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'Badger Boneyards' Explores Cities of the Dead

The illustrated Richland Center gravestone of Levi Richason, who the stone proclaims,

Explore Wisconsin's cities of the dead with Dennis McCann, author of "Badger Boneyards: The Eternal Rest of the Story" from Wisconsin Historical Society Press. Join McCann for three special Halloween week presentations in southern Wisconsin: at the Wisconsin Historical Museum in Madison on Tuesday, October 26, at Hedberg Public Library in Janesville on Wednesday, October 27, and at Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee on Thursday, October 28. His presentations will reflect on the melancholy, humorous, tragic and universal stories waiting to be discovered in Wisconsin's cemeteries.

Intriguing and Long-Forgotten Histories of Wisconsinites' Pasts

Guided by tips from readers, unusual epitaphs and well-worn stones, McCann unearths the intriguing and often long-forgotten histories of Wisconsinites' pasts. With accounts of Bayfield cemetery inhabitants disturbed by a raging flood, a woman whose tombstone names her murderer, and a boy who wouldn't tell a lie and paid the price, "Badger Boneyards" tells tales of war, families, calamity and community from burial grounds throughout the state.

:: Posted October 21, 2010

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