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Dictionary of Wisconsin History

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Term: Waushara, Town of, Dodge Co.

Definition: A civil town in Dodge Co., created 8 Feb. 1850. Name changed from Fox Lake. Changed back to Fox Lake, 29 Mar. 1852.

[Source: Harrsch, Patricia G. Civil Towns of Wisconsin (Madison: State Historical Society of Wisconsin Library, 1998), and U.S. Geographic Names Information Server.]

666 records found

Wabashaw Prairie
Wabeno [origin of place name]
Wabeno, Forest Co.
Wabeno, Town of, Forest Co.
Waboo Creek [origin of place name]
Wackett, Byron F. 1912
Wade House
Wagner, George 1873 - 1954
Wagner, Marinette Co.
Wagner, Mary K. 1949
Wagner, Town of, Marinette Co.
Wah-pel-lo, Sauk chief, 1787?-1842
Wahner, James W. 1939
Waino, Douglas Co.
Walders, Town of, Manitowoc Co.
Waldo [origin of place name]
Waldo, Sheboygan Co.
Waldo, Village of, Sheboygan Co.
Waldwick, Iowa Co.
Waldwick, Town of, Iowa Co.
Wales, Julia Grace
Wales, Village of, Waukesha Co.
Wales, Waukesha Co.
Walhain, Kewaunee Co.
Walker, George H. 1811 - 1866
Walker, Isaac Pigeon 1813 - 1872
Walker, Scott K. 1967
Walker, Wood Co.
wall rock (mining)
Wallber, Emil 1841 - 1923
Walling, Esther K. 1940
Walsh, Marinette Co.
Walworth County Ploughboys (Civil War)
Walworth County [origin of place name]
Walworth, John 1804 - 1895
Walworth, Town of, Walworth Co.
Walworth, Village of, Walworth Co.
Walworth, Walworth Co.
Wanagan (logging)
Wandawega Lake
Wanderoos, Polk Co.
Waneka [origin of place name]
War of 1812
War of 1812 (Historic Marker Erected 1964)
Ward, Col. Lyman M. (1836-1909)
Ward, David W. 1953
Ward, Jr., Walter L. 1943
Ward, William W. 1903
Warga, Andrew F. 1919
Warner's Mill, Election precinct of, Grant Co.
Warner, Arthur Pratt 1870 - 1957
Warner, Town of, Clark Co.
Warren, Earl W. 1902
Warren, Lyman Marquis 1794 - 1847
Warren, Robert W. 1925
Warren, Town of, St. Croix Co.
Warren, Town of, Waukesha Co.
Warren, Town of, Waushara Co.
Warren, Truman d. 1825
Warrens, Monroe Co.
Warrens, Village of, Monroe Co.
Warrentown, Pierce Co.
Wartime Shipbuilding (Historic Marker Erected 1990
Wartinbee, D. Russell 1903
Wascott, Douglas Co.
Wascott, Town of, Douglas Co.
Washburn County [origin of place name]
Washburn [origin of place name]
Washburn, Bayfield Co.
Washburn, Gov. Cadwallader Colden (1818-1882)
Washburn, Town of, Bayfield Co.
Washburn, Town of, Clark Co.
Washington Avenue Historic District (Historic Mark
Washington County [origin of place name]
Washington Island
Washington Island [origin of place name]
Washington, Door Co.
Washington, Town of, Door Co.
Washington, Town of, Eau Claire Co.
Washington, Town of, Green Co.
Washington, Town of, La Crosse Co.
Washington, Town of, Rusk Co.
Washington, Town of, Sauk Co.
Washington, Town of, Shawano Co.
Washington, Town of, Vilas Co.
Washington, Town of, Washington Co.
Wasserman, Sheldon A. 1961
Waterbury, Jackson Co.
Waterford, Racine Co.
Waterford, Town of, Racine Co.
Waterford, Village of, Racine Co.
Waterloo Rifles (Civil War)
Waterloo [origin of place name]
Waterloo, Jefferson Co.
Waterloo, Town of, Grant Co.
Waterloo, Town of, Jefferson Co.
Waters, Wilmer R. 1914
waterspout (meteorology)
Watertown German Volunteers (Civil War)
Watertown Irish Company (Civil War)
Watertown Plank Road (Historic Marker Erected 1955
Watertown Rifles (Civil War)
Watertown [brief history]
Watertown [origin of place name]
Watertown, Jefferson Co.
Watertown, Town of, Jefferson Co.
