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Term: Snake-room (logging)


A room off a saloon, usually two or three steps down, into which a bar-keeper or the bouncer could slide drunk lumber-jacks head first through swinging doors from the bar-room. View more information about logging elsewhere at

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[Source: Sorden, L.G. and Isabel J. Ebert. Logger's Words of Yesteryears. (Madison, 1956)]

188 records found

sac (Fr.)
Sacker (logging)
Salomon Guards (Civil War)
salvage (maritime)
Sampson (logging)
Sandusky, Battle of
Sandy Lake Tragedy
sanitary commission
sauerkraut (food)
Sauk and Fox Treaty of 1804 (St. Louis)
Sauk County Rifles (Civil War)
Sauk Indians
Sault Saint Louis
Sault Sainte Marie
Sault, The
Saulteurs, "Nation of the Sault"
Sawyer (logging)
Scale-rule (logging)
scaler (logging)
Scandihoovian-dynamite (logging)
scantlings (maritime)
scarph (maritime)
school forests
School Land Scandal
school lands
school section (survey)
schooner (maritime)
schooner-barge (maritime)
scion (farming)
Scissor-bill (logging)
scow (maritime)
Screech-cat (logging)
scroll head (maritime)
scullery (farming)
scuppers (maritime)
secede; secessions (Civil War)
secesh (Civil War)
Second Empire (architecture)
secondary strata (mining)
Section (Civil War)
section (survey)
section lines (survey)
sedimentary rocks (mining)
Selective logging (logging)
septentrionale (Fr.)
Sergeant (Civil War)
serpentine (mining)
seton (farming)
shaft (maritime)
shaft (mining)
shaft log (maritime)
Shake (logging)
shake roof (architecture)
Sheboygan Tigers (Civil War)
Shiloh, Battle of
shingle style (architecture)
shipbuilding in Wisconsin
shipwrecks in Wisconsin
shoal (maritime)
shock (farming)
Shoeing-tree (logging)
shoofly (railroads)
shoot (rapids)
shroud (maritime)
Side-jam (logging)
siding (railroads)
sieges (Civil War)
Sigel Guard (Civil War)
Sigel Regiment (Civil War)
silex (mining)
simple minerals (mining)
Sioux Uprising (1862)
six-foot (railroads)
Skedaddle (Civil War)
Skid (logging)
Skid-grease (logging)
Skid-road (logging)
skirmishes (Civil War)
Slash (logging)
slate. (mining)
slavery in Wisconsin
Sleigh (logging)
slot (farming)
Sluice-gate (logging)
Snag (logging)
Snake-room (logging)
Snib (logging)
Snoose (logging)
Snorting -pole (logging)
Snow a road (logging)
Snubber (logging)
snuff-dipping (Civil War)
social security
socialism in Milwaukee
Society of Jesus (Societas Jesu, "S.J.")
soft (money)
Soft-wood (logging)
Sokaogon (Mole Lake) Reservation
sol (Fr.)
Solid-jam (logging)
Sorting-jack (logging)
sou (Fr.)
South Mountain, Battle of
Southwest Fur Company
Spanish American War, Wisconsin in
spar (maritime)
spar deck (maritime)
Spill-way (logging)
spiral wood auger (maritime)
split roof (architecture; logging)
Spoon (logging)
Spotsylvania, Battle of
Spring-break-up (logging)
Sprinkler (logging)
Squad (Civil War)
squall (maritime)
square rig (maritime)
St. Anthony, Falls of
St. Croix Reservation
St. Esprit, La Pointe de (mission)
St. Esprit, River of
St. Francis Xavier (mission)
St. Ignace (mission)
St. James (mission)
St. Mark (mission)
St. Peters
Stag trousers (logging)
stalactite. (mining)
stanchion (maritime)
standard gauge (railroads)
starboard (maritime)
State Line Rifles (Civil War)
Staton Guards (Civil War)
stay (maritime)
steam barge (maritime)
steamer; steamship (maritime)
stem (maritime)
stempost (maritime)
Sterling Hall bombing
stern (maritime)
sternpost (maritime)
Stick Style (architecture)
stifle (farming)
Stockbridge Indians
stockless anchor (maritime)
Stones River, Battle of
Stoughton Light Guard (Civil War)
stovewood (architecture)
straggler (Civil War)
strata (mining)
stringer (maritime)
structural glass (architecture)
stucco (architecture)
stumpage (logging)
Sturdy Oaks (Civil War)
suburbs in Wisconsin
surfman (maritime)
survey, rectangular
Sussex (steamship)
Swamp (logging)
swamper (logging)
sward (farming)
swath (farming)
Sweeper (logging)
Swing-dingle (logging)
switchman (railroads)
syenite and sienite (mining)
syphon; siphon (maritime)

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