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Book Details Norwegian Immigrant Cuisine

The Sandvold family enjoying a meal together (Gudrun is seated third from the front on the left side of the table)

Part cookbook, part immigrant story and part family memoir, one of the newest offerings from the Wisconsin Historical Society Press features hundreds of recipes and recollections from one Norwegian immigrant family's oral history and kitchen archives. 'Gudrun's Kitchen: Recipes from a Norwegian Family,' opens with a brief family history, tracing Gudrun Thue Sandvold's life from her early rural life amidst Norway's fjords and her immigration to America, where she settled first in New York City before moving to Chicago. There she married Irving Sandvold, and the couple had two children, Eddie and Irene, who planned and co-authored the book along with Eddie's son, Quinn Sandvold, and Irene's daughter, Ingeborg Hydle Baugh. The young family eventually settled in Fort Atkinson and, after years in big cities, Gudrun returned to her rural roots on a Wisconsin farm.

The Stuff of Legend

The cover of "Gudrun's Kitchen"

"Gudrun's Kitchen" pays tribute to a beloved mother, sister, wife, grandmother and friend who acquaintances remember for her beaming blue eyes and her infectious laughter whenever she got together with her sisters. But, to one and all who knew her, it was her cooking that was the stuff of legend. The heart of the book is nearly 200 of Gudrun's recipes. From iconic Norwegian fare to Gudrun's adaptations of American dishes, the recipes recall a time when families and friends gathered at the table and connected with one another every day. The book is much more than a guide to Norwegian culinary traditions. It is an important contribution to immigrant history and a vital documentation of our nation's multicultural heritage.

:: Posted October 13, 2011

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