Waterville, Town of, Pepin Co.
Waterville, Waukesha Co.
Watrous, Jerome Anthony 1840 - 1922
Watson, George Earl 1897
Watterstown, Town of, Grant Co.
wattle (farming)
Watts, Oliver Patterson 1865 - 1953
Wau [origin of place name]
Waubasha, Sioux chief, ca. 1777 - 1836
Waubeek [origin of place name]
Waubeek, Town of, Pepin Co.
Waubeesee Lake [origin of place name]
Waubeka, Ozaukee Co.
Waucedah, Town of, Juneau Co.
Waucousta, Fond du Lac Co.
Waukau [origin of place name]
Waukau, Sarah 1947
Waukau, Winnebago Co.
Waukechon [origin of place name]
Waukechon, Town of, Shawano Co.
Waukeesha Lake, Racine Co.
Waukesha County [origin of place name]
Waukesha Minute Men (Civil War)
Waukesha Union Guard (Civil War)
Waukesha [brief history]
Waukesha [origin of place name]
Waukesha, Town of, Waukesha Co.
Waukesha, Waukesha Co.
Waumandee, Buffalo Co.
Waumandee, Town of, Buffalo Co.
Waunakee [origin of place name]
Waunakee, Dane Co.
Waunakee, Village of, Dane Co.
Waupaca County [origin of place name]
Waupaca [brief history]
Waupaca, Town of, Waupaca Co.
Waupaca, Waupaca Co.
Waupacca and Portage County Union Rifles (Civil Wa
Waupee, Town of, Oconto Co.
Waupun Light Guard (Civil War)
Waupun Rifles (Civil War)
Waupun [brief history]
Waupun [origin of place name]
Waupun, Fond du Lac Co.
Waupun, Town of, Fond du Lac Co.
Wausau Junction, Marathon Co.
Wausau [brief history]
Wausau [origin of place name]
Wausau, Marathon Co.
Wausau, Town of, Marathon Co.
Wausaukee [origin of place name]
Wausaukee, Marinette Co.
Wausaukee, Town of, Marinette Co.
Wausaukee, Village of, Marinette Co.
Waushara County [origin of place name]
Waushara, Town of, Dodge Co.
Waushara, Town of, Waushara Co.
Wautoma [origin of place name]
Wautoma, Town of, Waushara Co.
Wautoma, Waushara Co.
Wauwatosa [brief history]
Wauwatosa [origin of place name]
Wauwatosa, Milwaukee Co.
Wauwatosa, Town of, Milwaukee Co.
Wauzeka [origin of place name]
Wauzeka, Crawford Co.
Wauzeka, Town of, Crawford Co.
Wauzeka, Village of, Crawford Co.
Waverly Beach, Winnebago Co.
Waverly, Pierce Co.
Waxdale, Racine Co.
way car (railroads)
Wayne, Anthony, 1745-1796
Wayne, Town of, Lafayette Co.
Wayne, Town of, Lafayette Co.
Wayne, Town of, Washington Co.
Wayne, Washington Co.
Wayside, Brown Co.
wear [weir] (farming)
weather deck (maritime)
Webb Lake, Burnett Co.
Webb Lake, Town of, Burnett Co.
Webb, William Walter 1857 - 1933
Weber, Becky 1954
Weber, Frank J. 1849 - 1943
Weber, Marathon Co.
Weblake [origin of place name]
Webster Township [origin of place name]
Webster [origin of place name]
Webster, Burnett Co.
Webster, Joseph Philbrick 1819 - 1875
Webster, Town of, Vernon Co.
Webster, Village of, Burnett Co.
Weeden, Timothy L. 1951
Weedens, Sheboygan Co.
Weelaune, Town of, Winnebago Co.
Wehrwein, George Simon 1887 - 1945
Weirgor, Sawyer Co.
Weirgor, Town of, Sawyer Co.
Weisensel, Russel R. 1931
Weisse, Charles Herman 1866 - 1919
Welch Point (historical), Dunn Co.
Welch, Robert T. 1958
Welcome, Outagamie Co.
Wellcome, Henry Soloman, Sir (1853-1936)(Historic
Welles, Edward Randolph 1830 - 1888
Welles, Orson, 1915-1985
Welling Beach, Fond du Lac Co.
Wellington, Town of, Monroe Co.
Wells, Daniel Jr. 1808 - 1902
Wells, Horatio Nelson 1808 - 1858
Wells, Manitowoc Co.
