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Wisconsin Magazine of History, Spring 2011

A group of people pose in front of the Camp Randall Memorial Arch during its dedication on June 19, 1912
WHI 11270

This year begins the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, which ought to get us all talking about the war and its enduring meaning today. A century ago the 50th anniversary of the war ignited debates and remembrances by Wisconsinites who took part in the war, as well as those who had grown up in the aftermath of a conflict that was still very fresh in people's minds. In 'Patriotism Is Above Political Consideration': A Look Back at the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Civil War in Wisconsin, author Jesse Gant describes how Wisconsinites avoided the difficult issues of race and equality in 1911 and adopted a narrative on the war's meaning, stressing patriotism and national unity.

Other Stories in the Spring 2011 Issue

A wide array of other Wisconsin stories await readers of the Spring 2011 issue. They include stories on the Federal Writers' Project in Wisconsin, New Deal-era Democratic politicians John Cudahy and Jim Farley, and an image essay on Wisconsin's famous Man Mound located north of the Baraboo Valley. Rounding out the lineup is an excerpt from the new Wisconsin Historical Society Press title, A Nation within a Nation: Voices of the Oneidas in Wisconsin.

Award of Merit Winner

The "Wisconsin Magazine of History" is the proud recipient of a prestigious 2010 Award of Merit from the American Association of State and Local History's Leadership in History Awards. The awards are presented for excellence in history programs, projects and people when compared with similar activities nationwide.

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:: Posted March 7, 2011

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