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Term: Brisay de Denonville, Jacques-René, Marquis de Denonville, 1637 - 1710

Definition: (generally referred to as Denonville), French Governor General of CanadaGovernor between 1685 and 1689, this French Army officer tried to curb the abuses of the fur trade. He also sent an overland expedition to capture three Hudson's Bay Company posts in James Bay (Chevalier de Troyes) in 1686. His unsuccessful 1687 foray against the Iroquois was followed by the Iroquois destruction of Lachine in 1689. He is known for having kept a courteous correspondence with Governor Dongan of New York. He was replaced by Count Frontenac in 1689.

[Source: Dictionary of Canadian Biography, University of Toronto Press, Volume II, 1969.]
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