Wells, Oliver Elwin 1853 - 1922
Wells, Owen Augustine 1844 - 1935
Wells, Town of, Monroe Co.
Welsh in Wisconsin
Wentworth, Douglas Co.
Wequiock [origin of place name]
Wequiock, Brown Co.
Werley [origin of place name]
Werley, Grant Co.
Werra, Conrad 1868 - 1939
Wertheimer, Monroe A. 1863 - 1939
Werwath, Oscar 1880 - 1948
Wesacota River
Wescott, Glenway 1901 - 1987
Wescott, Town of, Shawano Co.
West Allis [brief history]
West Allis, Milwaukee Co.
West Almond, Portage Co.
West Bancroft, Portage Co.
West Baraboo, Sauk Co.
West Baraboo, Village of, Sauk Co.
West Bend [brief history]
West Bend [origin of place name]
West Bend, Town of, Washington Co.
West Bend, Washington Co.
West Bloomfield, Waushara Co.
West De Pere, Brown Co.
West Denmark, Polk Co.
West Eau Claire, Town of, Eau Claire Co.
West Granville, Milwaukee Co.
West Kewaunee, Town of, Kewaunee Co.
West Kraft, Lincoln Co.
West La Crosse, La Crosse Co.
West Lima, Richland Co.
West Marshland, Town of, Burnett Co.
West Middleton, Dane Co.
West Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co.
West Milwaukee, Village of, Milwaukee Co.
West Point [origin of place name]
West Point, Town of, Columbia Co.
West Prairie, Trempealeau Co.
West Prairie, Vernon Co.
West Rosendale, Fond du Lac Co.
West Salem, La Crosse Co.
West Salem, Village of, La Crosse Co.
West Sweden, Polk Co.
West Sweden, Town of, Polk Co.
West, Edward 1818 - 1903
West, George Arbor 1859 - 1938
Westboro [origin of place name]
Westboro, Taylor Co.
Westboro, Town of, Taylor Co.
Westbrook, Town of, Adams Co.
Westby [origin of place name]
Westby, Vernon Co.
Western Escape (Historic Marker Erected 1998)
Westfield [origin of place name]
Westfield, Marquette Co.
Westfield, Town of, Marquette Co.
Westfield, Town of, Sauk Co.
Westfield, Village of, Marquette Co.
Westford, Town of, Dodge Co.
Westford, Town of, Richland Co.
Weston, Dunn Co.
Weston, Marathon Co.
Weston, Town of, Clark Co.
Weston, Town of, Dunn Co.
Weston, Town of, Marathon Co.
Weston, Village of, Marathon Co.
Westport [origin of place name]
Westport, Richland Co.
Westport, Town of, Dane Co.
Weyauwega [origin of place name]
Weyauwega, Town of, Waupaca Co.
Weyauwega, Waupaca Co.
Weyerhaeuser, Frederick 1834 - 1914
Weyerhaeuser, Rusk Co.
Weyerhaeuser, Village of, Rusk Co.
wheat cultivation
Wheatland [origin of place name]
Wheatland, Kenosha Co.
Wheatland, Town of, Kenosha Co.
Wheatland, Town of, Vernon Co.
Wheaton, Town of, Chippewa Co.
wheel (maritime)
Wheeler, Dunn Co.
Wheeler, Ezra 1820 - 1871
Wheeler, Leonard Hemenway 1811 - 1872
Wheeler, Town of, Oconto Co.
Wheeler, Village of, Dunn Co.
wheelsman (maritime)
whey (farming)
Whiffletree-neckyoke (logging)
Whig Party
Whirling Thunder, Ho-Chunk chief
Whiskey-jack (logging)
Whispering Pines, Outagamie Co.
Whitaker Guards (Civil War)
Whitbeck, Ray Hughes 1871 - 1939
Whitcomb, Shawano Co.
White City, Ashland Co.
White City, Vernon Co.
White Corners, Crawford Co.
White Creek, Adams Co.
White Creek, Town of, Adams Co.
White Crow, Ho-Chunk chief
White Lake, Langlade Co.
White Lake, Village of, Langlade Co.
White Oak Springs [origin of place name]
White Oak Springs, Town of, Lafayette Co.
White Oak, Lafayette Co.
White Pillars (Historic Marker Erected 1980)
White Pine Haven, Marinette Co.
White Pines (Historic Marker Erected 1976)
White River, Ashland Co.
White River, Town of, Ashland Co.
