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Term: forty-eighters


used loosely to designate German immigrants who came to America in the wake of the suppressed Revolution of 1848, such as Carl Schurz (q.v.) or Mathilde Anneke (q.v.); they typically held liberal political and social views, and many later became active in Republican, anti-slavery, trade union, women's rights, or Socialist causes. View more information elsewhere at

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[Source: Turning Points in Wisconsin History]

1746 records found

"mule" (Civil War)
Limb (Civil War)
"Carryings-on" (Civil War)
"right smart" (Civil War)
Calumet Rifles (Civil War)
Chippewa Valley Guard (Civil War)
Dodgeville Rangers (Civil War)
Evergreens (Civil War)
Grant County Patriots (Civil War)
Green County Volunteers (Civil War)
Jefferson County, Guards (Civil War)
Kickapoo Rangers (Civil War)
Lincolnites (Civil War)
minie ball (Civil War)
Mustered out (Civil War)
Noble Guards (Civil War)
Northern Lights (Civil War)
Omro Union Rifles (Civil War)
Orfordville Volunteers (Civil War)
Oshkosh Volunteers (Civil War)
Ozaukee Rifles (Civil War)
Park City Greys (Civil War)
picket (Civil War)
Pioneer Rifles (Civil War)
rebel (Civil War)
Regiment (Civil War)
Richland County Plowboys (Civil War)
Ruger Guards (Civil War)
sacred soil (Civil War)
Scott's Volunteers (Civil War)
Sheboygan County Volunteers (Civil War)
Shullsburg Light Guard (Civil War)
Siegel Guards (Civil War)
Stoughton Guard (Civil War)
surgeon (Civil War)
Troop (Civil War)
Union Guards, Hanchettville (Civil War)
Watertown American Volunteers (Civil War)
Watson Guards (Civil War)
Waushara and Green Lake County Rangers (Civil Wa
West Bend Union (Civil War)
Whitewater Light Infantry (Civil War)
Wisconsin Rifles (Civil War)
Wisconsin Volunteer (Civil War)
Yanks (Civil War)
"Barstow and the Balance"
"Feeling mighty poorly" (Civil War)
"Grey Backs" (Civil War)
"Hard Case" (Civil War)
"Horse Sense" (Civil War)
"Jeff Davis’ Pets" (Civil War)
"Mess" (Civil War)
100 Day Men
100th Infantry Battalion
abatis (Civil War)
Adams County Rifles (Civil War military unit)
Adjutant (Civil War)
Adjutant General (Civil War)
adulteration (dairy)
African Americans in Wisconsin
aft (maritime)
after cabin (maritime)
aftermast (maritime)
aftermost (maritime)
agriculture in Wisconsin
Aide-de-camp (Civil War)
Alice in Dairyland
Alligator (logging)
Allis, E.P., Company
alluvion, or alluvium (mining)
American Antiquarian Society
American Association for Labor Legislation (AALL)
American Bowling Congress
American Craftsman (architecture)
American Federation of Labor (AFL)
American foursquare (architecture)
American Fur Company
American Journeys
American Memory Project
American Revolution (in Wisconsin)
American Water Spaniel
amidships (maritime)
Anglo (Civil War)
animalcula (farming)
annuity payments
Antietam, Battle of
Appomattox Court House, Battle of
arable (farming)
Arabs in Wisconsin
arch (maritime)
arch board (maritime)
archaeological record
Archaic culture (archaeology)
arched roof (architecture)
architecture in Wisconsin
Arkansas Post, Battle of
Army (Civil War)
Army Corps (Civil War)
arpent (Fr.)
Art Deco (architecture)
Arte Moderne (architecture)
Artillery (Civil War)
Arts and Crafts (architecture)
Associated Milk Producers (AMPI)
athwartships (maritime)
Atlanta Campaign
Atlanta, Battle of
Audubon Society, Wisconsin
automobile industry in Wisconsin
aviary (farming)
aviation in Wisconsin
B.P. (time)
Babe (logging)
backstay (maritime)
Bad Ax Tigers (Civil War military unit)
Bad Axe (county)
Bad Axe, Battle of
Bad River Reservation
Badger Army Ammunition Plant
Badger Battery (Civil War military unit)
Badger Guards (Civil War military unit)
Badger State Flying Artillery (Civil War military
badger [origin of name]
Ball-hammer (logging)
ballast (maritime)
ballast (railroads)
balloon frame (architecture)
Banick (logging)
bank (railroads)
Bank Riot (1861)
bannerstone (archaeology)
Barber-chair (logging)
barge (maritime)
barker (logging)
Barn-boss (logging)
barque; also bark (maritime)
Barstow-Bashford Affair (1856)
basalt (mining)
bast (farming)
Battalion (Civil War)
batteau (Fr.)
batten (farming)
Battery (Civil War)
bay (farming)
Bay View Tragedy
Baye, la
bayonet (Civil War)
beam (maritime)
Bean-hole (logging)
Beaux Arts (architecture)
Beaver Dam Rifles (Civil War military unit)
Beef Slough War
beekeeping and honey production
beer in Wisconsin
Bell-ox (logging)
Belle City Rifles (Civil War military unit)
Belly-robber (logging)
Beloit & Madison Railroad Co.
Beloit City Guard (Civil War military unit)
Bennett Law
berdache (Fr.)
