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Term: Green Bay pinery

Description from John W. Hunt's 1853 Wisconsin Gazetteer: "GREEN BAY, Pinery, under this name is given the amount of lumber manufactured at the several mills on Green Bay and its tributaries, which is shown by the following estimate:
Depere, 2,500,000;
Green Bay, 2,500,000;
Duck Creek, 1,500, 000;
Hill Creek, 500,000;
Little Suamico, 500,000;
Pensankee, 2,000,000;
Oconto, 4,500,000;
Oconto Falls, 6,000,000;
Peshtigo, 3,000,000;
Menominee, 5,000,000;
making a total of 28,000,000. This statement is exclusive of shingles, &c. There was computed to be in store, at Green Bay alone, on the 15th of March, 1853, 14,000,000 feet of lumber, logs and timber."

[Source: Hunt, John w. Wisconsin Gazetteer (Madison, 1853)]
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