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Autumn on the Farms at Old World Wisconsin

A farmer at Old World Wisconsin plows a farm field with a horse-drawn plow

Amid the hues of gold, orange and red that tinge the woods at Old World Wisconsin this autumn weekend, October 8–9, visitors will witness a flurry of activity reminiscent of late 19th-century rural Wisconsin as farmers and their families busily bring in the harvest and make preparations for the coming winter. One of the outdoor museum's most popular events, Autumn on the Farms captures the essence of an October day on a Wisconsin farm at a time when horses and oxen still did the heavy lifting that tractors and other farm machinery do today.

A Wide Assortment of Fall Farm Activities

Visitors can expect to see oxen at work in the fields as well as teams of draft horses from the Jefferson County Draft Horse Association plowing and planting in the German area of the historic site. Other activities on the farms will include cheese making and meat preserving on the Schottler Farm, hit-and-miss engines at work powering shellers and grinders on the Schulz Farm, flatbread making on the Fossebrekke Farm and applesauce making on the Ketola Farm.

A Bustling Crossroads Village

The 1870s Crossroads Village will also be a busy hub of activity. At 1 pm at the Peterson Wagon Shop, visitors can watch as a craftsman fashions an iron tire to go around a wooden wagon wheel. There will be soap making in the Irish widow Hafford's village home while women make quilt patterns at the Harmony Town Hall. In St. Peter's Church, visitors can help string popcorn for church Christmas decorations.

If You Go

For complete details on admission, hours, a map, distances from various cities and other information, see Old World Wisconsin's visitor information pages.

This event is sponsored by WUWM 89.7 FM – Milwaukee Public Radio.

:: Posted October 6, 2011

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