Berdan's Sharpshooters (Civil War military unit)
bere (farming)
Berlin Light Guard (Civil War military unit)
Berlin Light Guard (Civil War)
Berliner (food)
big (farming)
Big Boy (restaurant)
Big-wheels (logging)
bilge (maritime)
Bindle (logging)
bird's-eye view
Birl (logging)
bivouac (Civil War)
black gang (maritime)
Black Hawk War (1832)
black history in Wisconsin
Black River pinery
Black River Rangers (Civil War military unit)
Black River Tigers (Civil War military unit)
Black soldiers in the Civil War
Black Thursday (November 21, 1968)
Black Thursday (October 24, 1929)
Black Yagers (Civil War military unit)
Blind-punk (logging)
Blizzard of 1881
block (maritime)
Blowhard (Civil War)
board feet (logging)
board foot (maritime)
boarding schools
boatswain (maritime)
bobber (railroads)
bobstay (maritime)
Bohunk (logging)
Boiler (logging)
boiler (railroads)
Boiling-up (logging)
Bolt (logging)
Bond Law (temperance)
boom (logging)
boom (maritime)
Boomage (logging)
Boomer (logging)
Boot-jack (logging)
booya (food)
bosun (maritime)
bourgeois (Fr.)
bow (maritime)
bowsprit (maritime)
boxcar (railroads)
brain drain
brakeman (railroads)
branch line (railroads)
Break out (logging)
breastworks (Civil War)
breeches buoy (maritime)
Brentwood, Battle of
brevet (Civil War)
brewing industry in Wisconsin
brick (architecture)
bridge (maritime)
Bridge War (Milwaukee)
bridges in Wisconsin
Brigadier General (Civil War)
brindle (farming)
broad gauge (railroads)
Broad-ax (logging)
Brown v. Board of Education (1954)
Browning Ruling (1896)
Brush a road (logging)
Brush-snow-fence (logging)
Bubble-cuffer (logging)
Bucking-board (logging)
Buena Vista Artillery (Civil War military unit)
bulkhead (maritime)
Bull (logging)
Bull Run, First Battle of
Bull Run, Second Battle of
Bull-cook (logging)
Bull-of-the woods (logging)
Bull-skinner (logging)
bulwark (maritime)
Bunching (logging)
bungalow (architecture)
Bunk (logging)
bunker (maritime)
Bunko (logging)
Burlington Rifles (Civil War military unit)
Burton Guards (Civil War military unit)
Bush a road (logging)
bushel (maritime)
Butt (logging)
butte (Fr.)
butternut (Civil War)
By-the-piece (logging)
cabin (maritime)
caboose (railroads)
cache (Fr.)
calcareous rocks (mining)
Calking-iron (logging)
Calks (logging)
Calumet and Manitowoc Invincibles (Civil War milit
camber (maritime)
Camp Randall
Camp Scott
Camp Utley
Camp-inspector (logging)
Camp-robber (logging)
canals in Wisconsin
canot (Fr.)
cant (railroads)
cant frames (maritime)
Cant-dog (logging)
Canthook (logging)
capital punishment
Capital, Attempted Removal of.
Capitol collapse disaster (1883)
Capitol fire (1904)
capstan (maritime)
Captain (Civil War)
Caron, or Carron
Carriage (Civil War)
carriage and wagon industry in Wisconsin
Carver Grant
caseous (farming)
casse-tete (Fr.)
castor (Fr.)
Catamaran (logging)
Catarakouy, Fort
cathead (maritime)
Catlin Act
cattle, wild
cavalry (Civil War)
cdm links
ceiling (maritime)
cement industry in Wisconsin
Center-jam (logging)
centerboard (maritime)
centrifuga (maritime)
chain locke (maritime)
chain plate (maritime)
Champion Hill, Battle of
Chancellorsville, Battle of
chandler (maritime)
Chattanooga, Battle of
cheese in Wisconsin
cheesemaking in Wisconsin
Chequamegon Bay
Chickadee (logging)
Chickamauga, Battle of
child of the devil
chord (maritime)
Chore-boy (logging)
Christmas tree ship
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Wis
churning (dairy)
Circus World Museum
Citizens' Guard (Civil War)
Civil Rights Movement in Wisconsin
Civil War, statistics and sources
Civil War, Wisconsin troops
Civil War: 1st Light Artillery
Civil War: 1st Infantry
Civil War: 2nd Infantry
Civil War: 3rd Infantry
Civil War: 4th Infantry
Civil War: 5th Infantry
Civil War: 6th Infantry
Civil War: 7th Infantry
Civil War: 8th Infantry
Civil War: 9th Infantry
Civil War: 10th Infantry
Civil War: 11th Infantry
Civil War: 12th Infantry
Civil War: 13th Infantry
Civil War: 14th Infantry
Civil War: 15th Infantry
Civil War: 16th Infantry
Civil War: 17th Infantry
Civil War: 18th Infantry
Civil War: 19th Infantry
Civil War: 1st Heavy Artillery
Civil War: 1st U.S. Sharpshooters, Co. G
Civil War: 20th Infantry
Civil War: 21st Infantry
Civil War: 22nd Infantry
Civil War: 23rd Infantry
Civil War: 24th Infantry
Civil War: 25th Infantry
Civil War: 26th Infantry