White's Prairies [origin of place name]
White, Joe (Gishkitawag, "Cut Ear") ca. 1838-1894
White, Philo 1796 - 1883
White, William Monroe 1871 - 1949
Whitefish Bay [origin of place name]
Whitefish Bay, Door Co.
Whitefish Bay, Milwaukee Co.
Whitefish Bay, Village of, Milwaukee Co.
Whitefish Lake [origin of place name]
Whitehall [origin of place name]
Whitehall, Trempealeau Co.
Whitehead, John Meek 1852 - 1924
Whitelaw, Manitowoc Co.
Whitelaw, Village of, Manitowoc Co.
Whitestown [origin of place name]
Whitestown, Town of, Vernon Co.
Whitewater (Civil War)
Whitewater Co. No. 3 (Civil War)
Whitewater [brief history]
Whitewater [origin of place name]
Whitewater, Town of, Walworth Co.
Whitewater, Walworth Co.
Whitford, William Clarke 1828 - 1902
Whiting, George Albert 1849 - 1930
Whiting, Portage Co.
Whiting, Village of, Portage Co.
Whitney, Daniel 1795 - 1862
Whiton, Edward Vernon 1805 - 1859
Whittet, Lawrence Clarke 1871 - 1954
Whittlesey [origin of place name]
Whittlesey, Charles 1808 - 1886
Whittlesey, Taylor Co.
Whittow, Wayne F. 1933
Whyte, William Foote 1851 - 1926
Wickhem, John Dunne 1888 - 1949
Wickware, Barron Co.
Widow-maker (logging)
Wieckert, Steve 1954
Wien, Marathon Co.
Wien, Town of, Marathon Co.
Wight, William Ward 1849 - 1931
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler 1850 - 1919
Wilcox, Fred M. 1870 - 1944
Wilcox, Jon P. 1936
Wilcox, Marinette Co.
Wilcox, Roy Porter 1873 - 1946
Wilcox, Town of, Brown Co.
wild cats
wild rice
Wild Rose, Richland Co.
Wild Rose, Village of, Waushara Co.
Wild Rose, Waushara Co.
Wilder, Amos Parker 1862 - 1936
Wilder, Laura Ingalls (1867-1957)(Historic Marker
Wilder, Laura Ingalls, 1867-1957
Wilder, Michael O. 1941
Wilder, Thornton 1897 - 1975
Wilderness, Battle of the
Wildwood, St. Croix Co.
Wiley, Alexander 1884
Wilger, Clarence J. 1909
Wilkie, Harold Mclean 1890 - 1950
Wilkie, Horace W. 1917
Wilkinson, Town of, Rusk Co.
Willard, Clark Co.
Willard, Frances, 1839-1898
Willard, Town of, Rusk Co.
Williams Bay [origin of place name]
Williams Bay, Village of, Walworth Co.
Williams Bay, Walworth Co.
Williams, Annette P. 1937
Williams, Charles Grandison 1829 - 1892
Williams, Eleazer 1788 - 1858
Williams, Mary 1949
Williamsburg (historical), Trempealeau Co.
Williamstown Township [origin of place name]
Williamstown Union Rifles (Civil War)
Williamstown, Town of, Dodge Co.
Willkom, Terry A. 1943
Willow Creek, Washington Co.
Willow River, Town of, St. Croix Co.
Willow Springs, Town of, Lafayette Co.
Willow Springs, Waukesha Co.
Willow, Town of, Richland Co.
Wills, Bayfield Co.
Wilmoore Heights, Fond du Lac Co.
Wilmot [origin of place name]
Wilmot, Kenosha Co.
Wilson [origin of place name]
Wilson's Creek [origin of place name]
Wilson, Alexander 1833 - 1888
Wilson, Eau Claire Co.
Wilson, St. Croix Co.
Wilson, Town of, Dunn Co.
Wilson, Town of, Eau Claire Co.
Wilson, Town of, Lincoln Co.
Wilson, Town of, Rusk Co.
Wilson, Town of, Sheboygan Co.
Wilson, Village of, St. Croix Co.
Wilton, Monroe Co.
Wilton, Town of, Monroe Co.
Wilton, Village of, Monroe Co.
Wimmer, Joseph E. 1934
Winans, John 1831 - 1907
winch (maritime)
Winchester, Town of, Vilas Co.
Winchester, Town of, Winnebago Co.
Winchester, Vilas Co.
Winchester, Winnebago Co.
Wind Lake, Racine Co.
Wind Point, Racine Co.
