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Dictionary of Wisconsin History

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Term: waterspout (meteorology)

Definition: Waterspout From Increase Lapham's 1844 Geographical and Topographical Description of Wisconsin:

"The interesting phenomenon of the Water Spout was witnessed by quite a number of the citizens of this village [Kenosha], on the morning of Sunday, August 20, 1843. The attention of the beholders was first directed to a dense dark cloud hanging over Lake Michigan, distance, apparently, some ten or twelve miles in a southerly direction from this place. From this cloud was seen converging downwards a thick mass of vapor, trumpet shaped, or is the form of a pyramid reversed; at the same time the surface of the water below appeared greatly agitated, bubbling, foaming, and rising up in hundreds of little sharp pyramids of various heights, until at length an aqueous cone rising upward, united with the descending one forming a volume apparently some two hundred feet high, and exhibiting the form of two funnels united at the little ends; the point of uniting between the ascending and descending cone being much the smallest part of the column. In the middle of the column was seen what may be termed a transparent tube through which the water appeared to rush with a spiral motion, and with a velocity truly wonderful. Such was the apparent force and power of the current of water rushing through the tube or column, that a misty vapor was thrown off`at a considerable distance around, not unlike such as is seen in the presence of huge cataracts. The different shades and colorings reflected by the combination of water and clouds, formed a most magnificent and sublime scene in this wonderful exhibition of nature. It should be mentioned, that as soon as the Water Spout above described had formed, a second one made its appearance, in the immediate vicinity of the first, exhibiting the same process of formation, and in all respects similar to the first. A third also commenced its format ion from the dense cloud above, but failed to unite or meet with any column of water from below. The time from the first appearance of the Water Spout we have described, to the period of their disappearance, was about twenty-five minutes. The wind blew at the same time moderately from the N. E., and the temperature of the weather was not far from forty-five degrees. The appearance which we have been imperfectly describing, was not only seen on the morning before stated by many persons of this village, but also by many individuals residing on the lake shore for many miles south of this place."

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86 records found

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