Civil War: 27th Infantry
Civil War: 28th Infantry
Civil War: 29th Infantry
Civil War: 29th Infantry, U.S. Colored Troops, Co
Civil War: 2nd Light Artillery
Civil War: 30th Infantry
Civil War: 31st Infantry
Civil War: 32nd Infantry
Civil War: 33rd Infantry
Civil War: 34th Infantry
Civil War: 35th Infantry
Civil War: 36th Infantry
Civil War: 37th Infantry
Civil War: 38th Infantry
Civil War: 39th Infantry
Civil War: 3rd Light Artillery
Civil War: 40th Infantry
Civil War: 41st Infantry
Civil War: 42nd Infantry
Civil War: 43rd Infantry
Civil War: 44th Infantry
Civil War: 45th Infantry
Civil War: 46th Infantry
Civil War: 47th Infantry
Civil War: 48th Infantry
Civil War: 49th Infantry
Civil War: 4th Light Artillery
Civil War: 50th Infantry
Civil War: 51st Infantry
Civil War: 52nd Infantry
Civil War: 53rd Infantry
Civil War: 5th Light Artillery
Civil War: 6th Light Artillery
Civil War: 7th Light Artillery
Civil War: 8th Light Artillery
Civil War: 9th Light Artillery
Civil War: 10th Light Artillery
Civil War: 11th Light Artillery
Civil War: 12th Light Artillery
Civil War: 13th Light Artillery
Civil War: 1st Cavalry
Civil War: 2nd Cavalry
Civil War: 3rd Cavalry
Civil War: 4th Cavalry
Civil War: African American troops
Civil War: Battle Flags
Civil War: draft riots (1862)
Civil War: home front
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in Wisconsin
clergy and chaplains (Civil War)
clipper (maritime)
coaming (maritime)
Coat of Arms, Wisconsin's
cobblestone (architecture)
cofering (mining)
Cold War
Colonel (Civil War)
Colonial Revival (architecture)
colter (farming)
Columbia Rifles (Civil War)
combination (maritime)
Come-and-get-it (logging)
commercial fruit production
Commercial or Chicago Style (architecture)
commercial vegetable processing
commissioned officer (Civil War)
Company (Civil War)
company (military)
Company man
Company of One Hundred.
Comrade (Civil War)
concrete (architecture)
conductor (railroads)
conglomerate, crag or puddingstone (mining)
conscript (Civil War)
conservation movement
consort (maritime)
Constitution of 1846
Constitution of 1848
contraband (Civil War)
Copperhead (Civil War)
corbeau (Fr.)
Corduroy road (logging)
core (mining)
Corinth, Second Battle of
Corinth, Siege of
Corner-post (survey)
Corporal (Civil War)
costeaning (mining)
coulee (Fr.)
counties in Wisconsin
Country Life Movement
coupler (railroads)
coureurs de bois (Fr.)
court martials (Civil War)
Cousin Jack
Coutume de Paris
covered-dish meal (food)
covering board (maritime)
cranberry industry in Wisconsin
Crawford County
Cream City
Crib (logging)
Crib Disaster (Milwaukee)
Crib logs (logging)
cross (mining)
cross bracing (maritime)
Crown-fire (logging)
Cruise (logging)
crummy (railroads)
crushing (mining)
culm (farming)
curd (farming)
curd separation (dairy)
Cut (logging)
Cut-away-dam (logging)
cutwater (maritime)
czarnina (food)
dairy industry in Wisconsin
Dane County Guards (Civil War)
Darlington Light Infantry (Civil War military unit
Dawes Act (1887)
Daylight-in-the-swamp (logging)
Deacon-seat (logging)
dead man's handle (railroads)
Dead-head (logging)
deadeye (maritime)
deadwood (maritime)
death penalty in Wisconsin
deck (maritime)
deckhouse (maritime)
deface (Civil War)
Democratic Party (in Wisconsin)
Depere Rifles (Civil War)
depth of hold (maritime)
Dernier ressort (Fr.)
derrick (maritime)
Des Moines River
dewlap (farming)
Dietz, John F. 1861 - 1924
disasters in Wisconsin
discharge (Civil War)
disease and epidemics
Division (Civil War)
division (military)
Dixon Guard (Civil War)
Dodge County Guard (Civil War)
Dodgeville Guards (Civil War)
Dog (logging)
dog tent (Civil War)
dolphin striker (maritime)
donkey boiler (maritime)
donkey engine (maritime)
Doodle Book
Doty's Island
Double-bitted-ax (logging)
Dow riot (1967)
Draper Manuscripts
Dray (logging)
Dray-day (logging)
Dray-road (logging)
Dream Dance
drench (farming)
dress parade (Civil War)
drift (mining)
Driftless Area
drill (Civil War)
Drive (logging)
driving (mining)
Dry sloop (logging)
due bill (logging)
Duffle (logging)
Dugout (logging)
Dunn County Pinery Rifles (Civil War)
Durham boat (maritime)
Eagle Company; Eau Claire Badgers (Civil War)
Eagle Diamond
Eagle Regiment (Civil War)
Earth Day
Eau Claire Rangers (Civil War)
Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981
ecu (Fr.)
