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Beginning Your Family History

Step 9. Photocopy all of the records you find.

When you look at a record for the first time, you will notice only what seems important that day. When you look at it later, you will notice new details. If you choose to transcribe information off a record, you lose the ability to return to it to look at the original writing, column headings, or context. For example, you may find a family in the federal census. If you transcribe the information, you probably will note only the information found on the lines relating to that certain family. If you photocopy the page however, you may later discover in-laws living nearby that you were not thinking about or did not know existed when you copied the record. That information is lost if you transcribe.

While you are still sitting at the copier, take time to write the source information on the photocopy right away. If you wait, you are more likely to forget to do this later.

Who will you find?

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