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Map of Milwaukee, 1862 (WHi-6921)

Wisconsin's largest city lies on Lake Michigan, where the Milwaukee, Menomonee and Kinnickinnic rivers come together. People had lived there for more than 13,000 years before the first Europeans arrived; Milwaukee was then a neutral ground shared by several American Indian tribes. Fr. Jacques Marquette left the first written record of it in 1674, and other French explorers referred to it in 1679, 1681 and 1698. The earliest mention of Europeans is a reference by Lt. James Gorrell to an unnamed fur trader at Milwaukee in 1762; at least four others traded there before 1800. In 1763, Milwaukee bands of Potawatomi, Ottawa, Ojibwe and Menominee joined Pontiac's Rebellion against the British, and 15 years later they supported the colonies during the American Revolution.

The city's modern history began in 1795 when fur trader Jacques Vieau (1757-1852) built a post along a bluff on the east side, overlooking the Milwaukee and Menomonee rivers. Vieau was a seasonal resident, and in 1818 transferred his Milwaukee assets to his son-in-law, Solomon Juneau (1793-1856). Juneau is generally considered not only the city's first permanent white resident but also its founder. In 1822 he built the first log cabin in Milwaukee and two years later, the first frame building. In 1831 he became an American citizen and began to learn English, and in 1833 he partnered with Morgan Martin (1805-1887) to develop a village on the east side. In 1835 Juneau and Martin laid out streets, platted lots, and began selling them to new settlers. Over the next two decades Juneau served as Milwaukee's postmaster and mayor, built its first hotel and courthouse, started its first newspaper, and backed almost every public improvement.

Between 1835 and 1850, Milwaukee's population grew from a handful of fur traders to more than 20,000 settlers. Three separate villages were started: Juneau's, east of the Milwaukee River and north of the Menomonee; Byron Kilbourn's across from Juneau's, on the west bank of the Milwaukee; and Walker's Point, across the Menomonee from the other two. In 1846 they incorporated into a single city. By then Milwaukee rivaled Chicago in size, wealth and potential, but in 1848 the Illinois city secured railroad and telegraph connections that enabled it to eclipse Milwaukee.

Between 1846 and 1854, a wave of German immigrants arrived, bringing with them expert industrial skills, refined culture, liberal politics, and Catholicism. Milwaukee soon became a center of foundry, machinery, and metal-working industries, as well as a center for brewing and grain trading. During the last third of the 19th century, visitors often commented on Milwaukee's refined German culture, European elegance, and prosperity (while usually overlooking the laborers who produced its wealth with the toil of their hands). On Oct. 28, 1892, a fire in the Irish third ward wiped out sixteen square blocks, leaving 2,000 immigrant working-class residents homeless.

During the first half of the 20th century, Milwaukee became known for its "sewer socialism." City leaders sought to clean up neighborhoods and factories with new sanitation systems, municipally-owned water and power systems, community parks, and improved educational opportunities. Victor Berger (1860-1929) became the symbol of Milwaukee socialism by organizing voters into a highly successful political organization based on Milwaukee's large German population and active labor movement.

During the 1930s the city was hit especially hard by the national depression: the number of people with jobs fell by 75% and 20% of residents needed direct relief from the government. The number of strikes increased sevenfold between 1933 and 1934, and conditions only improved when World War Two demanded huge amounts of factory goods between 1941 and 1945.

During the war, many African-Americans from Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and elsewhere in the South came to work in Milwaukee's factories, and most stayed to raise their families after the war. By the 1960s Milwaukee was 15% African-American, but most black residents were clustered in a near-north neighborhood that suffered from unemployment, poverty, and segregation.

Local statutes, real estate agents, and lending institutions conspired to keep African-American citizens confined to the inner city, and segregated neighborhoods produced segregated schools. Two decades of struggle by black leaders such as Vel Phillips (b.1924) and Lloyd Barbee (1925-2003), supported by white allies like Fr. James Groppi (1930-1985), were needed to force city officials to obey federal desegregation laws. When local codes and practices began to change in 1968, white residents moved out, leaving Milwaukee one of the most segregated cities in America today.
Since 1970, manufacturing has ceased to dominate Milwaukee's economy, although traditional industries such as heavy machinery, tools, engines and brewing survive. Instead, businesses in the service sector, such as health care, banking, insurance, and retail sales, now employ most Milwaukee workers. Such businesses have spread north, west, and south out of the city along interstate highways, until the community of greater Milwaukee stretches nearly to Racine, Washington, and Jefferson counties.