Edgerton Art Clay Works (1892-1899)
Edgerton Bible Case
Effigy Mound culture (archaeology)
Egyptian revival (architecture)
elections in Wisconsin
electrical power in Wisconsin
engage (Fr.)
engine bed (maritime)
entrench (Civil War)
environmental movement
espalier (farming)
European Theater
executions in Wisconsin
express train (railroads)
eye stitcher
facing (railroads)
factory system (fur trade)
fall (maritime)
Fallen Timbers, Battle of
Falling Waters, Battle of
fallowing (farming)
Falls of St. Anthony
false front or boomtown (architecture)
fantail (maritime)
Fantus Report
farina (farming)
Farmers' Guards (Civil War)
fastening (maritime)
fattigmanns bakkels (food)
federal (architecture)
Federal Guards (Civil War)
feed crops
feldspar (mining)
Fender-boom (logging)
fermented milk (dairy)
fetch (maritime)
fetlock (farming)
fettle, fettling (railroads)
fieldstone (architecture)
Finagle (Civil War)
firebox (railroads)
fireman (railroads)
fires in Wisconsin
First Capitol
first rate (Civil War)
first school in Wisconsin
First [sic] Workers' Compensation Law (Historic M
Fish (logging)
fish boil (food)
fish fry (food)
fishing industry in Wisconsin
fittings (maritime)
flank (farming)
flatcar (railroads)
flitch (farming)
flocculent (farming)
floods in Wisconsin
flookan (mining)
fluke (maritime)
Flume (logging)
fluted (archaeology)
flying junction (railroads)
folle avoine (Fr.)
following (maritime)
Folsom culture (archaeology)
Fond du Lac Badgers (Civil War)
forage (Civil War)
fore (maritime)
forecastle (maritime)
forest fires in Wisconsin
forest products
Forest Union Rifles (Civil War)
Fort Armstrong
Fort Blue Mounds
Fort Catarokouy
Fort Crawford
Fort Crevecoeur
Fort Dearborn
Fort Duquesne
Fort Edward Augustus
Fort Frontenac
Fort Hamilton
Fort Howard, Brown Co.
Fort Kaministiquia
Fort La Baye
Fort LeSueur
Fort Mackinac
Fort McCoy
Fort Michilimackinac
Fort Orange
Fort Perrot
Fort Piankeshaw
Fort Pitt
Fort Shelby
Fort Snelling
Fort St. Antoine
Fort St. Croix
Fort St. Francois
Fort St. Joseph
Fort St. Louis
Fort St. Nicolas
Fort Wayne
Fort Winnebago
forty (survey)
forward (maritime)
four-foot (railroads)
Four-Wheel Drive Auto Company
Fox and Wisconsin River Improvement Company
Fox River Zouaves; North Wisconsin Tigers (Civil W
Fox Wars (ca. 1710-1740)
frames (maritime)
frametops (maritime)
Frank Holton Company
Fredericksburg, Battle of
Free Soil Party
Freedom from Federal Supervision Act (1953)
Fremont Guards (Civil War)
Fremont Rifles (Civil War)
Frisked (logging)
Frog (logging)
Fugitive Slave Act
fur farming
fur trade companies
furloughs (Civil War)
fusee (Fr.)
Fusée (Fr.)
futtock (maritime)
gable (architecture)
gad (mining)
gaff (maritime)
gaff-topsail (maritime)
gale (maritime)
galena (mining)
Galena Light Guard; LaCrosse Light Guard (Civil Wa
galley (maritime)
gambrel roof (architecture)
gandy dancer (railroads)
Gandy-dancer (logging)
Gangway (logging)
garnet (mining)
gas stations in Wisconsin
gauge (railroads)
gay history in Wisconsin
Gay Purge of 1962
General (Civil War)
General Allotment Act (1887)
General Motors plant, Janesville
Geneva Independents (Civil War)
Gentile League
German Renaissance Revival (architecture)
German-English Academy
Gettysburg, Battle of
ghee (dairy)
girt (farming)
Give-her-snoose (logging)
glume (farming)
Gogebic Boom (mining)
Gogebic Range
Golden Fleece Awards
gondola (railroads)
Good Roads Movement
Gothic revival (architecture)
Governor's Commission on Human Rights
Governor's Guard (Civil War)
grab bar (railroads)
Grading-crew (logging)
gramineou (farming)
Grand Army of the Republic
Grand Chute
Grand Portage
Granger Movement
Grant Country Grays (Civil War)
Grant County Sixth (Civil War)
Grant County Union Guards (Civil War)
Great Depression
Great Lakes Intertribal Council
Great Migration
Great River
Greek revival (architecture)
Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Union Guards (Civil War)
greenbacks (Civil War)
Greene County Guards (Civil War)
Greenhorn (Civil War)
greenstone (mining)
gross tonnage (maritime)
ground swell (maritime)
Ground-loader (logging)
grout (architecture)
Grub-stake (logging)
Gugler Lithographic Company
gulp of ore (mining)
gunwale (maritime)
gusset (maritime)
habitant (Fr.)
hack (railroads)
hackle (farming)
half-timber (architecture)
Hamilton's Diggings
Hand holt (logging)
Hand-pike (logging)
Handy-rod (logging)
Hang-up (logging)
hanging knees (maritime)
hank (maritime)
Hard (money)
Hard-wood (logging)
hardtack (Civil War)
Hardtack-outfit (logging)
Harvey Zouaves (Civil War)
hatch (maritime)
haulm (farming)
Haversack (Civil War)
hawsepipes (maritime)
hawser (maritime)
headland (farming)
heathery (farming)
heel (maritime)
helm (maritime)
High Victorian (architecture)
Highland Guards (Civil War)
Hillside Home School
hip roof (architecture)
hivernant (Fr.)
Ho-Chunk Treaty of 1837
hock (farming)
Hodgson Guards (Civil War)
hogger (railroads)
hoist (maritime)
hold (maritime)
holm (farming)
Holocaust Survivors in Wisconsin
Holy Hill
home front
Homestead Act (1862)
Hoot-nanny (logging)
Hopewell (archaeology)
hopper (farming)
Horicon Guards (Civil War)
horn timber (maritime)
hornblende (mining)
horsepower (maritime)
Hortonville Teachers' Strike
hot dish (food)
Hot-pond (logging)
hotels in Wisconsin
howitzer (Civil War)
Hudson Bay Company
Hudson County Guards (Civil War)
hull (maritime)
Hundred Associates, Company of.