Wind Point, Village of, Racine Co.
Wind-fall (logging)
Windesheim, Gustav 1854 - 1946
windlass (farming)
windlass (maritime)
Windsor [origin of place name]
Windsor, Dane Co.
Windsor, Town of, Dane Co.
Winegar [origin of place name]
Wineke, Joseph S. 1957
Winfield [origin of place name]
Winfield, Town of, Sauk Co.
Wing, Jerry J. 1923
Wing-dam (logging)
Wing-ding (logging)
Wing-jam (logging)
Wingra Lake [origin of place name]
Wingville, Town of, Grant Co.
Winnebago County [origin of place name]
Winnebago Heights, Fond du Lac Co.
Winnebago Indian School, Neillsville, Wis.
Winnebago Indians (Historic Marker Erected 1973)
Winnebago Lake [origin of place name]
Winnebago Mission, Jackson Co.
Winnebago Park, Fond du Lac Co.
Winnebago Portage, Election precinct of, Columbia
Winnebago Portage, Election precinct of, Portage C
Winnebago Portage, Town of, Columbia Co.
Winnebago Rapids
Winnebago War (1827)
Winnebago, Lake
Winnebago, Town of, Winnebago Co.
Winnebago, Winnebago Co.
Winneboujou, Douglas Co.
Winneconne [origin of place name]
Winneconne, Town of, Winnebago Co.
Winneconne, Village of, Winnebago Co.
Winneconne, Winnebago Co.
Winneshiek Landing [origin of place name]
Winooski [origin of place name]
Winslow, John Bradley 1851 - 1920
Winter, Sawyer Co.
Winter, Town of, Sawyer Co.
Winter, Village of, Sawyer Co.
Winther, Martin Phillip 1889 - 1982
Winton, Charles Joel 1862 - 1934
Wiota, Lafayette Co.
Wiota, Town of, Lafayette Co.
Wirch, Robert W. 1943
Wisconsin (oldest cities and towns)
Wisconsin (state)
Wisconsin (statistics)
Wisconsin (territory)
Wisconsin Blue Book
Wisconsin Central Railroad (Historic Marker Erecte
Wisconsin Chair Co.
Wisconsin Dairymen's Association
Wisconsin Dance Bands
Wisconsin Dells (Historic Marker Erected 1961)
Wisconsin Dells [origin of place name]
Wisconsin Dells, Columbia Co.
Wisconsin Emigrant Agency
Wisconsin Equal Rights Law (1921)
Wisconsin Federation of Women's Clubs (WFWC)
Wisconsin Home for Women (Taycheedah Correctional
Wisconsin Idea
Wisconsin Junction, Forest Co.
Wisconsin Lead Region (Historic Marker Erected 195
Wisconsin Light Guard (Civil War)
Wisconsin Military Reservation (Historic Marker Er
Wisconsin Progressive Party (Historic Marker Erect
Wisconsin Rapids [origin of place name]
Wisconsin Rapids, Wood Co.
Wisconsin River
Wisconsin River Headwaters (Historic Marker Erecte
Wisconsin River pinery
Wisconsin state fair
Wisconsin State Fair Park (Historic Marker Erected
Wisconsin State Federation of Labor
Wisconsin State flag
Wisconsin State Prison (Waupun Correctional Instit
Wisconsin Territory (Historic Marker Erected 1964)
Wisconsin Union Riflemen (Civil War)
Wisconsin Veterans' Home (Waupaca)
Wisconsin Yagers (Civil War)
Wisconsin [origin of place name]
Wisconsin's Dairy Industry (Historic Marker Erecte
Wisconsin's First 4-H Club (Historic Marker Erecte
Wisconsin's First Aviator (Historic Marker Erected
Wisconsin's First Home-Built Flying Machine (Histo
Wisconsin's First Iron Smelter (Historic Marker Er
Wisconsin's First School For The Deaf (Historic Ma
Wisconsin's German Settlers (Historic Marker Erect
Wisconsin's Greater Prairie Chicken (Tympanuchus c
Wisconsin's Invisible Industry (Historic Marker Er
Wisconsin's Lime Industry (Historic Marker Erected
Wisconsin's Luxembourgers (Historic Marker Erected
Wisconsin's Maritime Industries (Historic Marker E
Wisconsin's Oldest Newspaper: The Milwaukee Sentin
Wisconsin's Tobacco Land (Historic Marker Erected
Wisconsin, Election precinct of, Iowa Co.
