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Term: Rochester, Village of, Racine Co.


A village in Racine Co. at latitude 424426N and longitude 0881326W

Description from John W. Hunt's 1853 Wisconsin Gazetteer: "ROCHESTER, P. V., in town of same name, Racine county, on sections 2 and 11; it is 23 miles west from Racine and 75 miles southeast from Madison, at the junction of the Muskego and Fox rivers, and has a good water power on each river, both of which are improved and have machinery in operation on them. It is on the Racine and Rock River plank road. The plank road from Racine intersects the Racine plank road, and terminates at this place. It has a daily eastern and western mail, and weekly mails from Waukesha and Milwaukee. The place is surrounded by a rich farming country, settled by an intelligent and enterprising population. It contains about 500 inhabitants, with 62 dwellings, 5 stores, 3 hotels, 3 mills, 2 plough, 2 harness, 1 boot and shoe, 1 fanning mill, 1 waggon and carriage, and 1 tin and copper shops, 1 foundry, and 1 saleratus factory; 1 Presbyterian church, and 2 good school houses."

[Source: U.S. Geographic Names Information Server]

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280 records found

1888 Bohemian Schoolhouse (Historic Marker)
Albee, George Sumner 1837 - 1898
automobile industry in Wisconsin
Bache, Soren 1814 - 1890
Baker, Robert Hall 1839 - 1882
Bakers Corners, Dane Co.
Baptists in Wisconsin
Barca, Peter W. 1955
Barry, Alfred Constantine 1815 - 1888
Beal, Polly W. 1942
Beaumont, Racine Co.
Beaux Arts (architecture)
Belden, Ellsworth Burnett 1866 - 1939
Benson, Taylor
Bohners Lake, Racine Co.
Bradley, Lucas 1809 - 1889
Brighton, Town of, Kenosha Co.
Bristol, Town of, Kenosha Co.
Brown [Willis], Olympia 1835 - 1926
Brown, John Henryhobart 1831 - 1888
Brown, Manny S. 1917
Browns Lake, Racine Co.
Buena Park, Racine Co.
Bull, Stephen 1822 - 1913
Burlington [brief history]
Burlington, Racine Co.
Burlington, Town of, Kenosha Co.
Burlington, Town of, Racine Co.
Caldwell Prairie [origin of place name]
Caldwell, Racine Co.
Caledonia, Racine Co.
Caledonia, Town of, Racine Co.
Camp Utley
Carhart, John W. 1834 - 1914
carriage and wagon industry in Wisconsin
Cary, John Watson 1817 - 1895
Case, Jerome Increase 1819 - 1891
Cedar Park, Racine Co.
Christian Science in Wisconsin
Civil War, Wisconsin troops
Civil War: 1st Light Artillery
Civil War: 4th Infantry
Civil War: 22nd Infantry
Civil War: 2nd Light Artillery
Civil War: 31st Infantry
Civil War: 33rd Infantry
Civil War: 3rd Light Artillery
Civil War: 4th Light Artillery
Civil War: 5th Light Artillery
Civil War: 6th Light Artillery
Civil War: 7th Light Artillery
Civil War: 8th Light Artillery
Civil War: 10th Light Artillery
Civil War: 4th Cavalry
Civil War: African American troops
cobblestone (architecture)
Cole, Azel Dow 1818 - 1885
Cooper, Henry Allen 1850 - 1931
Corby, Ellen 1913 - 1999
Cream - Brick Cottages (Historic Marker Erected 19
Cream Brick (Historic Marker Erected 1998)
Crestview, Racine Co.
Dandeneau, Marcel 1931
Davis, John Jefferson 1852 - 1937
Dekoven, James 1831 - 1879