Hundred Day Men
ice harvesting industry in wisconsin
Ice-guards (logging)
Illinois Territory
Illinois, Lake
immigration (19th-Century)
immigration (20th-Century)
inboard (maritime)
Indian agencies in Wisconsin
Indian agency
Indian agents
Indian Removal Act (1830)
Indian Reorganization Act (1934)
Indian schools in Wisconsin
Indian treaties
Indiana Territory
Industrial Commission
Industrial School for Boys
Industrial School for Girls
infantry (Civil War)
Influenza Epidemic of 1918
initial point (survey)
intendant (Fr.)
International Harvester Company
International Style (architecture)
Irish Regiment (Civil War)
Iron Brigade
ironclad (Civil War)
Iroquois League, or Confederacy
Iroquois Wars
Island No. 10, Battle of
island platform (railroads)
Isle Royale
Italianate (architecture)
Iuka, Battle of
Jack-pot (logging)
Jackson County Rifles (Civil War)
Janesville City Zouaves (Civil War)
Janesville Light Guard (Civil War)
Janesville Rangers (Civil War)
Janesville Volunteers (Civil War)
jayhawker (Civil War)
Jesuit Relations
jib (maritime)
Jimmy the Groundhog
Job-shark (logging)
Jobber's-sun (logging)
Joe Must Go movement
Johnnie (Civil War)
jongleur (Fr.)
Judicial Council
Jumper (logging)
junction (railroads)
Juneau County Rifles (Civil War)
Junior Loyalty Legion
kalacky (food)
keel (maritime)
keelboat (maritime)
keelson (maritime)
Kennesaw Mountain, Battle of
Kensington Rune Stone
Kewaunee Gold Excitement
Keweenaw Peninsula
Kill-dad (logging)
king post (maritime)
Kitchi Okima
Knapp, Stout & Co.
knee (maritime)
Knights of Labor
Knights of St. Crispin
knot (maritime)
Knot-bumper (logging)
Kohler Strike
Korean War
Kreiter Piano Company
kringle (food)
krumkake (food)
Ku Klux Klan in Wisconsin
La Salle (explorer)
labor movement in Wisconsin
Lac Court Oreilles Reservation
Lac de Boeuf
Lac du Flambeau Reservation
lacrosse (game)
Lady Elgin (shipwreck, 1860)
Lake of the Illinois
Lake Pepin
Lake St. Clair
Land Grant Scandal
land office
Lander Guards (Civil War)
launch (maritime)
Law and Order League
Layfayette Rifles (Civil War)
lea (farming)
League of Nations
League of Women Voters
lefse (food)
Lemonweir River
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Righ
level junction (railroads)
Lewis Guards (Civil War)
libraries in Wisconsin
lieue (Fr.)
Lieutenant (Civil War)
Lieutenant Colonel (Civil War)
lighter (maritime)
Lime industry in Wisconsin
limpa (food)
Lincoln Guards (Civil War)
Lincoln, Abraham (in Wisconsin)
line (unit of measure)
Liquor Riot (1850)
Little Bohemia raid
livre (Fr.)
local train (railroads)
Lock-down (logging)
lodes (mining)
log construction (architecture)
Log jam (logging)
Log-drive (logging)
logging in Wisconsin
logmark (logging)
long lots
Longfellow's Madison Poem
Lowell, Mass.
lumbering in Wisconsin
Lumberjack (logging)
Lumberjacks' nicknames (logging)
Lumberman (logging)
Lunch (logging)
lupulin (farming)
Lustron (architecture)
lutefisk (food)
Lyon Guards (Civil War)
Lyon Light Guard (Civil War)
Lyon's Pinery Battery (Civil War)
Mackinac Island
Mackinaw (logging)
Mackinaw boat
Madeleine Island
Madison Alliance for Homosexual Equality (MAHE)
Madison Guard (Civil War)
Madison Sharp-shooters (Civil War)
main deck (maritime)
mainchains (maritime)
mainline (railroads)
mainmast (maritime)
Major (Civil War)
Major General (Civil War)
Make her out (logging)
Man-catcher (logging)
mangeur de lard (Fr.)
Manitowoc and Kewanee County Guards (Civil War)
mansard roof (architecture)
manufacturing in Wisconsin
maple syrup industry
Marching 12th (Civil War)
Marching 12th (Civil War)
marl (farming)
marl (mining)
Mass transportation in Wisconsin
mast (maritime)
master (maritime)
mate (maritime)
mattock (farming)
maw (farming)
May Riot (1886)
meat packing industry
medecin (Fr.)
Menasha Guards (Civil War)
Mendota Guard (Civil War)
Menominee Treaty of 1831
Menominee Treaty of 1836
Menominee Treaty of 1848
meridian (survey)
Messmore Guards (Civil War)
metamorphic rocks (mining)
metis (Fr.)
Metzner Act
mica (mining)
mica slate (mining)
Michigan Territory
Michilimakinac County
midden (archaeology)
midships (maritime)
milch (farming)
Military Ridge Road
military road
Milk strikes, 1933
mille (Fr.)