View historic pictures or read historical newspaper stories about Milwaukee. Read more about the city's history in the Wisconsin Magazine of History.

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Magnolia, Rock Co.
Magnolia, Town of, Rock Co.
Magnuson, Sue R. 1952
Magoon, Henry Sterling 1832 - 1889
Maiden Rock (Historic Marker Erected 1966)
Maiden Rock [origin of place name]
Maiden Rock, Pierce Co.
Maiden Rock, Town of, Pierce Co.
Maiden Rock, Village of, Pierce Co.
Maier, Henry W. 1918
main deck (maritime)
Main Street Historic District, Stoughton (Historic
Main, Angie Kumlien [Mary Angela (Kumlien) Main] 1
mainchains (maritime)
Maine Settlement [origin of place name]
Maine, Town of, Marathon Co.
Maine, Town of, Outagamie Co.
mainline (railroads)
mainmast (maritime)
Major "Dick" Bong (Historic Marker Erected 1957)
Major (Civil War)
Major General (Civil War)
Make her out (logging)
Mallwood, Rock Co.
Malone, Fond du Lac Co.
Malone, Town of, St. Croix Co.
Malvern, Oneida Co.
Man-catcher (logging)
Manawa [origin of place name]
Manawa, Waupaca Co.
Manchester [origin of place name]
Manchester, Green Lake Co.
Manchester, Town of, Calumet Co.
Manchester, Town of, Green Lake Co.
Manchester, Town of, Jackson Co.
Manders, Adrian J. 1912
Manders, Verna M. 1920
Manel, Francis 1864 - 1928
mangeur de lard (Fr.)
Manitou Island [origin of place name]
Manitou, Town of, Brown Co.
Manitowish River [origin of place name]
Manitowish Waters, Town of, Vilas Co.
Manitowish Waters, Vilas Co.
Manitowish [origin of place name]
Manitowish, Iron Co.
Manitowoc and Kewanee County Guards (Civil War)
Manitowoc and the Car Ferries (Historic Marker Ere
Manitowoc County [origin of place name]
Manitowoc Rapids, Manitowoc Co.
Manitowoc Rapids, Town of, Manitowoc Co.
Manitowoc Submarines (Historic Marker Erected 1989
Manitowoc [brief history]
Manitowoc [origin of place name]
Manitowoc's Maritime Heritage (Historic Marker Ere
Manitowoc, Manitowoc Co.
Manitowoc, Town of, Manitowoc Co.
Mann, Marathon Co.
mansard roof (architecture)
Manske, John T. 1952
Manson (historical), Oneida Co.
manufacturing in Wisconsin
Manville, Charles Brayton 1834 - 1927
Mapes, David Parshall 1798 - 1890
Maple Beach, Rock Co.
Maple Bluff, Dane Co.
Maple Bluff, Village of, Dane Co.
Maple Creek, Town of, Outagamie Co.
Maple Grove, La Crosse Co.
Maple Grove, Manitowoc Co.
Maple Grove, Town of, Barron Co.
Maple Grove, Town of, Manitowoc Co.
Maple Grove, Town of, Shawano Co.
Maple Grove, Town of, Vilas Co.
Maple Heights, Calumet Co.
Maple Hill, Chippewa Co.
Maple Plain, Town of, Barron Co.
maple syrup industry
Maple Valley, Town of, Oconto Co.
Maple, Douglas Co.
Maple, Town of, Douglas Co.
Maplehurst, Taylor Co.
Maplehurst, Town of, Taylor Co.
Mapleton, Waukesha Co.
Maplewood, Door Co.
Maquanego, Town of, Waukesha Co.
Marathon City, Marathon Co.
Marathon County [origin of place name]
Marathon, Marathon Co.
Marathon, Town of, Marathon Co.
Marble (historical), Waupaca Co.
Marblehead, Fond du Lac Co.
Marcellon [origin of place name]
Marcellon, Columbia Co.
Marcellon, Town of, Columbia Co.
March Rapids, Marathon Co.
Marchetti, Louis 1846 - 1931
Marching 12th (Civil War)
Marching 12th (Civil War)
Marcklein, Bernhard Gustav 1848 - 1915
Marcy, Waukesha Co.
