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Honoring Wisconsin's Vietnam Veterans

The official LZ Lambeau logo alongside the new Wisconsin Historical Society Press book, "Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories: Our Veterans Remember"

A Welcome Home Weekend Celebration at Lambeau Field will honor Wisconsin's Vietnam War veterans, and a new book from the Wisconsin Historical Society Press will share their stories. Make plans to be part of LZ Lambeau™: Welcoming Home Wisconsin's Vietnam Veterans May 21-23 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. The sponsors of this unprecedented event invite everyone in Wisconsin to take part in Wisconsin's official thank-you event honoring our Vietnam veterans. Events on the grounds around Lambeau Field are free and open to the public. Reserve your tickets now for the Saturday evening tribute inside Lambeau Field. Tickets are free for Vietnam and Vietnam-era veterans. Visit for details.

LZ Lambeau is a partnership between Wisconsin Public Television, the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs and the Wisconsin Historical Society.

New Release from the Wisconsin Historical Society Press

"Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories," newly released by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press, shares 40 firsthand accounts of Wisconsin veterans' experiences in the Vietnam War. This is the companion book to the Wisconsin Public Television documentary and expands on stories told in the film with raw and compelling oral histories featuring a diverse collection of voices.

Told in a roughly chronological order, each chapter begins with a detailed historical introduction. The chapters focus on U.S. involvement prior to the war; naval exploration of Vietnam's waterways; Army and Marine ground combat with the Vietcong; the Tet Offensive; battles at Hamburger Hill, Khe Sanh and Hue; medical units evacuating the wounded; firefights on besieged bases; the POW experience; and life after Vietnam.

The stories in these pages expand beyond the borders of the war to include personal accounts of the events leading up to it, as well as the experiences of veterans as they returned home to civilian life at the height of antiwar protest. Supported by original maps, photographs from the veterans' own collections, historical chapter introductions, biographies and a comprehensive honor roll of Wisconsin-born soldiers who died or remain missing, "Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories" is an unforgettable collection and lasting tribute to our veterans.

:: Posted April 5, 2010

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