Delavan's Historic Brick Street (Historic Marker E
Des Plaines River, Racine Co.
Dingee, William W. 1831 - 1919
Dodge, Joshua Eric 1854 - 1921
Doe, Joseph Bodwell 1855 - 1925
Doolittle, James Rood 1815 - 1897
Dorman, Henry
Doud, Reuben G. 1830 - 1877
Dover, Town of, Racine Co.
Durkee, Charles 1805 - 1870
Eagle Lake Manor, Racine Co.
Eagle Lake Terrace, Racine Co.
Eagle Lake, Racine Co.
East Troy, Village of, Walworth Co.
East Troy, Walworth Co.
Egyptian revival (architecture)
Ela, Richard Emerson 1812 - 1888
Elmwood Park, Racine Co.
Elmwood Park, Village of, Racine Co.
Erskine, Manessa Berthier 1819 - 1894
Everett, Charles Horatio 1855 - 1947
Farrow, Margaret A. 1934
federal (architecture)
Fergus, Scott C. 1955
Ferrall, R. Michael 1936
Fink, Albert 1867 - 1950
Finns in Wisconsin
fires in Wisconsin
Fish, Irving Andrews 1881 - 1948
Fitch, Charles W. 1819 - 1899
Flynn, Gerald T. 1910
Foster, Edward Augustus 1829 - 1902
Fox River (SE Wisconsin and NE Illinois)
Franksville, Racine Co.
Genzmer, Elmer L. 1903
Gettelman, Adam 1847 - 1925
Ginty, George Clay 1840 - 1890
Glover, Joshua
Goodland, Walter Samuel 1862 - 1947
Greek revival (architecture)
Gunderson, Scott L. 1956
Haas, Francis Joseph 1889 - 1953
Hansen, John R. 1917
Hatlestad, Oil Jensen 1823 - 1892
Hecht, Ben 1894 - 1964
Heg, Even Hansen 1790 - 1850
Held, James E. 1938
High Victorian (architecture)
Hispanic Americans in Wisconsin
Honey Lake, Racine Co.
Horlick, William 1846 - 1936
Hoy, Philo Romayne 1816 - 1892
Husher, Racine Co.
Hutter, William Herman 1875 - 1951
Italians in Wisconsin
Ives Grove, Racine Co.
Ives, Racine Co.
Janesville, Rock Co.
Johnson, Samuel Curtis 1833 - 1919
Jonas, Charles 1840 - 1896
Jones, John Reynolds (1851 - 1928)
Kansasville, Racine Co.
Kemper, Jackson 1789 - 1870
Kenongamong Lake, Racine Co.
Kenosha County [origin of place name]
Kenosha [brief history]
Kilbournville, Racine Co.
Knapp, Gilbert 1798 - 1887
Kneeland, Racine Co.
Kreuser, James E. 1961
Krosnicki, Kathleen A. 1950
Ladwig, Bonnie L. 1939
Lamberton [origin of place name]
Langeland, Knud 1813 - 1888
Larsen, Lawrence R. 1897
Layton, Frederick 1827 - 1919
Leach, Eugene Walter 1857 - 1938
Lean, John S. 1851 - 1948
Lehman, John W. 1945
Lepak, David J. 1959
Liberty Corners, Kenosha Co.
Lithuanians in Wisconsin
Lorimar Estates, Racine Co.
Lothian, Thomas A. 1928
Lyon, William Penn 1822 - 1913
Lyons, Walworth Co.
Mapes, David Parshall 1798 - 1890
Mccanna, Charles B. 1851 - 1913
Mclenegan, Charles Edward 1858 - 1920
McMynn, John Gibson 1824 - 1900
meat packing industry
Mexicans in Wisconsin
Miller, Wesson Gage 1822 - 1893
Milwaukee County
Milwaukee [brief history]
Moore, Gwendolynne S. 1951
Mormons in Early Wisconsin (Historic Marker Erecte
Morse, Elmer Addison 1870 - 1945
Mount Pleasant (historical), Town of, Racine Co.
Mount Pleasant, Racine Co.
Mount Pleasant, Village of, Racine Co.
Moyer, Raymond J. 1926
Mt. Pleasant, Town of, Racine Co.
Mygatt's Corners (Mount Pleasant Township) [origin
Naleid, Roy E. 1901
Nash, Charles W. 1864 - 1948
Neubauer, Jeffrey A. 1955
Neumann, Mark W. 1954
Nischke, Ann 1951
North Bay, Racine Co.
North Bay, Village of, Racine Co.
North Cape, Racine Co.