Marengo, Ashland Co.
Marengo, Town of, Ashland Co.
Maribel, Manitowoc Co.
Maribel, Village of, Manitowoc Co.
Marietta [origin of place name]
Marietta, Town of, Crawford Co.
Marin, Joseph, dates unverified
Marin, Paul, 1692-1753
Marinette County [origin of place name]
Marinette [brief history]
Marinette [origin of place name]
Marinette, Marinette Co.
Marinette, Queen [Marinette Chevalier Jacobs] 1793
Marinette, Town of, Brown Co.
Marinette, Town of, Marinette Co.
Marinuka [origin of place name]
Marion [origin of place name]
Marion, Town of, Grant Co.
Marion, Town of, Juneau Co.
Marion, Town of, Waushara Co.
Marion, Waupaca Co.
Markesan, Green Lake Co.
Marks, Solon 1827 - 1914
Markton, Langlade Co.
marl (farming)
marl (mining)
Marlands, Vilas Co.
Marlatt, Abby Lillian 1869 - 1943
Marlatt, Walter Thomas 1874 - 1925
Marotz, Robert G. 1921
Marquette (Historic Marker Erected 1957)
Marquette County [origin of place name]
Marquette Jolliet Expedition (Historic Marker Erec
Marquette, Green Lake Co.
Marquette, Jacques 1637 - 1675
Marquette, Town of, Green Lake Co.
Marquette, Village of, Green Lake Co.
Marr, Carl Von 1858 - 1936
Marsh, Cutting 1800 - 1873
Marshall Township [origin of place name]
Marshall [origin of place name]
Marshall, Dane Co.
Marshall, Rouget De Lisle 1847 - 1922
Marshall, Samuel 1820 - 1907
Marshall, Town of, Richland Co.
Marshall, Town of, Rusk Co.
Marshall, Village of, Dane Co.
Marshfield [origin of place name]
Marshfield, Town of, Fond du Lac Co.
Marshfield, Town of, Wood Co.
Marshfield, Wood Co.
Marshland, Buffalo Co.
Marshland, Town of, Burnett Co.
Marsterson, Town of, Vernon Co.
Marston Spring [origin of place name]
Marston [origin of place name]
Marston, Town of, Sauk Co.
Martell Township [origin of place name]
Martell, Pierce Co.
Martell, Town of, Pierce Co.
Martin, David O. 1931
Martin, Deborah Beaumont 1858 - 1931
Martin, James Baynard 1814 - 1878
Martin, Jerome A. 1908
Martin, John E. 1891
Martin, Joseph 1878 - 1946
Martin, Morgan Lewis 1805 - 1887
Martinsville, Dane Co.
Martintown, Green Co.
Marxville, Dane Co.
Marytown, Fond du Lac Co.
Mason, Bayfield Co.
Mason, Town of, Bayfield Co.
Mason, Town of, Bayfield Co.
Mason, Town of, Brown Co.
Mason, Village of, Bayfield Co.
Masonic Home (Historic Marker Erected 1958)
Mass transportation in Wisconsin
mast (maritime)
master (maritime)
mate (maritime)
Math, Richard P. 1932
Mather, Juneau Co.
Mathews, Vincent R. 1912
Mathie, Karl 1866 - 1938
Mato, Louis V. 1903
Matteson [origin of place name]
Matteson, Town of, Waupaca Co.
mattock (farming)
Mattoon, Shawano Co.
Mattoon, Village of, Shawano Co.
Matty, Richard P. 1932
Maunesha River
Maunesha [origin of place name]
Maurer, Irving 1879 - 1942
Maurer, John J. 1922
Mauston [origin of place name]
Mauston, Juneau Co.
Mauthe, William 1873 - 1942
Mauvaise River
maw (farming)
Mawikwe Bay [origin of place name]
Maxfield, John B. (1818-1906)
Maxon, Densmore William 1820 - 1887
Maxville, Buffalo Co.
Maxville, Town of, Buffalo Co.
May Corner, Marinette Co.
May Riot (1886)
May [origin of place name]
Mayer, Stephan F. 1854 - 1935
Mayfield [origin of place name]
Mayfield, Washington Co.
Mayhew [origin of place name]
Mayhews (historical), Walworth Co.
Mayville [origin of place name]
Mayville, Dodge Co.
