 1923; married; 8 children. B.S. Lawrence Univ. 1949; attended Northwestern Univ. Full-time legislator and communications consultant. Former TV news dir. World War II veteran; Army Air Force 1943-45. Mbr. VFW; D.A.V.; K. of C.; Wis. State Rural Dev. Council (vice chp., exec. Com. 1973-76). Former mbr. Marathon Co. Workshop for Handicapped (co-founder, mbr. of bd.); Wausau Chamber of Commerce Hwy. 29 Task Force. Elected to Senate since 1966. Minority Leader 1981; Assistant Minority Leader 1979, 1975; Maj. Caucus Chp. 1971, 1969; Maj. Caucus Secy. 1967. Biennial committee assignments: 1989 - Education, Economic Development, Financial Institutions and Fiscal Policies; Science, Technology, Communications and Energy; Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (since 1977); Transportation Projects Comn.; Women's Council (also 1987); Legis. Council (also 1975-81). 1987 - Economic Development, Financial Institutions and Fiscal Policies; Labor, Business, Insurance, Veterans and Military Affairs; Select Com. on the Regulation of Gambling; Legis. Coun. Com. on Child Care Regulation (sec.). 1985 - Jt. Survey Com. on Debt Management (since 1979); Jt. Com. on Finance (resigned 7/17/85, also 1979, 1977); Aging, Banking, Commercial Credit and Taxation (elf, 10/8185); Agriculture, Health and Human Services (eft. 10/8/85); Select. Com. on Radioactive Waste; Legis. Coun. Corns. on Juvenile Offender Disposition (also 1983), on Lobby Law Review, on Municipal Collective Bargaining Law; Gov.'s Task Force on UW Management Flexibility. 1983 - Administrative Rules; Labor, Business, Veterans Affairs and Insurance; Tourism and Revenue (ell'. 5/24/83); Council on Child Labor; Rural Caucus (co-chp.). 1981 - Senate Organization (also 1979, 1975); Jt. Com. on Employment Relations; R. Com. on Legis. Organization (also 1979); Spec. Com. on Reapportionment; Legis. Council Corns. on Native Amer. Study (since 1975), on Public Health Needs, on Elderly Abuse; Educ. Communications Bd. (since 1973). 1979 - Jt. Com. on Audit; Legis. Coun. Corns. on Care of the Mentally III (also 1977), on UW Sys. Enrollment Funding Formula. 1977 - Agric., Aging and Labor; Legis. Coun. Com. on Library Laws. 1975 - Agric., Human Services, Labor and Taxation; Urban Affairs; Legis. Coun. Com. on Public Liability of Local Govts. 1973 - Agric. and Rural Development (chp.); Health, Educ. and Welfare; Legis. Coun. Corns. on Education, on Liability of Health Professionals. 1971 - Agric. (chp.); Educ. (vice chp., mbr. 1967); Adv. Com. on Kerner Report (chp.); Legis. Coun. Adv. Com. on Health and Social Services Laws. 1969 - Labor, Taxation, Ins, and Bkg. (vice chp.); Health and Social Services. Telephone: Capitol: (608) 266-2502; District: (715) 842-4262. Voting address: 1821 Town Line Road, Wausau 54401. Mailing address: (office) Room 40B South, State Capitol, P.O. Box 7882, Madison 53707-7882. (Blue Book 1989-90)

The Wisconsin Historical Society has manuscripts related to this topic. See the catalog description of the Walter J. Chilsen Papers for details.

[Source: Blue book]

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Chilsen, Walter J. 1923

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