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Terms of Service


  • $15.00 per Vital Record (VR)
  • $15.00 per Wisconsin Name Index (WNI) Record
  • $20.00 per Civil War Service Record
  • 10% discount for Wisconsin Historical Society Members   Become a member.

General Terms of Service

  • We can only accept online orders paid with Visa or Mastercard.
  • First class shipping by the U.S. Post Office is included in the prices given.
  • Customers must provide a current email address, valid credit card number (Visa or Mastercard), and postal address to which we can ship photocopies (no digital files can be sent).
  • All required fields must be completed on the order forms.
  • Orders are usually shipped within two weeks of receipt
  • The Wisconsin Genealogical Research Service retains all information confidentially.

Wisconsin Genealogy Index

  • Staff will search for the requested record. Payment of the fee only ensures that staff trained in genealogical research will locate and copy the record specified. We cannot guarantee that the information you seek refers to a specific ancestor. For example, we cannot guarantee that if you place an order for a copy of a birth record for John Smith of Milwaukee that this will be the John Smith that you are searching for.
  • We cannot guarantee the quality of the requested record. Legibility varies from record to record, but we will make the best copy possible. Handwriting also varies by record and we cannot guarantee the readability of the record.
  • Birth, death, and marriage records contain varying degrees of information. We cannot guarantee the amount of information on any given record.

Civil War Service Records

  • We hold records for soldiers who served in regiments organized within the state of Wisconsin and who are listed in our finding aids.
  • The amount of information available varies from soldier to soldier. Some records offer only basic information while others provide extensive service summaries.

To request a Civil War service record, customers should:

Search the alphabetical index,

  • Make a list of all potential matches. A soldier who served in more than one regiment or company may be listed multiple times.
  • Note each soldier's name, his rank, regiment and company. This information is required to submit a copy request.

Search the index arranged by regiment and company.

  • Use the drop-down menu on the alphabetical roster page to view the regiment and company of each potential match. Regiments are listed numerically in the original order of the book: Cavalry, Light Artillery, Heavy Artillery, Infantry, and Special Regiments.
  • Names of soldiers in this Roster may be spelled slightly differently than in the alphabetical Roster.
  • Use the information in the Residence, Date (of enlistment) and Remarks columns to eliminate unlikely matches.
  • For any remaining match(es), note the Residence, Date (of enlistment) and any text in the Remarks columns.

Order copies by clicking on the "Order Civil War Service Records" link found at the top or bottom of any Roster page.

Refund Policy

We will redo a research at no charge:

  • if our staff has somehow erred.
  • if a package shipped from us with the correct address has miscarried, we will promptly send another copy.

We will issue a refund:

  • if we cannot fill your order.
  • if you can provide documentation that your credit card was used fraudulently.

If you think you qualify to have your request redone or your fee refunded, please email the Wisconsin Genealogical Research Service at and a staff member will reply promptly.

If you have additional questions or comments about this service, visit Frequently Asked Questions or submit your question to staff using our Feedback form.

Thank you from the staff at the Wisconsin Genealogical Research Service.

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