Mayville, Town of, Clark Co.
Mayville, Town of, Shawano Co.
Mazomanie (Historic Marker Erected 1996)
Mazomanie [origin of place name]
Mazomanie, Dane Co.
Mazomanie, Town of, Dane Co.
Mazomanie, Village of, Dane Co.
Mazzuchelli, Samuel Charles 1806 - 1864
McAllister, Marinette Co.
Mcarthur, Arthur 1815 - 1896
McArthur, Gen. Arthur (1845-1912)
Mccallum, Scott 1950
Mccann, James A. 1924
Mccanna, Charles B. 1851 - 1913
Mccarthy, Charles 1873 - 1921
McCarthy, Joseph, 1908 - 1957
McCartney, Grant Co.
Mccaskill, Virgil Everett 1866 - 1922
Mcclain, Edward F. 1935
McClellan, Town of, Wood Co.
McCloy, William Ashby, 1913-2000
McCord, Lincoln Co.
Mccord, Myron Hawley 1840 - 1908
Mccormick, John E. 1924
Mccormick, Robert Laird 1847 - 1911
Mccormick, Terri
Mccoy, Robert Bruce 1867 - 1926
McCracken, Guy (ca. 1861 - 1931)
Mccreery, Maud [Leonard] 1883 - 1938
Mcdill, Alexander Stuart 1822 - 1875
Mcdill, John Rich 1860 - 1934
Mcdougal, Milton 1917
McDowell [origin of place name]
Mcessy, Earl F.
Mcewen, John L. 1928
McFarland, Dane Co.
McFarland, Village of, Dane Co.
Mcgavick, Alexander Joseph 1863 - 1948
Mcglachlin, Edward 1840 - 1931
Mcgovern, Francis Edward 1866 - 1946
Mcgregor, Duncan 1836 - 1921
McGrew (historical), Richland Co.
Mcindoe, Walter Duncan 1819 - 1872
Mckay, J. Curtis 1926
McKay, William
McKee, Lt. Col. David (1828-1862)
Mckenna, Dale T. 1937
McKinley, Polk Co.
McKinley, Town of, Polk Co.
McKinley, Town of, Taylor Co.
Mclenegan, Charles Edward 1858 - 1920
McMillan, Marathon Co.
McMillan, Town of, Marathon Co.
McMynn, John Gibson 1824 - 1900
McNaughton [origin of place name]
McNaughton, Oneida Co.
Mcparland, Leland S. 1896
McVicar, Angus Boyd, 1903 - 1964
Meacham, Town of, Walworth Co.
Mead, Daniel Webster 1862 - 1948
Mead, Town of, Clark Co.
Meadow Valley, Juneau Co.
Meadowbrook, Town of, Sawyer Co.
Meadowmere (Historic Marker Erected 1955)
Meanwell, Walter Ernest 1884 - 1953
Mears, Helen Farnsworth 1872 - 1916
meat packing industry
Meaux, Thomas W. 1954
Mecan, Marquette Co.
Mecan, Town of, Marquette Co.
Medary, La Crosse Co.
Medary, Town of, La Crosse Co.
medecin (Fr.)
Medford [origin of place name]
Medford, Taylor Co.
Medford, Town of, Taylor Co.
Medina Junction, Winnebago Co.
Medina [origin of place name]
Medina, Outagamie Co.
Medina, Town of, Dane Co.
Medina, Town of, Outagamie Co.
Medinger, John Donald 1948
Meehan, Portage Co.
Meeker, Moses 1790 - 1865
Meeker, Washington Co.
Meekers Grove, Lafayette Co.
Meeme Poll House (Historic Marker Erected 1998)
Meeme [origin of place name]
Meeme, Manitowoc Co.
Meeme, Town of, Manitowoc Co.
Meenon, Town of, Burnett Co.
Meeuwsen, Terry Anne (born 1949)
Meggers, Calumet Co.
Megnon [origin of place name]
Meir, Golda (1898-1978) (Historic Marker Erected 1
Meir, Golda, l898-1978.
Mellen [origin of place name]
Mellen, Ashland Co.
Melms, Edmund [Ludwig Robert Paul) Theodore 1874 -
Melnik, Manitowoc Co.
Melrose Park, Winnebago Co.
Melrose, Jackson Co.
Melrose, Town of, Jackson Co.