Mills Law
Milwaukee & Horicon Railroad
Milwaukee & Missississippi Railroad
Milwaukee & Watertown Railroad
Milwaukee 14
Milwaukee and Rock River Canal
Milwaukee Braves
Milwaukee Brewers
Milwaukee Bucks
Milwaukee German Turners (Civil War)
Milwaukee Handicraft Project
Milwaukee Light Guard (Civil War)
Milwaukee Regiment (Civil War)
Milwaukee Riflemen (Civil War)
Milwaukee Union Rifles (Civil War)
Milwaukee United School Integration Committee (MUS
Milwaukee Zouaves (Civil War)
Milwaukee-Downer College
Miners' Guard (Civil War)
mining in northern Wisconsin
mining in southwestern Wisconsin
Mirro Aluminum Company
Missionary Ridge, Battle of
Mississippian culture (archaeology)
mizzen (maritime)
mizzenmast (maritime)
Monongahela Rlver
Monroe County Voluneers (Civil War)
moor (maritime)
mooring bitt (maritime)
mullion (farming)
musqueton (Fr.)
Muzzle-loaders (logging)
Méchéygan, Lake
nanicular (farming)
naphtha (maritime)
narrow gauge (railroads)
Nashotah House
National Soldiers' Home (Milwaukee)
National Women's Party
Neenah Guards (Civil War)
Neenah Rifles (Civil War)
Neoclassical Revival (architecture)
net tonnage (maritime)
New France
new red sandstone (mining)
New Richmond tornado (1899)
New Sweden
New York Recording Laboratories
Newhall House fire (1883)
Niagara (shipwreck, 1856)
Nineteenth Amendment
non-commissioned officers (Civil War)
Noque, Bay of
Noquet Islands
Normal school
Norse Pottery (1903-1913)
North Sea
North Star Rifles (Civil War)
North West Company
northeaster (maritime)
Northwest Ordinance (Ordinance of 1787)
Northwest Territory
Northwestern Regiment; Wisconsin Regulars (Civil W
Nose-bag (logging)
oakum (maritime)
oats, wild
occident, occidentale (Fr.)
Oconomowoc Rifles (Civil War)
Oconto Irish Guards (Civil War)
Oconto River Drivers (Civil War)
octagon (architecture)
oilcloth (Civil War)
oiler (maritime)
Ojibwe Treaty of 1837
Ojibwe Treaty of 1842
Ojibwe Treaty of 1854
Old Abe, the War Eagle
Old Copper culture (archaeology)
Old World Wisconsin
Oneota tradition (archaeology)
Ordinance of 1787
Ordre Royal et Militaire de Saint-Louis (Croix de
orient, orientale (Fr.)
orignal (Fr.)
oriniack (Fr.)
Orléans Island
Oscar Mayer Wiener Song
Oshkosh Woodworkers' Strike (1898)
osier (farming)
Ounepigon (Lake)
outboard (maritime)
Outdoor Recreation Act Program (ORAP)
outing system
Over-run (logging)
Ozaukee Guards (Civil War)
Packing-the-rigging (logging)
Packs (logging)
paczki (food)
pad (farming)
paddock (farming)
Pail and Shovel Party
Paleoindian culture (archaeology)
panary (farming)
Panic of 1837
pantograph (railroads)
paper industry in Wisconsin
Paramount records
parfleche (Fr.)
Parkman Club
parole (military)
parterre (farming)
pastern (farming)
pasteurization (dairy)
pays d'en haut (Fr.)
Pearl Fishing
Pearl-diver (logging)
peavey (logging)
Peavey (logging)
Peckatonica River
pelleterie (Fr.)
per diem (railroads)
perche (Fr.)
period revival (architecture)
Perryville, Battle of
Peshtigo Fire
Petersburg, Siege of
Petrified Man Hoax
Pewit's Nest
Phoenix (shipwreck, 1847)
Piastre (Fr.)
piastre (Fr.)
Picture(d) Rocks, Michigan
Pie-fork (logging)
piece (Fr.)
pied (Fr.)
Pike Creek
Pike-pole (logging)
pillage (Civil War)
pilothouse (maritime)
Pine Bend
pinte (Fr.)
pirogue (Fr.)
pistole (Fr.)
piston (railroads)
plank road
plants, native
plate (maritime)
Platoon (Civil War)
pledget (farming)
plomb (Fr.)
Plumb Plan
plunder (Civil War)
plus (Fr.)
Pokelogan (logging)
Pole-ax (logging)
Political Equality League
pollard (farming)
pontoon (Civil War)
pony boiler (maritime)
Poor-box (logging)
population of Wisconsin, 1820-1990
port (maritime)
Port Gibson, Battle of
Port Hudson, Siege of
Portage City Guards (Civil War)
pot (Fr.)
Potosi Badgers (Civil War)
Potter Law (1874)
pottery and earthenware industry in Wisconsin
pouce (Fr.)
Prairie du Chien, Battle of (1814)
Prairie Grove, Battle of
Prairie School (architecture)
Pre-exemption Law (1841)
Presidential Visits to Madison
primary elections in Wisconsin
primary rocks (mining)
prisons in Wisconsin
private (Civil War)
Prize-logs (logging)
probang (farming)
Progressive Movement
Project Sanguine
Puan, Puans, Puants
puddingstone (mining)
Punk (logging)
put about (maritime)
pyrites (mining)
quarried stone (architecture)
quarrying industry in Wisconsin
quarter-section (survey)
Quartermaster (Civil War)
quartz (mining)
Queen Anne (architecture)
quicklime (farming)
rabbet (maritime)
Racine Raiders Football Club, Inc.
racquettes (Fr.)
rail (maritime)
railroad disasters in Wisconsin
railroads in Wisconsin
Randall Guard (Civil War)
Randall Zouaves (Civil War)
range (survey)
rasade (Fr.)
