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National History Day Regional Events on Tap

Three National History Day students competing in a 2011 regional event in Milwaukee

Some 9,000 Wisconsin students at more than 100 Wisconsin schools are participating in National History Day this year. These students are going beyond their textbooks as they research and analyze the significance of their topics in history. In March and April students will begin presenting their work at regional competitions, which take place across the state.

For most students, the National History Day journey began last fall as they selected a topic connected to the 2012 annual theme, "Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History." Students completed their own historical research, visiting libraries and archives, interviewing experts, and gathering a variety of primary and secondary sources on their topics. Students came to their own conclusions about the significance of their topic in history and will present their ideas through a creative project: a museum-style exhibit, media documentary, research paper, interactive website or dramatic performance.

The National History Day competition cycle gives students a chance to present their scholarship to the community and their peers while competing for the chance to advance from regional to state and national competitions. Regional events will take place across the state in March and April:

Visitors are always welcome to share in the excitement at an event. Volunteers are also needed to serve as judges or manage competition areas. Contact the state coordinator for event visitor information or to volunteer via email or call 608-264-6487.

The Society plays a vital, year-round role in the implementation of the program in many classrooms. Staff members develop curriculum materials, work with students in the classroom and on research fieldtrips, provide assistance with school events, and help to coordinate regional, state and national competitions.

:: Posted March 1, 2012

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