Melrose, Village of, Jackson Co.
Melvin, Thomas T. 1937
Melvina, Monroe Co.
Melvina, Village of, Monroe Co.
Memee Creek, Sheboygan Co.
Menard, Fr. Rene, 1605-1661
Menard, Mary Ann, early 19th c.
Menasha Guards (Civil War)
Menasha [brief history]
Menasha [origin of place name]
Menasha, Town of, Winnebago Co.
Menasha, Winnebago Co.
Menchalville, Manitowoc Co.
Mendota Beach, Dane Co.
Mendota Guard (Civil War)
Menekaune [origin of place name]
Menominee Indians
Menominee Reservation (Historic Marker Erected 195
Menominee River
Menominee Treaty of 1831
Menominee Treaty of 1836
Menominee Treaty of 1848
Menominee, Town of, Brown Co.
Menominee, Town of, Menominee Co.
Menomonee Falls, Menomonee River
Menomonee Falls, Village of, Waukesha Co.
Menomonee Falls, Waukesha Co.
Menomonee, Election precinct of, Crawford Co.
Menomonee, Town of, Waukesha Co.
Menomonie Junction, Dunn Co.
Menomonie [brief history]
Menomonie [origin of place name]
Menomonie, Dunn Co.
Menomonie, Town of, Dunn Co.
Menos, Gus G. 1920
Mentor, Town of, Clark Co.
Mentor, Town of, Milwaukee Co.
Mequon River
Mequon [brief history]
Mequon [origin of place name]
Mequon, Ozaukee Co.
Mequon, Town of, Ozaukee Co.
Mercer, Iron Co.
Mercer, Town of, Iron Co.
Meridean, Dunn Co.
meridian (survey)
Merkel, Kenneth J. 1926
Merkt, John L. 1946
Merriam, Williah R. 1894
Merrill Park (Historic Marker Erected 1997)
Merrill [brief history]
Merrill [origin of place name]
Merrill, Lincoln Co.
Merrill, Sherburn Sanborn 1818 - 1885
Merrill, Town of, Lincoln Co.
Merrillan (origin of place name)
Merrillan, Jackson Co.
Merrillan, Village of, Jackson Co.
Merrimac, Sauk Co.
Merrimac, Town of, Sauk Co.
Merrimac, Village of, Sauk Co.
Merrimack [origin of place name]
Merriman, William Edward 1825 - 1892
Merton [origin of place name]
Merton, Town of, Waukesha Co.
Merton, Village of, Waukesha Co.
Merton, Waukesha Co.
Mertz, Edward F. 1890
Merville Springs [origin of place name]
Merz, Louis L. 1908
Meskwaki Indians
Mesquakie Indians
Messmer, Sebastian Gebhard 1847 - 1930
Messmore Guards (Civil War)
metamorphic rocks (mining)
Meteor, Sawyer Co.
Meteor, Town of, Sawyer Co.
metis (Fr.)
Metomen [origin of place name]
Metomen, Town of, Fond du Lac Co.
Metoxen, John 1770 - 1858
Metz, Sharon 1934
Metz, Winnebago Co.
Metzner Act
Meunier, Alex J. 1897
Mexicans in Wisconsin
Meyer, Balthasar Henry 1866 - 1954
Meyer, Dan 1949
Meyer, Mark 1963
Meyerhofer, Lee P. 1964
mica (mining)
mica slate (mining)
Michigan Island [origin of place name]
Michigan Territory
Michilimakinac County
midden (archaeology)
Middle Inlet, Marinette Co.
Middle Inlet, Town of, Marinette Co.
Middle Ridge, La Crosse Co.
Middle Village, Menominee Co.
Middlefort [origin of place name]
Middleport, Ashland Co.
Middleton Junction, Dane Co.
Middleton [brief history]
Middleton, Dane Co.
Middleton, Town of, Dane Co.
Middleton, Town of, Portage Co.
Middletown, Town of, Marquette Co.
Midland, Town of, Douglas Co.
midships (maritime)
Midway, La Crosse Co.
Mielke, Janet Soergel 1937
Mifflin, Iowa Co.
Mifflin, Town of, Iowa Co.
Mikana, Barron Co.
Milan, Marathon Co.
milch (farming)
Miles, Marinette Co.
Milford, Jefferson Co.
Milford, Town of, Jefferson Co.
