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Dictionary of Wisconsin History

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Term: Katakittekon Lake.

Definition: Obsolete name for Lac Vieux Desert. From Increase Lapham's 1844 Geographical and Topographical Description of Wisconsin:

"LAKE KATAKITTEKON or "Lac Vieux Desert," at the head of the Wisconsin river (and not of the Montreal, as was supposed) which it is probable may fall within the county of Brown. The middle of this lake was made a point in the boundary of the Territory, and hence it becomes important to ascertain its exact situation. It was visited in 1840, by Capt. Cram, who reports it as a beautiful lake, containing three islands, called North, Middle, and South Islands. Upon the south island there was an old deserted planting ground of the Indians, hence its name with the French, Lac Vieux Desert. "Lake of the Desert," as this is some times translated, is an improper name, the country about it being not a desert, but one of great fertility. ... The Lake Katakittekon is about three miles in its extreme length from north to south, and is very irregular in form."

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