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Rare Taliesin Photographic Proofs Acquired

Taliesin I hayloft as seen from the courtyard, 1912, Spring Green, Wisconsin
WHI 83020

The Society has acquired an exceptional collection of early photographic proofs of Taliesin, architect Frank Lloyd Wright's Wisconsin home and studio outside of Spring Green, that provides a rare glimpse of the structure in its earliest incarnations. Wright redesigned and rebuilt Taliesin numerous times during his lifetime. These changes, whether a result of fire or an outgrowth of Wright's ever-evolving philosophy about domestic architecture, often went undocumented photographically — especially the earliest iterations of the building, Taliesin I (1911-1914) and Taliesin II (1915-1924). The 25 photographic proofs document the celebrated structure from late 1911 to circa 1924 and constitute another entry in our growing galleries of Wisconsin Historical Images.

:: Posted March 31, 2011

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