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Wisconsin History's Top 10 News Stories of 2010

A Vietnam veteran salutes the welcoming crowd as he arrives in Green Bay as part of a cross-state honor ride to LZ Lambeau (photo by Sheri Dolfen)

In 2010 Wisconsin turned from a blue state to a red state, witnessed four visits to the state by President Barack Obama, experienced heavy summer and winter weather, belatedly welcomed home its Vietnam veterans, heatedly debated the issue of high-speed rail, and saw its beloved Wisconsin Badgers earn a trip to the Rose Bowl. There were other headline-making news stories as well, including the threatened departure from Milwaukee of the iconic motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson and a December report from a federal agency naming Wisconsin as the number one state in the nation for drunken driving. Continuing a year-end tradition begun in 2003, the Wisconsin Historical Society has selected 10 history-making news stories of 2010 with a Wisconsin connection. Please join us in reflecting on the events and issues that made headlines this year.

:: Posted December 30, 2010

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