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Summer Dinner Theater at Old World Wisconsin

Dr. Thomas Stockman (holding jar) announces his plan to alert the townspeople of Paragon Springs that the town's "healing waters" have become contaminated and are "a caldron of disease"

Summer dinner theater offerings featuring the 1920s drama, "Paragon Springs," are in the offing at Old World Wisconsin the first three weekends of August. Guests will step inside a Roaring '20s speakeasy atmosphere to enjoy some clandestine liquid refreshments and appetizers, served by waiters in period attire, and a delicious, themed dinner in the historic Clausing Barn before strolling to the nearby Caldwell Farmers' Club Hall to take in the play. "Paragon Springs," by acclaimed playwright Steven Dietz, is set in 1926 southeast Wisconsin and is an imaginatively reworked rendition of Henrich Ibsen's "An Enemy of the People." The drama tells the tale of the "healing waters" of Paragon Springs that have become mysteriously contaminated — and the determination of a prominent local physician to sound the alarm, no matter the cost or the fierce opposition of the townspeople to his plan.

Growing Popularity of Old World Wisconsin's Theater Programming

Old World Wisconsin has expanded its dinner theater offerings in the wake of their growing popularity. "Paragon Springs" will play to audiences in seven separate showings this month.

If You Go

:: Posted August 1, 2011

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