Wisconsin, State of, Wood Co.
Withee, Clark Co.
Withee, Town of, Clark Co.
Withee, Village of, Clark Co.
withers (farming)
Withrow, Gardner R. 1892
Witness-tree (logging)
Witte, Edwin 1887 - 1960
Wittenberg, Shawano Co.
Wittenberg, Town of, Shawano Co.
Wittenberg, Village of, Shawano Co.
Wittman, S.J. - Aircraft Designer, Race Pilot, Inv
Witwen, Sauk Co.
Wolcott, Erastus B., M.D. (1804-1880) (Historic M
Wolcott, Erastus Bradley 1804 - 1880
Wolcott, Laura [Ross] 1834 - 1915
Wolf Creek, Polk Co.
Wolf River
Wolf River pinery
Wolf River [origin of place name]
Wolf River, Town of, Langlade Co.
Wolf River, Town of, Langlade Co.
Wolf River, Town of, Winnebago Co.
Wolf, Town of, Kewaunee Co.
Wolf, William Henry 1828 - 1901
Wolfe, Town of, Washburn Co.
Woll, Fritz Wilhelm 1865 - 1922
Wolter, Joseph 1857 - 1929
woman suffrage movement
Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Wonewoc [origin of place name]
Wonewoc, Juneau Co.
Wonewoc, Town of, Juneau Co.
Wonewoc, Village of, Juneau Co.
Wood County [origin of place name]
Wood Lake [origin of place name]
Wood Lake, Town of, Burnett Co.
Wood Protectors (Civil War)
Wood River, Town of, Burnett Co.
Wood, Jeffrey 1969
Wood, Joseph 1811 - 1890
Wood, Town of, Wood Co.
Wood, Wayne W. 1930
Woodboro, Oneida Co.
Woodboro, Town of, Oneida Co.
Wooddale, Sawyer Co.
Woodford, Lafayette Co.
Woodhull, Fond du Lac Co.
Woodland culture (archaeology)
Woodland Corner, Burnett Co.
Woodland [origin of place name]
Woodland, Dodge Co.
Woodland, Town of, Sauk Co.
Woodlawn, Forest Co.
Woodman, Cyrus 1814 - 1889
Woodman, Grant Co.
Woodman, Town of, Grant Co.
Woodman, Village of, Grant Co.
Woodmohr, Town of, Chippewa Co.
Woodruff, Oneida Co.
Woodruff, Town of, Oneida Co.
Woods, Mattiebelle 1902 - 2005
Woodstock, Richland Co.
Woodville [origin of place name]
Woodville, St. Croix Co.
Woodville, Town of, Calumet Co.
Woodville, Village of, St. Croix Co.
Woodward, Gilbert Motier 1835 - 1914
Woodworth, Kenosha Co.
Worcester, Price Co.
Worcester, Town of, Price Co.
Worden (historical), Clark Co.
Worden, Town of, Clark Co.
works (Civil War)
World War I (Historic Marker Erected 1991)
World War II (Historic Marker Erected 1991)
World War One (1914-1918)
World War Two (1939-1945)
World's Columbian Exposition
World's First Hydroelectric Central Station (Histo
worm gear (maritime)
WPA (in Wisconsin)
Wright's Corners [origin of place name]
Wright, Albert Orville 1842 - 1905
Wright, Frank Lloyd (1867-1959)(Historic Marker Er
Wright, Frank Lloyd, 1867-1959
Wright, Hiram A. 1823 - 1855
Wright, Theodore Lyman 1858 - 1926
Wright, Town of, Washington Co.
Wrights Corners, Trempealeau Co.
Wrightstown [origin of place name]
Wrightstown, Brown Co.
Wrightstown, Town of, Brown Co.
Wrightstown, Village of, Brown Co.
Wuabeka [origin of place name]
Wuertsburg, Marathon Co.
Wyalusing [origin of place name]
Wyalusing, Grant Co.
Wyalusing, Town of, Grant Co.
Wyeville, Monroe Co.
Wyeville, Village of, Monroe Co.
Wylie Guards (Civil War military unit)
Wyman, Town of, Forest Co.
Wyman, William W. 1800 - 1864
Wynbrooke, Dane Co.
Wyocena [origin of place name]
Wyocena, Columbia Co.
Wyocena, Town of, Columbia Co.
Wyocena, Village of, Columbia Co.
Wyoming, Iowa Co.
Wyoming, Town of, Iowa Co.
Wyoming, Town of, Waupaca Co.

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