Military Ridge Road
Military River Crossing (Historic Marker Erected 1
military road
Milk strikes, 1933
Mill Bluff (HIstoric Marker Erected 1963)
Mill Center, Brown Co.
Mill Creek (historical), Richland Co.
Mill Creek Community, Portage Co.
Mill Creek, Election precinct of, Green Co.
Milladore [origin of place name]
Milladore, Town of, Wood Co.
Milladore, Village of, Wood Co.
Milladore, Wood Co.
Millard, Walworth Co.
mille (Fr.)
Mille Lac
Miller [origin of place name]
Miller, Andrew Galbraith 1801 - 1874
Miller, Frederick 1824 - 1888
Miller, Frederick Charles 1906 - 1954
Miller, George Peckham 1858 - 1931
Miller, Jess 1884
Miller, Lucas Mitiades 1824 - 1902
Miller, Marjorie "Midge" 1922
Miller, Mark 1943
Miller, Roswell 1843 - 1913
Miller, Wesson Gage 1822 - 1893
Miller, William Snow 1858 - 1939
Millersville [origin of place name]
Millhome, Manitowoc Co.
Mills Law
Mills on the Creek (Historic Marker Erected 1997)
Mills, Charles Henry 1873 - 1937
Mills, Joseph Trotter 1811 - 1897
Mills, Simeon, 1810 - 1895
Mills, Town of, Washburn Co.
Millston, Jackson Co.
Millston, Town of, Jackson Co.
Milltown [origin of place name]
Milltown, Polk Co.
Milltown, Town of, Polk Co.
Milltown, Town of, Shawano Co.
Milltown, Village of, Polk Co.
Millville [origin of place name]
Millville, Census district of, Manitowoc Co.
Millville, Grant Co.
Millville, Town of, Grant Co.
Milton House (HIstoric Marker Erected 1961)
Milton Junction, Rock Co.
Milton [origin of place name]
Milton, Rock Co.
Milton, Town of, Buffalo Co.
Milton, Town of, Buffalo Co.
Milton, Town of, Rock Co.
Milwaukee & Horicon Railroad
Milwaukee & Missississippi Railroad
Milwaukee & Watertown Railroad
Milwaukee 14
Milwaukee and Rock River Canal
Milwaukee Braves
Milwaukee Brewers
Milwaukee Bucks
Milwaukee County
Milwaukee County [origin of place name]
Milwaukee County's First Airport (Historic Marker
Milwaukee Downer College (Historic Marker Erected
Milwaukee German Turners (Civil War)
Milwaukee Handicraft Project
Milwaukee Interurban Terminal (Historic Marker Ere
Milwaukee Light Guard (Civil War)
Milwaukee Regiment (Civil War)
Milwaukee Riflemen (Civil War)
Milwaukee Union Rifles (Civil War)
Milwaukee United School Integration Committee (MUS
Milwaukee Zouaves (Civil War)
Milwaukee [brief history]
Milwaukee [origin of place name]
Milwaukee, Town of, Milwaukee Co.
Milwaukee-Downer College
Minahan, Robert Emmet 1858 - 1935
Minahan, Victor Ivan 1881 - 1954
Minandeau, Jean Baptiste
Minawa Beach, Fond du Lac Co.
Mindoro, La Crosse Co.
Miner, Henry Austin 1829 - 1932
mineral district
Mineral Point [origin of place name]
Mineral Point, Green Co.
Mineral Point, Iowa Co.
Mineral Point, Town of, Iowa Co.
Miners' Guard (Civil War)
Minersville, Ashland Co.
Minertown [origin of place name]
mining in northern Wisconsin
mining in southwestern Wisconsin
Minnesota Junction, Dodge Co.
Minocqua [origin of place name]
Minocqua, Oneida Co.
Minocqua, Town of, Oneida Co.
Minong [origin of place name]
Minong, Town of, Washburn Co.
Minong, Village of, Washburn Co.
Minong, Washburn Co.
Minoqua [origin of place name]
Minor, Edward Sloman 1840 - 1924
Mireau, George 1888
Mirro Aluminum Company
Misha Mokwa [origin of place name]
Misha Mokwa, Buffalo Co.
Mishicot [origin of place name]
Mishicot, Manitowoc Co.
Mishicot, Town of, Manitowoc Co.
Mishicot, Village of, Manitowoc Co.