Norway, Town of, Racine Co.
O'Plaine river
Old Muskego (Historic Marker Erected 1963)
Orwell, Town of, Racine Co.
Palmer, William Fink 1855 - 1933
Panyack Lake, Racine Co.
Paris, Town of, Kenosha Co.
Park, Roswell 1807 - 1869
Perry, Melvin Withington 1864 - 1951
Petak, George 1949
Pickard, Josiah Little 1824 - 1914
Pike, Town of, Kenosha Co.
Pishtaka River, Racine Co. [origin of place name]
Plache, Kimberly M. 1961
Pleasant Prairie, Town of, Kenosha Co.
Poplawski, Stephen J. 1885 - 1956
Prospect, Waukesha Co.
Quarles, Joseph Very 1843 - 1911
Queen Anne (architecture)
Racine County [origin of place name]
Racine Raiders Football Club, Inc.
Racine [brief history]
Racine, Racine Co.
Racine, Town of, Racine Co.
Raymond [origin of place name]
Raymond, Racine Co.
Raymond, Town of, Racine Co.
Recall Elections (in Wisconsin)
Reymert, James De Noon 1821 - 1896
roads in Wisconsin (early)
Rochester, Racine Co.
Rochester, Town of, Racine Co.
Rochester, Village of, Racine Co.
Rohner, Henry 1919
Rooney, James F. 1935
Root River, Racine Co. [origin of place name]
Rosewood, Racine Co.
Ryan, Edward George 1810 - 1880
Ryan, Paul 1970
Salem, Town of, Kenosha Co.
Sanders, Col. Horace T. (1820-1865)
Schadeberg, Henry C. 1913
Sell, Ronald A. 1945
shipwrecks in Wisconsin
Simmons, Zalmon Gilbert 1828 - 1910
Southport, Town of, Kenosha Co.
Southside Historic District (Historic Marker Erect
Southside Historic District Parks (Historic Marker
Sowinski, Sylvester J. 1923 - 1986
Spooner, Wyman 1795 - 1877
Stalbaum, Lynn E. 1920
Stalbaum, Merrill 1911
Starbuck, Frank Washburn 1845 - 1929
Steinbrink, John P. 1949
Stepp, Cathy 1963
Strohl, Joseph A. 1946
Strong, Marshall Mason 1813 - 1864
Sturtevant, Racine Co.
Sturtevant, Village of, Racine Co.
Swingle, Frank Bell 1874 - 1956
Sylvania, Racine Co.
Tabor, Racine Co.
tanning and leather processing
temperance movement in Wisconsin
The Spark (Historic Marker Erected 1957)
Third Ward fire (Milwaukee, 1892)
Thompsonville, Racine Co.
Tichigan, Racine Co.
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1622-1699
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1836-1899
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1900 -1999
Tish-shar-gon Lake, Racine Co.
Titanic (Wisconsin passengers)
Turner, Robert L. 1947
underground railroad in Wisconsin
Union Church, Racine Co.
Union Grove, Racine Co.
Union Grove, Village of, Racine Co.
Unitarians in Wisconsin
Universalists in Wisconsin
Upham, William Henry 1841 - 1924
Utley, William L. 1814 - 1887
Walworth County [origin of place name]
Warren, Earl W. 1902
Waterford, Racine Co.
Waterford, Town of, Racine Co.
Waterford, Village of, Racine Co.
Waukeesha Lake, Racine Co.
Waukesha County [origin of place name]
Waxdale, Racine Co.
Webster, Joseph Philbrick 1819 - 1875
West, George Arbor 1859 - 1938
Wheatland, Town of, Kenosha Co.
White, Philo 1796 - 1883
Wind Lake, Racine Co.
Wind Point, Racine Co.
Wind Point, Village of, Racine Co.
Winslow, John Bradley 1851 - 1920
Wisconsin (oldest cities and towns)
Wyman, William W. 1800 - 1864
Yorkville, Racine Co.
Yorkville, Town of, Racine Co.

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