Recall Elections (in Wisconsin)
Reckon (Civil War)
reconnoitre (Civil War)
Red Arrow Division
Red Cedar River
Red Cliff Reservation
Red Ocher culture (archaeology)
Red River Campaign
Reefer (logging)
refasten (maritime)
rennet (dairy)
Republican Party
restaurants in Wisconsin
reveille (Civil War)
Richardsonian Romanesque revival (architecture)
Richland County Scott Guard; Turner Company (Civil
rick (farming)
Rick (logging)
Ridge Road
rig (maritime)
rigging (maritime)
Ripon Guards (Civil War)
Ripon Rifles (Civil War)
River drive (logging)
river pigs (logging)
River Sackers (Civil War)
Riviere au Boeuf
Road gang (logging)
road monkey (logging)
roads in Wisconsin (early)
roads in Wisconsin (modern)
Rock Island
rod (survey)
Rogan Act
rolling stock (railroads)
Romanesque revival (architecture)
rommegrot (food)
room and space (maritime)
Roosevelt, Theodore (assassination attempt)
Rosenberry Act
rosette (food)
roster (Civil War)
round forty (logging)
Rouse Simmons (ship)
Route (logging)
rudder (maritime)
Rutter (logging)
sac (Fr.)
Sacker (logging)
Salomon Guards (Civil War)
salvage (maritime)
Sampson (logging)
Sandusky, Battle of
Sandy Lake Tragedy
sanitary commission
sauerkraut (food)
Sauk and Fox Treaty of 1804 (St. Louis)
Sauk County Rifles (Civil War)
Sauk Indians
Sault Saint Louis
Sault Sainte Marie
Sault, The
Saulteurs, "Nation of the Sault"
Sawyer (logging)
Scale-rule (logging)
scaler (logging)
Scandihoovian-dynamite (logging)
scantlings (maritime)
scarph (maritime)
school forests
School Land Scandal
school lands
school section (survey)
schooner (maritime)
schooner-barge (maritime)
scion (farming)
Scissor-bill (logging)
scow (maritime)
Screech-cat (logging)
scroll head (maritime)
scullery (farming)
scuppers (maritime)
secede; secessions (Civil War)
secesh (Civil War)
Second Empire (architecture)
secondary strata (mining)
Section (Civil War)
section (survey)
section lines (survey)
sedimentary rocks (mining)
Selective logging (logging)
septentrionale (Fr.)
Sergeant (Civil War)
serpentine (mining)
seton (farming)
shaft (maritime)
shaft (mining)
shaft log (maritime)
Shake (logging)
shake roof (architecture)
Sheboygan Tigers (Civil War)
Shiloh, Battle of
shingle style (architecture)
shipbuilding in Wisconsin
shipwrecks in Wisconsin
shoal (maritime)
shock (farming)
Shoeing-tree (logging)
shoofly (railroads)
shoot (rapids)
shroud (maritime)
Side-jam (logging)
siding (railroads)
sieges (Civil War)
Sigel Guard (Civil War)
Sigel Regiment (Civil War)
silex (mining)
simple minerals (mining)
Sioux Uprising (1862)
six-foot (railroads)
Skedaddle (Civil War)
Skid (logging)
Skid-grease (logging)
Skid-road (logging)
skirmishes (Civil War)
Slash (logging)
slate. (mining)
slavery in Wisconsin
Sleigh (logging)
slot (farming)
Sluice-gate (logging)
Snag (logging)
Snake-room (logging)
Snib (logging)
Snoose (logging)
Snorting -pole (logging)
Snow a road (logging)
Snubber (logging)
snuff-dipping (Civil War)
social security
socialism in Milwaukee
Society of Jesus (Societas Jesu, "S.J.")
soft (money)
Soft-wood (logging)
Sokaogon (Mole Lake) Reservation
sol (Fr.)
Solid-jam (logging)
Sorting-jack (logging)
sou (Fr.)
South Mountain, Battle of
Southwest Fur Company
Spanish American War, Wisconsin in
spar (maritime)
spar deck (maritime)
Spill-way (logging)
spiral wood auger (maritime)
split roof (architecture; logging)
Spoon (logging)
Spotsylvania, Battle of
Spring-break-up (logging)
Sprinkler (logging)
Squad (Civil War)
squall (maritime)
square rig (maritime)
St. Anthony, Falls of
St. Croix Reservation
St. Esprit, La Pointe de (mission)
St. Esprit, River of
St. Francis Xavier (mission)
St. Ignace (mission)
St. James (mission)
St. Mark (mission)
St. Peters
Stag trousers (logging)
stalactite. (mining)
stanchion (maritime)
standard gauge (railroads)
starboard (maritime)
State Line Rifles (Civil War)
Staton Guards (Civil War)
stay (maritime)
steam barge (maritime)
steamer; steamship (maritime)
stem (maritime)
stempost (maritime)
Sterling Hall bombing
stern (maritime)
sternpost (maritime)
Stick Style (architecture)
stifle (farming)
Stockbridge Indians
stockless anchor (maritime)
Stones River, Battle of
Stoughton Light Guard (Civil War)
stovewood (architecture)
straggler (Civil War)
strata (mining)
stringer (maritime)
structural glass (architecture)
stucco (architecture)
stumpage (logging)
Sturdy Oaks (Civil War)
suburbs in Wisconsin
surfman (maritime)
survey, rectangular
Sussex (steamship)
Swamp (logging)
swamper (logging)
sward (farming)
swath (farming)
Sweeper (logging)
Swing-dingle (logging)
switchman (railroads)
syenite and sienite (mining)
syphon; siphon (maritime)
tabac (Fr.)
