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Photographic Views of Sherman's Campaign

The Capitol building in Nashville, Tennessee, 1864 (WHI Image ID 79131)
WHI 79131

A series of remarkable photographs taken by Civil War-era photographer George N. Barnard during Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman's Atlanta Campaign and his March to the Sea in 1864 constitute the raw material for the latest featured gallery in Wisconsin Historical Images. The collection comprises 61 black-and-white photographs documenting the famous campaign's trail of destruction. Barnard held the post of official photographer for the United States Army, Division of the Mississippi, and traveled with Sherman on his Atlanta Campaign and his March to the Sea in 1864.

Campaign Documented in Bound Volume During and After the War

Barnard began his work with Sherman in Atlanta. He returned to the South in 1866, after the war ended, to record images of the aftermath of the fighting. Barnard solicited advance sales and then published a book of the photographs that he hand printed and mounted. He produced 100 to 150 copies of the book, approximately 50 of which went to European collectors, and Union generals ordered many of the other copies. The Wisconsin Historical Society holds a copy in the archives, which archivists scanned to create this image gallery.

:: Posted August 3, 2011

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