Mishicott, Town of, Manitowoc Co.
Mishike [origin of place name]
Mission of St. Francois Xavier (Historic Marker Er
Missionary Ridge, Battle of
Mississippi River Parkway: First Project (Historic
Mississippi River [origin of place name]
Mississippian culture (archaeology)
Mitchell, Alexander 1817 - 1887
Mitchell, John Lendrum 1842 - 1904
Mitchell, Town of, Sheboygan Co.
Mitchell, William, 1879 - 1936
Mitscher, Marc A., Admiral, U.S. Navy (1887-1947)(
Mittness, Lewis T. 1929
Mix, Edward Townsend 1831 - 1890
mizzen (maritime)
mizzenmast (maritime)
Modena, Buffalo Co.
Modena, Town of, Buffalo Co.
Moe Settlement (historical), Columbia Co.
Moeller, Gustave 1881 - 1931
Moen, Rodney C. 1937
Moeville, Pierce Co.
Mogilka, David R. 1915
Mohawk [origin of place name]
Mohn, Leo O. 1925
Mohrsville [origin of place name]
Mole Lake Ojibwe
Mole Lake [origin of place name]
Mole Lake, Forest Co.
Molepske, Jr., Louis John 1974
Molinaro, George 1902
Molitor, Town of, Taylor Co.
Monahan, James Gideon 1855 - 1923
Monberg, Lawrence 1900 - 1983
Monches [origin of place name]
Monches, Waukesha Co.
Mondovi [origin of place name]
Mondovi, Buffalo Co.
Mondovi, Town of, Buffalo Co.
Monfort [origin of place name]
Monico, Oneida Co.
Monico, Town of, Oneida Co.
Monona [brief history]
Monona [origin of place name]
Monona, Dane Co.
Monongahela Rlver
Monroe Center, Adams Co.
Monroe County Voluneers (Civil War)
Monroe County [origin of place name]
Monroe [brief history]
Monroe [origin of place name]
Monroe, Green Co.
Monroe, Town of, Adams Co.
Monroe, Town of, Green Co.
Montana, Buffalo Co.
Montana, Town of, Buffalo Co.
Montello [origin of place name]
Montello, Marquette Co.
Montello, Town of, Marquette Co.
Monterey, Waukesha Co.
Monteville, Town of, Trempealeau Co.
Montfort, Grant Co.
Montfort, Village of, Grant Co.
Montgomery, Phil 1957
Montgomeryville, Crawford Co.
Monticello, Green Co.
Monticello, Town of, Lafayette Co.
Monticello, Village of, Green Co.
Montoville [origin of place name]
Montpelier, Town of, Kewaunee Co.
Montreal River [origin of place name]
Montreal, Iron Co.
Montreal, Town of, Iron Co.
Montrose [origin of place name]
Montrose, Dane Co.
Montrose, Town of, Dane Co.
Moody, Jim 1935
Moon Valley, Sauk Co.
Moon, Delos Rensselaer 1835 - 1898
Moon, Marathon Co.
moor (maritime)
Moore, Annie Aubertine [Woodward] 1841 - 1929
Moore, Benjamin Franklin 1819 - 1904
Moore, Gwendolynne S. 1951
Moore, Ransom Asa 1861 - 1941
Moore, William (1827-1862)
mooring bitt (maritime)
Moose Junction, Douglas Co.
Moquah [origin of place name]
Moquah [origin of place name]
Moquah, Bayfield Co.
Morand, first name unverified
Moravians in Wisconsin
Morehouse, Frederic Cook 1868 - 1932
Morgan, Oconto Co.
Morgan, Richard Thomas 1829 - 1905
Morgan, Shawano Co.
Morgan, Town of, Oconto Co.
Morgan, Town of, Sheboygan Co.
Mormons in Early Wisconsin (Historic Marker Erecte
Moro [origin of place name]
Morris [origin of place name]
Morris, Johnnie Elaine 1951
Morris, Lucy E. Smith, 1850-1935
Morris, Lucy Smith (1850-1935)(Historic Marker Ere
Morris, Town of, Shawano Co.
Morrison, Brown Co.
Morrison, Kathryn 1942
Morrison, Town of, Brown Co.
Morrisonville, Dane Co.
Morse [origin of place name]
Morse, Ashland Co.
