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Term: Lumberjacks' nicknames (logging)


A very great number of lumberjacks were known by nicknames. These names were often descriptive of their work or indicated certain characteristics of the individual. It was not uncommon for a woods worker to spend his entire lumberjack life known by a name not his own. Indeed some lumberjacks assumed a different name because they were losing themselves in the north woods from family or from some infringement of the law. More often, however, nicknames were given lumberjacks by their fellow workers. A few of these nicknames are preserved. All of those listed here are of lumberjacks that roamed the woods in the general area of Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

Battle-axe Nelson
Billie the Bow
Bill the Dangler
Bill the Moocher
Black Dan
Blueberry Bob
Bug-house   Lynch
Bull-cook Ole
Caribou Bill
Car-stake Smith
Charley the Logger
Clothespin Ole
Cordwood Johnson
Crosshaul Paddy
Dead-Eye Dick
Dick the Dancer
Dirty Bill
Dirty Dan
Double-breasted Corrigan
Dutch Bill
Eight-day Bill
Farmer Dan
Gin-Pole Smith
Gypo Jack
Ham-bone Smith
Hungry Dan Shea
Jack the Ripper
Jessie James
Jimmie on the Trail
Larry the Kicker
Lousy Dan
Moonlight Bob
Moonlight Pike
Moonshine Jimmie
Old Hickory
Old Rampike
Pancake Billie
Pastime Petey
Poker Peter
Protestant Jack
Prune-Juice Doyle
Rattlesnake Pete
Runaway Shea
Smutty John
Squeaky George
Stuttering Ed
The Cleaver
The Hemlock Bull
The Pope
Three-fingered Ole
Tin-Can Murphy
Walking Daily
Whispering Bill
Wicked Dan
Winnipeg Blackie

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[Source: Sorden, L.G. and Isabel J. Ebert. Logger's Words of Yesteryears. (Madison, 1956)]
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