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Help Create Our Next Generation of Leaders

Cody Haro and his father Roger atop the Capitol dome in Madison after meeting with state legislators to present the findings of his National History Day project about the Abraham Lincoln Battalion

Today, students from your home town and throughout Wisconsin are learning about the people, ideas and events that shaped our state's history. And, in the process, they are also developing their talents, skills and intellect so they can succeed in all areas of life. Students are learning how to form their own questions about history, to distinguish between fact and opinion, to examine evidence and draw logical conclusions, to take a stand for what they believe, to solve complex problems, and to use these skills to lead others with confidence. In fact, the type of education kids receive in school today will determine whether we, as a state and a nation, will have a new generation of leaders equipped to meet our greatest challenges in the future.

That's why the Wisconsin Historical Society is at the forefront of history education, working with parents and teachers to provide guidance and resources. But we need you to lend a hand too. For that reason, we are asking each of our supporters to help the Society with a generous gift of $25, $50, $100 or more so we can continue to develop innovative educational initiatives like these:

A Case in Point

There is no finer example of a Society educational success story than Cody Haro (pictured above with his dad Roger), a Holmen High School graduate and 2007 National History Day national first-place winner. He took top honors in the nation in the senior individual exhibit category with his exhibit, which examined a group of American volunteers, known as the Abraham Lincoln Battalion, who fought in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) in support of the democratic Spanish Republic.

Here's what Cody had to say about his National History Day experience: "All of the things I learned during National History Day in Wisconsin were personally rewarding and incredibly valuable to my preparedness for college. I can confidently say that I am a different student and a different kind of a person after participating in National History Day." Cody is now a sophomore at the University of Minnesota, attending on a scholarship he won for his work at the 2007 National History Day national event.

The people of Wisconsin have not only created some of the richest history in all of the United States, but have also handed down a valuable legacy to each successive generation. We have always embraced our responsibility to educate our children and grandchildren, providing fertile ground for them to realize their dreams. Your gift will be nothing short of an inspiration for students who will understand and think more deeply about the past — and go on to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Every Gift Helps, No Matter the Amount

Every gift makes a difference in its own right. When combined with gifts from your fellow contributors, the power of your giving grows exponentially. Making your donation to the Wisconsin Historical Foundation is the best way to do your part. The Foundation has been the Society's official fundraising and support organization since 1954. You can make a gift online or by sending a check made payable to: Wisconsin Historical Foundation, P.O. Box 260050, Madison, Wisconsin 53726-0050.

:: Posted March 22, 2010

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