Morse, Elmer Addison 1870 - 1945
Morse, Town of, Ashland Co.
Mortimer, Mary 1816 - 1877
Morton Corner, Pierce Co.
Morton, Earl D. 1918
Moscow, Iowa Co.
Moscow, Town of, Iowa Co.
Moscow, Town of, Polk Co.
Mosel [origin of place name]
Mosel, Sheboygan Co.
Mosel, Town of, Sheboygan Co.
Moser, William R. 1927
Mosinee [brief history]
Mosinee [origin of place name]
Mosinee, Marathon Co.
Mosinee, Town of, Marathon Co.
Mosling, Oconto Co.
Mosse, George Lachmann 1918 - 1999
Moundsville [origin of place name]
Moundville, Election precinct of, Dane Co.
Moundville, Town of, Marquette Co.
Mount Calvary, Fond du Lac Co.
Mount Calvary, Village of, Fond du Lac Co.
Mount Hope Corners, Eau Claire Co.
Mount Hope, Grant Co.
Mount Hope, Town of, Grant Co.
Mount Hope, Village of, Grant Co.
Mount Horeb [origin of place name]
Mount Horeb, Dane Co.
Mount Horeb, Village of, Dane Co.
Mount Ida, Grant Co.
Mount Ida, Town of, Grant Co.
Mount Morris, Town of, Waushara Co.
Mount Morris, Waushara Co.
Mount Pleasant (historical), Town of, Racine Co.
Mount Pleasant, Racine Co.
Mount Pleasant, Town of, Green Co.
Mount Pleasant, Village of, Racine Co.
Mount Sterling [origin of place name]
Mount Sterling, Crawford Co.
Mount Sterling, Village of, Crawford Co.
Mount Tabor, Vernon Co.
Mount Vernon [origin of place name]
Mount Vernon, Dane Co.
Mount View, Marathon Co.
Mount Zion, Crawford Co.
Mountain, Oconto Co.
Mountain, Town of, Oconto Co.
Mouth of St. Croix, Election precinct of, St. Croi
Moyer, Raymond J. 1926
Mt. Hope, Town of, Grant Co.
Mt. Ida, Town of, Grant Co.
Mt. Morris, Town of, Waushara Co.
Mt. Pleasant, Town of, Green Co.
Mt. Pleasant, Town of, Racine Co.
Mud Creek, Census district of, Dunn Co.
Mueller, Alexander 1872 - 1935
Mueller, Ervin 1904
Mueller, John Gottlieb 1813 - 1893
Muir, John 1838 - 1914
Mukwa, Town of, Waupaca Co.
Mukwonago Lake, Waukesha Co.
Mukwonago [origin of place name]
Mukwonago, Town of, Waukesha Co.
Mukwonago, Village of, Waukesha Co.
Mukwonago, Waukesha Co.
Mulder, Leland E. 1925
Mullet River, Sheboygan Co. [origin of place name]
mullion (farming)
Munh, Emanuel 1806 - 1899
Munro, Dana Carleton 1866 - 1933
Munsee Indians
Munson, Oliver Goldsmith 1856 - 1933
Munts, Mary Lou 1924
Murat, Taylor Co.
Murat, William M. 1957
Murphy Corner, Outagamie Co.
Murphy, James William 1858 - 1927
Murphy, John T. 1860 - 1932
Murphy, Roger P. 1923
Murray, Eldon 1930 - 2007
Murray, Reid Fred 1887 - 1952
Murray, Thomas B. 1938
Murry, Rusk Co.
Murry, Town of, Rusk Co.
Muscoda [origin of place name]
Muscoda, Grant Co.
Muscoda, Town of, Grant Co.
Muscoda, Village of, Grant Co.
Museum of Medical Progress (Historic Marker Erecte
Muskeg [origin of place name]
Muskeg, Bayfield Co.
Muskego [brief history]
Muskego [origin of place name]
Muskego, Town of, Waukesha Co.
Muskego, Waukesha Co.
Muskos River
musqueton (Fr.)
Musser, Terry M. 1947
Muzzle-loaders (logging)
Mygatt's Corners (Mount Pleasant Township) [origin
Myhra, Norman L. 1925
Mylrea, William Henry 1853 - 1916
Myra, Washington Co.
Myrick, Harry Pierce 1857 - 1916
Myrick, Nathan 1822 - 1903
Méchéygan, Lake

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