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Wisconsin Maritime Trails Has a New Look

A section of the updated Wisconsin Maritime Trails website that allows users to explore a 19th-century Great Lakes schooner

The Wisconsin Maritime Trails website now has a new look and added features, thanks to a Transportation Enhancement grant from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The website was originally unveiled in 2003 as a clearinghouse of historic sites related to Wisconsin's maritime past, including museums, waterfront parks, historic markers, even shipwrecks.

New Inland Waterways Trail

With help from Digital Design Services in Green Bay, the site underwent a redesign in July that includes an updated Inland Waterways as a new Maritime Trail. The Inland Waterways trail features sites along the Mississippi, St. Croix, Bois Brule, Fox and Wisconsin rivers, and includes more than 100 newly added resources along these historic river ways.

Other significant additions are downloadable Technical Field Reports published by the Maritime Preservation and Archaeology program. Currently, five reports provide comprehensive histories, historic and underwater photographs, and technical site descriptions for some of Wisconsin's most significant shipwreck sites.

Explore the Interactive Schooner

Be sure to explore the Interactive Schooner (pictured above). Here you can explore a digitally re-created 19th-century Great Lakes schooner and learn some of the unique terminology used aboard these vessels. Another don't-miss feature is Ship of Death: The Case of the Lost Lucerne. This program, geared for young students, allows kids to explore the mysteries around the Lucerne's loss and solve the puzzle of how it sank.

:: Posted August 18, 2011

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