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Wisconsin Magazine of History, Summer 2011

Up to 200 people a day paid a dollar to sit in Crook's uranium tunnel in Lone Rock to soak up the allegedly healthful radiation
WHI 1995

With the advent of professionalized medicine around the turn of the 20th century, new standards required physicians to become certified in the field and conform to developing standards. Quack medicine, however, continued to flourish into the 20th century and beyond. In 'Giving Them What They Want': The Reinhardts and Quack Medicine in Wisconsin, authors Erika Janik and Matt Jensen tell the story of the Reinhardt brothers — quack doctors who ran the Wisconsin Medical Institute in Milwaukee and grew rich selling fake medicine to patients who suffered from what the Reinhardts labeled "sexual dysfunction." The brothers' fall from wealth and respectability to exile reflects the larger story of quack medicine in Wisconsin and the nation.

Other Stories in the Summer 2011 Issue

This issue also includes stories on the Milwaukee Journal's famous Green Sheet, Federal Indian Health Policy in Hayward, and an image essay on the glory days of Madison's Soap Box Derby. Also included is an excerpt from the new Wisconsin Historical Society Press title, Putting Down Roots: Gardening Insights from Wisconsin's Early Settlers.

Award of Merit Winner

The "Wisconsin Magazine of History" is the proud recipient of a prestigious 2010 Award of Merit from the American Association of State and Local History's Leadership in History Awards. The awards are presented for excellence in history programs, projects and people when compared with similar activities nationwide.

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:: Posted June 22, 2011

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