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Old World Wisconsin Set to Reopen July 24

Two girls outfitted in their finest Laura Ingalls Wilder Days attire

Old World Wisconsin will throw open its gates to visitors the weekend of July 24 and 25 for a "Grand Reopening Celebration" after being closed for more than a month in the aftermath of a June 21 tornado. The storm downed more than 2,000 trees, primarily inflicting damage upon the museum's parking area and Visitor Green. No people or animals were hurt, and the historic areas and buildings were spared from the most punishing parts of the storm.

Dawn St. George, director of Old World Wisconsin, acknowledged the overwhelming outpouring of support the site received during this time: "People have been wonderful, asking how they can help. We've taken a big hit financially by being closed for so long, although we had to do it to make sure the site was safe for visitors. I keep telling callers that the best way to support us is to visit us now, and visit us again soon."

"Writing the Next Chapter in Old World Wisconsin's Book"

The museum opening coincides with the Laura Ingalls Wilder Plus Farm Power event that had been scheduled for more than a year, a fitting coincidence since comparisons to the resilience of the Ingalls and Wilder families are inevitable. Overarching themes of the "Little House" books are about change, overcoming obstacles, and bettering one's circumstances. Seeing the parallel course, St. George felt it was appropriate that the museum reopens with this event, declaring, "We're writing the next chapter in Old World Wisconsin's book, beginning today."

If You Go

For complete details on admission, location and contact information, visit the Old World Wisconsin visitor information pages.

:: Posted July 16, 2010

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