tackle (maritime)
tactics (Civil War)
Taft-Harltey Act
tank top (maritime)
tanning and leather processing
taps and dies (maritime)
tassels (farming)
Tell Sharpshooters (Civil War)
temperance movement in Wisconsin
ten-foot (railroads)
terra cotta (architecture)
terrace (farming)
territorial governor
tertiary strata (mining)
theaters in Wisconsin
Third Ward fire (Milwaukee, 1892)
through platform (railroads)
Tigers (Civil War)
timber frame (architecture)
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1622-1699
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1700-1749
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1750-1783
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1784-1835
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1836-1899
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1900 -1999
Titanic (Wisconsin passengers)
tobacco industry
toise (Fr.)
top-loader (logging)
topmast (maritime)
tornadoes in Wisconsin
tourism in Wisconsin
Tow-head (logging)
Tow-team (logging)
trade unions in Wisconsin
trainman (railroads)
transition rocks (mining)
transom (maritime)
trap, or trapean rocks (mining)
Travois (logging)
Treaty of 1825 (Prairie du Chien)
Treaty of 1827 (Butte des Morts)
Treaty of 1829 (Prairie du Chien)
Treaty of 1832 (Fort Armstrong)
Treaty of 1833 (Chicago)
Tredway Pumas (Civil War)
Tredway Rifles (Civil War)
Trees for Tomorrow
Trek Bicycle Corporation
trench (farming)
Trip-boom (logging)
triple-expansion steam engine (maritime)
Trough-roof (logging)
Troupes de la Marine (Compagnies Franches de la Ma
trunk (maritime)
tug; tugboat (maritime)
Turn (logging)
turn of the bilge (maritime)
turntable (railroads)
underground railroad in Wisconsin
unemployment compensation
Union Light Guard (Civil War)
unions in Wisconsin
university lands
Upper Nations
Vermilion Sea
veteranize (Civil War)
Vicksburg, Assault on
Vicksburg, Siege of
victory gardens
Vietnam War
Villa Louis
voyageur (Fr.)
Wabashaw Prairie
Wade House
wall rock (mining)
Walworth County Ploughboys (Civil War)
Wanagan (logging)
War of 1812
Washington Island
Waterloo Rifles (Civil War)
waterspout (meteorology)
Watertown German Volunteers (Civil War)
Watertown Irish Company (Civil War)
Watertown Rifles (Civil War)
wattle (farming)
Wau [origin of place name]
Waukesha Minute Men (Civil War)
Waukesha Union Guard (Civil War)
Waupacca and Portage County Union Rifles (Civil Wa
Waupun Light Guard (Civil War)
Waupun Rifles (Civil War)
way car (railroads)
wear [weir] (farming)
weather deck (maritime)
wheat cultivation
wheel (maritime)
wheelsman (maritime)
whey (farming)
Whiffletree-neckyoke (logging)
Whig Party
Whiskey-jack (logging)
Whitaker Guards (Civil War)
Whitewater (Civil War)
Whitewater Co. No. 3 (Civil War)
Widow-maker (logging)
wild cats
wild rice
Wilderness, Battle of the
Williamstown Union Rifles (Civil War)
winch (maritime)
Wind-fall (logging)
windlass (farming)
windlass (maritime)
Wing-dam (logging)
Wing-ding (logging)
Wing-jam (logging)
Winnebago Rapids
Winnebago War (1827)
Wisconsin (oldest cities and towns)
Wisconsin (state)
Wisconsin (statistics)
Wisconsin (territory)
Wisconsin Blue Book
Wisconsin Chair Co.
Wisconsin Dairymen's Association
Wisconsin Dance Bands
Wisconsin Emigrant Agency
Wisconsin Equal Rights Law (1921)
Wisconsin Federation of Women's Clubs (WFWC)
Wisconsin Home for Women (Taycheedah Correctional
Wisconsin Idea
Wisconsin Light Guard (Civil War)
Wisconsin state fair
Wisconsin State Federation of Labor
Wisconsin State flag
Wisconsin State Prison (Waupun Correctional Instit
Wisconsin Union Riflemen (Civil War)
Wisconsin Veterans' Home (Waupaca)
Wisconsin Yagers (Civil War)
withers (farming)
Witness-tree (logging)
woman suffrage movement
Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Wood Protectors (Civil War)
Woodland culture (archaeology)
works (Civil War)
World War One (1914-1918)
World War Two (1939-1945)
World's Columbian Exposition
worm gear (maritime)
WPA (in Wisconsin)
Wylie Guards (Civil War military unit)
X Y Z Company
yard (maritime)
yard (railroads)
yawl (maritime)
yellow dogs
Yellow-dog contracts
You-know (logging)
Zoldoske Case
Zouaves (Civil War)
“Been through the mill” (Civil War)
“Bragg’s Body Guard” (Civil War)
“Bragg’s Body Guard” (Civil War)
“Bragg’s Body Guard” (Civil War)
“Bragg’s Body Guard” (Civil War)
“Buttermilk Cavalry” (Civil War)
“Company Q” (Civil War)
“Top Rail” (Civil War)

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